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David Selinger In Life And Business You Should Eat What You Kill

How Are Your Failures Just Platforms To Your Success?

  • Eat What You Kill –

    David Came out swinging with the advice of eating your own dog food or put another way, eat what you kill.  How many times have we heard some guru or advice giver out there sharing their insights and supposed gems only to learn later after pulling back the curtain to see that they are not following their own advice?  Not too long ago, in my social media feeds I read how one of the people I was following was sharing their thoughts on Clickfunnels.  They were not a fan of the product and spent a number of posts and even some time on their podcast talking it down.  Yet a mere 4-6 months later they were using the very platform to market their brand and product.  Which, hey, if you find out your wrong, or just plain change your mind, then okay, let your audience know.  Tell them why you changed your position on the topic. But to just say one thing, then go out and do another – well that smacks of inconsistency and even dare I say…lying to your audience and trust me they are paying attention and they will find out.  Then they will question, what else you have not been forthcoming about.  So my friends eat what you kill!  Show them how you are using the very advice you are giving them, then also how they could use it in their life or business.  Take what you kill and feed your audience THEN go that once step further and teach them to kill what they need to eat, and they WILL love you for it!

  • Get Back To Your Roots –

    While sharing his story David breezed over something I think was very important to his next level of success.  Now, mind you he was already seeing lots of success but you found himself flying all over the world doing as he said, lots of sales.  But that wasn’t where his heart was.  So he stepped back into his roots of tech and started a whole new project with Deep Sentinel.  Now my point here is here is someone where before Deep Sentinel you and I would have looked at him and said “WOW, look at him his is a total success!” and he was and is!  But even still it wasn’t where he wanted to stay so as i said and he said, he left that last company to start yet another one.  How many times have you gotten yourself into a path and you stayed on it perhaps you were seeing success or worse yet it was just comfortable.  That path was giving you at least the basics of what you needed, perhaps financial and perhaps as some level in the areas of fulfillment.  But yet there was still…. Something…something.  If you are there now, or even if you are feeling like you are about to be there then STOP!  Take a breath, pause… looking around, looking inside and ask yourself do you need to get back to your roots?  I am not saying you need to cut all your ties, only you can answer if you need to do that.  But at the same time only you can answer the question…”Is there where I wanted to end up when I started” and if the answer is no, or even has some doubt in the yes then perhaps you too need to get back to your roots so that you can right your ship and steer back towards that more rewarding and fulfilling course.

  • Merging Trends With Ideas –

    David took two completely unrelated ideas combined with some trends in crime that he saw and created an entirely new solution to an age old problem that was morphing.  He noticed that the home based crime of break-ins were trending one way while the outer perimeter crimes were quickly turning in the other direction.  Combine a little new AI tech with older camera tech and BAM and an entirely new solution was born.  Sometimes, it is those that are watching what is happening in the market that are able to jump on an opportunity when it first happens.  Seeing a stock starting to rise, jump on it, buy low and sell high.  Those are easier trends to spot.  But you will need to peel back the onion of your market a little deeper to spot those true gems.  Then once you spot them, your single goal should be to find a solution for the problems – a way for you to help those in that trend.  Whether it be the victims of porch package theft or something completely different like those tired of wearing the same old same old polo to the office every day ; and everything in between.  If you were noticing an apparel trend towards camo and were smart enough to jump in and find a way to take the ever popular office casual polo and combine with some camo piecing you might have a winner!  A winner for outdoor enthusiasts, a winner for hunters, for hikers, for tree hugging …. Well you get the idea.  Keep your eyes on what is happening in your market and combine that with not just brand new ideas but perhaps combining old ideas with a new twist into a whole new opportunity.

  • Integrate With Their Life And Needs –

    David shared that one of the huge benefits of his new service is that it integrates with local law enforcement.  So when the camera alerts his offsite guards to suspicious activity – the guard can confirm that activity is in fact suspicious, attempt to correct and clear that activity, and at the same time alert local law enforcement WHILE that activity is happening.  Not an alert of something that has already happened but IS currently happening and they can give details of the suspect and confirm this is an active need vs. standard alarms that could and do give off false positives.    How can you take your current product or service and integrate it into the life and needs of your prospect.  How can you make it make even more sense because it aligns with something they are already doing, using or in need of.  If you can integrate your product or service into their worlds not only as seamlessly as possible but with additional benefits at the same time – well then wouldn’t that mean you would spend far less time selling them as you would just showing them the improvements and rewards they would see as a result of that integration?  Turning it into a no brainer right?

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