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Karissa Adkins Finding Motivation In The Murk

How Do You Find Motivation When Darkness Surrounds You?

  • Lifestyle habits – Karissa was lucky enough to have someone call her out on her crap when she was weighing in at 200+ lbs and not in the best of health.  But sadly not everyone has a person in their sphere of influence that has either the courage or ability to tell you that you are full of shit.  That it is your fault you are staying where you are.  That it is up to you to change the habits that are keeping you where you are so that you can get to where you want to get.  No matter the destination, no matter what level of success you are looking for it is and will be your habits that either hold you back or propel you forward.  What habits you may ask?  Well sadly that is a question that really require far more of a one on one chat than a universal one like on this podcast but what I can do is share success habits you can arm yourself with.   So be sure to check out EP 246 6 Success Habits We All Need.  Perhaps you can even change your life forever like Karissa did.
  • Motivation In The Murk – Karissa reminds us through her story that not all motivation is found in rainbows or unicorns.  Then is a motivation that can be found in the darkness, in the pain and in the murk of whatever life throws at your, sets you in the middle of or drops you face first into.  Your job my dark horse friends and family is to find the motivation in the murk to dig through that shit around you can root out that gleaming gem of motivation.  I want to dig a bit more into this in EP 247 Finding Motivation In The Murk
  • When Opportunity Knocks – Karissa shared how someone came into her business asking for a go getter you know that “unicorn” we hear about in business.  Karissa was like, “I don’t know anyone like that”… to which the lady responded “I am here for you girl!”.  How many times has opportunity come a knocking on your door and you missed it?  Perhaps you did not even know it was knocking on your damn door.  I mean if you do not even know your purpose in your life or your busines who in the sam hill are you ever going to recognize the opportunities that are standing all around you.  Even the perfect ones that walk up to you and say “I am looking for you!”? This week in the dark horse tribe facebook group I want to share a bit more here by discussing Ways to find your purpose to you do not miss your moment  
  • Finding A Mentor – Karissa reminded us the importance of finding a mentor and we even chatted about how you might feel better with some than others and if you are feeling icky with someone that is or is trying to be your mentor RUN!  Do not pass go do not collect $200 but RUN.  I want to take a little time in the Dark Horse Tribe facebook group to share some thoughts and tips on Finding Your Mentor

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