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EP 231 Gina Suzanne Strengths Break Ups And Springboards
Should You Be Doing Everything In Your Business? Or Should A VA Be Helping?

  • Identified Her Strength – Gina shared early on in her college career she found her strengths for being able to find and fill gaps in communities and in business.  She kept applying this strength even through it was not a core need in the field she was focused on.  She focused so much that as she said herself it resulted in her getting fired.  They were things that needed to be done and she was excellent at doing them.  But alas they were not what her employers thought she should be focused on.  So here is the question I would ask you my dark horse friend…Do you know your strengths?  Are you leveraging them to  your advantage?  Are you integrating them into your career path or entrepreneurial path, your life path, your relationship path, or your spiritual path?  I want to dive a bit more into this in EP 232 Ways To Identify Your Strengths
  • Break Ups Can Be Springboards – Gina shared that she had built a relationship and a business at the same time with her former partner in life and business.  Then out of the blue she was asked to leave, not just the relationship but the business as well.  Out of the blue her whole love was turned upside down in a moment.  But she did learn some lessons as a result and even called it the best thing that ever happened to her.  Looks it is never an easy thing to end a relationship business or otherwise but I still want take a stab at discussing in a bit more in EP 233 Signs That You Might Need To Break Up With Your Partnership
  • Create Loyalty – Now Gina herself didn’t call this out specifically but I am going to call it out for her.  Gina was able to create a sincere bond and loyalty with those that she worked with and led in the business she was asked to exit out of.  As a result of being such an inspired sincere leader some of those people followed her.  Even though she had no new business capital from which to pay them, they didn’t care.  They found someone they resonated with. Someone whose energy matched theirs!  Remember we talked about energy last week in EP 228 with Billy Batt, go back and listen to that awesome episode.  As a result Gina was able to quickly springboard her break up both personal and business into a new venture because she was an inspiring leader.  I want to share some thoughts on being such an inspired leader on a FB live called  To Be An Inspired Leader You Need These Traits I will share this in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook Group
  • Do Not Do It all Do Your Strengths – Gina shared the importance of all those entrepreneurs and solopreneurs out there not trying to do it all yourselves.  Rather focus on your strengths.  A pitfall so many fall into when bringing on help is that often they are not competent in passing along the process (if there is one) of getting a task done so the task doesn’t get completed to their liking.  Which makes them believe even more that they have to do it themselves.  I was to dive more into this during an upcoming facebook live called Stop Doing Everything Yourself this Friday in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook group.

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