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are you hanging around the right people with the right energy? Stay tuned to find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is that? What is that what the hell is up my dark horse friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of entrepreneurial energy learning. I’m your dark horse’s Tracy Brinkmann and you that my friend is infinitely more important to you are driven entrepreneur, or perhaps you’re one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start restart kickstart just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business tips and results. In order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. That’s why I’m here hitting you with another big episode today. Today Billy bat shares how you can learn some valuable skills from your dark times. Why finding your tribe with that right energy is so bloody important in why you should not either learn, but do and teach as well. Plus, I’m gonna let you in a next interview episode’s guest who is one of the most sought after advanced strategists in the entrepreneurial game. As per usual, the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing g o LD spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates and go Hi, my dark horse friends and family. Today’s guest as I already told you is Billy bat now Billy has gone from 13 years in the streets and oil fields to building a six figure business and now rubbing elbows with multi millionaire entrepreneurs and actually think he’s on the verge of a billionaire entrepreneur as well. Billy is also the host of the New World marketing order Podcast, where he shares everything he’s learned about entrepreneurship, productivity systems, as well as mental toughness so that you can win, plain and simple. Now here’s the thing. You see, it was the beginning of 2015. And Billy lost at all, every damn thing he had built up after giving off those streets working eight long, hard years in the oil fields of Northwestern Canada. From that experience, Billy swore he’d never go through that again, not today. As I mentioned, Billy is running a successful marketing agency, a top rated podcast, a virtual sales team. Plus, he’s helping other build their sales and marketing systems for companies around the world. And most recently, he’s become the car row of multiple companies as he kicks his entrepreneurial game up to a whole new level. Hi, Billy, welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur, man. How you doing?

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Man? Happy to be here. I know. We tried to book something a little while ago. So um, it’s been like six months, I think or eight months and a lot has happened since then. And I’m really excited to get into it here today.

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Amen. I know we had we actually when we were we chatted together last time we had a great conversation. We just I think we agreed it wasn’t. It wasn’t worthy of our listeners. It was probably safe not to put it out there for right.

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On 100%. It definitely had to be rebooked.

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Amen, amen. So let’s get into it. Let’s I want to step back and let you tell your story that good, the bad the ugly that brought you to where you are today and why you love doing what you do so much.

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Yeah, well, first off, I’d like to thank my mom brought me into this world. So yeah, we can start there. No. Um, so I’m from Canada, East Coast, Canada, when I was younger, you wouldn’t even understand my English it was like an Irish English, believe it or not. And then I ended up moving over towards the city where I was, you know, you bring a country boy to the city and I still live like I had no rules. And I got me in a lot of trouble. You know, I ended up on the streets. I ended up leaving home because of disagreements between me and my father and then ended up in a gang man I ended up down a very dark road, we can just say that. From that very dark road. I decided, you know, when I was 18 years old, All my friends are either dead in jail or doing crack or heroin and, and I fortunately wasn’t in and so I made the decision. I was well on my way. I had a couple near death experiences and said I’m freaking leaving. I collected the money that was owed to me and threw my phone in the water and left. I packed up everything I had in a two door trip. Brian and I drove 36 hours across the country to start working in the oil field. And I thought I was already mentally tough boy was I wrong. I say I my first shift I was making $15 an hour to 97 days straight one day off and 66 more. That was my first shift. I learned a lot. I was working 1216 hours a day some days I would fall asleep still my coveralls one thing I do have to, you know, congratulate the oilfield. I worked there for about eight years on and Well, a lot more on than off. We’ll just say that. And I was done. I have a you know, Red Seal tickets for pipe fitting welding. And I was making good money. I had a daughter on the way and I was like, well, I in the oilfield crashed and I was like, well, I need to figure something else out. So I picked up a book, which is unheard of from a lot of the guys in the oil field. So I picked up a book, it was a 10x rule by Grant Cardone. And then I read that book then I read the be obsessed or be average and I read that book. Then I bought the recording of his of his growth con of growth calm one. And then I attended growth con two, and I was four rows from the back of growth con two, I probably got my ticket, I think it was for the 297 I committed to get into Vegas never been to Vegas. I don’t even think it would have I’m not even sure if I even been to the states at that point. No, I don’t think I did. And then went to Vegas for rose from the back in the energy from the room literally just changed my life. I was like these other people that I need to be around, I need to be I need to be around these great, amazing, inspiring, entrepreneurial, you know, I guess you could say the black sheep of the world that want to change the world for the better. Right? And so I changed my whole life around, you know, I barely even drink anymore. If I do, it’s just a one off time to deal heavily in the gym, always studying growing teams. And now, you know, the next year, I was four rows from the back to four rows from the front. Not the total 180 from from the hard work ethic now. I’m the CRL and I run for multiple roof and solar companies. I do their recruitment, I do the marketing systems follow up systems. And I also consult agencies that work with contractors. I got my hands in some software, growing businesses, it’s literally I love what I do now. My team management, my leadership. I study it every day, I’m learning growing. I still live like I know nothing. And as far as I’m concerned, I still do. Now that’s where I am today I’m down in Florida. I’m back and forth here a lot. And I’m just doing doing the thing, man just getting a going connecting. It was really awesome entrepreneurs like yourself, Zach, Mike Ryan, mobiles, guys, right, Mitch niches, I actually hired Mitch to be my fractional cmo A while ago to instill some things into my head. And you know, like I still just get people to I still pay for coaching. I still I still I paid to be in proximity is what it is I pay for masterminds and and the more that I pay for things, and the more that I help, the more that I win,

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I think there’s a huge lesson in there. I want to I want to come back to that one in a minute. I think one of the and you said this in jest I want to thank my mom. And you know, gosh, obviously your mom had to play that impact. But you I saw a video, gotcha was probably on Instagram or something like that. When Snoop Dogg was giving an award. And he leans into the microphone. When it was time to give his little speech. He goes, I’d like to thank me for doing all the work. I’d like to thank him he made a great point that one it’s great to thank all these people that helped you get to where you are. At the end of the day. It was you’re asked to did all the hard work to get to where you are to knuckle down to get off the dark road to get off the alcohol to crack open a book to go to the the the events you know and in turn that knowledge and action right?

Billy Batt  09:15

Yes, it was all me.

Tracy Brinkmann  09:17

It wasn’t mom it was all me. No, really it was mom.

Billy Batt  09:20

Yeah, no mom I call when I don’t know how to make her special gravy. Yeah, yeah. Um, when it comes to the hustle when it comes to that, like it’s probably in the genetics but there was me and it’s still me. But I’m also but I’m putting myself around the people to help take me to that next level to open up my mind but it to be found from the foundation. It starts with you. Amen.

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Amen. And I think you you hit on. The other point you made you said obviously you you picked up the 10x role which is a great book if you if anybody listening hasn’t read it you You need to pick that sucker up. Because there’s a lot of great tidbits in there. And then you start going to, you know, you got to obsessed or be average. And then you go to growth con. But in all of that, I think what you’re grabbing is you were stacking that knowledge you were taking in action. And then you got around the people, which you know, that energy that comes with being around the right people, that people you vibe with, you know, whether they’re completely different than you in every other way. But But man, they’ve got that energy that you just click with, you’re like, this is it? This is my, my, these are my people. And then it’s like, everything changes,

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yes, then that’s exactly what it is. And I still continue to put myself in front of, you know, now I’m networking. I’m in masterminds when people are doing multi 100 million dollar exits, and you know, these things, and they’re showing you how you don’t really know how close you are to making it to where you always dreamed of, you know, and that’s why the that’s why people say, you know, there’s that saying, you know, you you, you overestimate what you can do in a year, and you underestimate what you can do in five, right. And it’s only been, it’ll be three years since I’ve been, since I quit the oil field in December. And so if you hear that, and you think about your like, it takes four years to get a journeyman Red Seal ticket, I spent eight years in the oil field. I got two months in six years. But you move up a bunch when you get the first one. Right, right. Well, if you imagine all that work that I did there, and I did a lot of work. And I’m doing a lot of work now still. But I could take a chill pill if I wanted to right now. I just I don’t, I don’t I want I wanted it all for many reasons to help give back and all the things that I want from my my daughter. But a lot of people really don’t they don’t understand how far you can come in five years of use. you grind it out for five years strong. I’ve seen some people. When I first started in this industry, there were only like two years into this a little bit longer than me and they’re doing insane things. And then we’re doing insane things now. And then there’s some people who started when I started, and they’re not even doing anything more than were when they started when I did and that all comes down to persistence and work ethic. I think at the end of the day, the the magic bullet is doing the work.

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Yeah, I totally agree. Let’s Let’s dig one. Dig one layer deeper in that one there. So you got someone out there who’s you know, got their hustle on? They’re grinding away? Is there a tipping point? You know, they’re they’re listening to going, Tino I am. I’m grinded. I’m getting up at Old Guard. 30. I’m rolling out and I’m hitting the gym. You know it, but there’s a Do you think there’s a tipping point? When someone says Finally, I get it? Or you know, it starts to you know, the sky opens up?

Billy Batt  12:58

Yes. So doing the work is Yeah, there’s there’s more than just doing the work. You need to also learn, you need to be studying. Like, it’s, it’s 530 St. Ryan Renu we’re on a podcast, everybody in my office is not doing anything after 5:30pm because they work in the office, that’s what they do. But they’re probably at home watching TV and just hanging out and the some people that’s okay, right. But for the people that it’s not okay for? Well, you need to be getting yourself out there as much as you can recording things publishing content, but also, you need to be learning and taking golden nuggets and implementing them in your business. So I scroll through some I literally have unfollowed anybody that I don’t resonate with or support or like on any of my pages, I won’t follow you. I didn’t know garbage in garbage out, right. So I do that for a reason. But I also follow people that I admire, and I respect their advice. And so when I am scrolling through it, I’m not just scrolling through, oh, yeah, we can find some deals on there. Or we can see things that are like we can post things together, or content out there. But then you’re going to find the little nuggets even there even even when I’m scrolling, I want to find something I want to learn something every day that I didn’t know to make it click. And I think not just learning something but learning then implementing that that knowledge and the best way to do that is also teaching it so I have stuff that I learn freshmen content, and then I’ll bring in teach that to my team, or I’ll teach it to the people that I consult, and then I will what it’ll do is it’ll literally ingrain that piece of knowledge in my brain because I learned it and then I put in action. I taught it and then did it.

Tracy Brinkmann  14:41

Yeah. No, I agree with you. I think then the next piece that really comes into that is when you’re teaching it to someone else. They may learn differently than you or have obviously they’ll have different experiences and background to you. So they may ask different questions than you would have asked when you learned it. When you Get it. So it almost teaches you more by teaching it to somewhere else that makes sense.

Billy Batt  15:05

Yeah, of course, yeah, you’re gonna get a couple questions. And it might even be things that you misinterpreted or didn’t even catch it. But it gets, you know, some, our brains are all wired differently. Some people learn from seeing some people learn from, you know, touching some people learn, you know, and being hands on. Some are from listening and hearing. So, when you get other people’s perspective, in that sense, you’ll, you’ll, it’ll definitely open you up to the hearing other people’s perspective or seeing others, or feeling their perspective, you know, and you can even tell when somebody thinks that way, when they’re when they talk about how they know things like, man, I feel like this, or I’ve been seeing, yes, I’ve been hearing this. And you know, when a lot of people don’t know that, but when you when you hear people saying it like that, or when you see it, or when you feel it, that’s that that’s how you know that that person learns in that way. So it’s pretty crazy how you know, and some people see things in their mind. And some people see it as words or words, or a smell even brings up a memory. It’s crazy, the human body.

Tracy Brinkmann  16:09

It’s nuts. And I think I think that almost comes back to it loops back to the the energy thing we were talking about. There’s something to me about being amongst like minded people, right? And who cares if they you know, if they don’t vote like you, or don’t go to the same church or whatever. But they, they, they almost think like you, they have that same kind of vibe. And when you’re all hanging out and riffing on that kind of thing. It’s like these amazing ideas come out of the air and hits you in the head.

Billy Batt  16:39

Yeah, and one thing I would like to say about that, too, is also energies. I want to talk about energies for a second you brought that up, because I literally, I was so I went to that mastermind from the mastermind I met a couple of other people from those couple other people, you get invited to other things. And literally this last weekend, I went to Tampa, I drove around Clearwater Lake, when met with some people there, we did a little mini event with an energy healer. By the way, I’m not going to drop her name, because she likes to keep it to herself. It’s an invite only kind of thing. But so she actually worked with Frank Sinatra, she worked with Cher, she was she works with a lot of speakers, they speakers will pay her to be backstage at at, at their shows sometimes. Now obviously, she’ll get a nice little pay cut from that, which is awesome. News we did is we have people that were believing in the energies some people that weren’t believing but were invited, some people weren’t sure she’s cured, people of cancer is cured all kinds of things, like from energies, cured sore necks, and bad hips. And, and literally, that all comes down to energy in the level that you’re able to access that that’s why they have these things called grounding, where people like to wear their bare feet on the ground, the energy of the earth. And, and when you start to notice positive and negative energies, and that’s just like surface level stuff, obviously, you have like meditation in the energy from within and digging internal. And in, it’s crazy to even talk about this stuff. But when you start digging in, and you come into things with an open mind, and you’re just willing to accept what the knowledge that other people has with a with an open mind, and you’ll learn real quick energy is super huge in a lot of this in this entrepreneurial world to like, you know, when they say when there’s a big celebrity or a big, big speaker, when they walk into a room, you know, they’re in the room. Yeah. Before they before you’ve even seen them. And that’s how tapped into their energies that they are and the way that they glow. And, and when they walk into a room. Everybody knows. And everyone wants to in is attracted to that energy on another level. And that’s a really big thing there.

Tracy Brinkmann  19:02

No, that’s huge. And I think back in the day, they used to call that like the X Factor, right? Oh, he has that X Factor. And, and I think there’s there’s all that X Factor. Yeah, that used to be I mean, I remember back in the 70s. They were saying, oh, he’s got the X Factor. And they actually what they made that show. It was it was they actually there was a show on their reality base show is much like America’s Got Talent, only they call it The X Factor and you’re trying to tap into that old coin phrase. Yeah, it’s crazy, right? It’s cool. You know, I’ve been lucky enough here recently and I made a connection and I got in, I’ll call them celebrities, you know, you know the guitarist from the but Steve Miller band, I got to interview him and his wife who was you know, with the hung out with the Beals and I got to interview an actor who was in you know, the escape from Alcatraz and done a bunch of them. Things in you, you feel the energy they have, they have this different creative force about them. And, you know, it’s much like you were saying when you’re amongst these entrepreneurial folks, some of them have are just pure creative energy. Some of them are all hustle and bustle, what I call a structured energy there, they can take your creative energy, and just kind of stack it and piece it together and get it all organized, which is a whole nother energy and of itself.

Billy Batt  20:29

Hmm, yeah, there’s so many ways to go about it. There’s negative energies as positive there’s some there’s some that take and some that give energy. It’s wild. And that’s, you know, I didn’t even expect to go down this rabbit hole. So good. What’s new? Oh, yeah, like, and I and I’m really big on that now. Like when I so with me, when I make a decision with somebody or when I get your gut feeling or anything about it? It’s either a hell yes. Or it’s a fuck no, for me when it comes to anything that I’m doing any right.

Tracy Brinkmann  21:02

Now, listen, as a dark horse entrepreneur podcast.

Billy Batt  21:05

I know what it’s like to be out of alignment. I know what it’s like to I made one decision where I had a gut feeling I didn’t follow it cost me almost $100,000 at the time. And it led me down to $400 in my bank account, just enough money to get back from LA to Canada. So and that’s a whole nother ballgame. But that was because of all because I didn’t follow my gut and listen to the feeling of what I had from the energy the negative energy. I was like, Gosh right. And like, because I was so focused on what could be instead of what was

Tracy Brinkmann  21:38

here’s, here’s a here’s an interesting question. So I’m gonna go back you had your your dark path, right? So you were you’re running the streets connecting with people. And for me, and I’ve been there too, right? I did the whole I wasn’t in a gang, but I ran the streets and you know, slang some, some powder and what have you. So do you think that experience taught you how to read people and connect with them? Even though you’re doing it for different reasons?

Billy Batt  22:05

Yeah, yeah, I had to judge people within 10 seconds of meeting them pretty much or you know, it was just kind of gonna kill me or rob me, or, or am I gonna get ratted on or? Yeah, 100% like, yeah, like, yeah, like there’s, there’s, there’s nothing that’s ever like, personally, that’s taught me knowledge about people like that there was a pure instinct, learning instinct there. And I think also, you know, because I started from zero, there are a couple times to weed wins and losses, taught me a lot about perseverance, even when, when the chips are down. Yeah, yeah. And like, that’s one of the biggest things, I was literally talking with one of my guys about this literally an hour and a half, and we’re talking about what we’re doing. And I was like, Man, that’s one of the things that I got that a lot, you know, like, I compared it to me being in the gym. And I was like, Well, you know, I might not be the biggest guy in the gym, but I definitely will stick around longer. Same than that. In the bigger. Yeah. You know, I’m a firm believer of, you know, consistency when all day consistency when and you know, I’m not even the biggest player in these games right now. But I’m starting to get my name is getting out. Nice. I’ve seen it people are hearing it people are following the podcast people are, you know, people are messaging me, man. Like, how can I work with you people are, you know, the things are starting to, you know, and that’s and that’s been already happened for a little while. But you know, I don’t let it get to my head either. Right. And I don’t slow down just because I got it. You know, I got a couple wins in already this week. It’s Tuesday. Well, we still got Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday left to this week. And you best believe when I get off this podcast, I got some more work.

Tracy Brinkmann  23:42

Amen. That’s fire right there. Yeah. So Alright, so obviously, you’re on the Dark Horse entrepreneur, you have had to have that dark horse feeling in your from your past, right? Yes. How do you break through that? How did you break through it? Or how would you guide someone else to say, dude, I know you’re feeling like the loser of the underdog, the dark horse? How do you crack that? Well.

Billy Batt  24:06

So it all depends on your current situation, because everybody’s in a different situation. And I know a lot of people that are that have been in dark paths that I’ve helped get out of the dark pass. And I know a lot of people that have helped maybe I think almost 50 people quit their job and go full time entrepreneur at this point. And it’s just something that I do and I did that just as a personal thing. This is not I’ve never made any money off of this. It was just me talking with somebody and felt a connection and wanting to help them strategize the way for them to quit their job and go all in on themselves. I’d say one of the first things first is is obviously recognizing where you’re at, like, like, are you at that point where you’re recognizing and willing to change like if you’re at a spot where you’re deep dark in some shit or or if you’re here for your job or you hate where you’re at, you need to recognize and state the fact that you hate what what it is you’re doing and you need to be like, I am going to change for something for the better, I’m going to make that decision. Now. First, you need to you need to, you need to be so firm and set. But burn the bridges, right? Burn the ships, burn the ships burn the bridge, you need to, you need to figure out a way to burn the ships and burn the bridge by making that decision and committing to it first. And then you might need some me time, you know, yeah, you might it’s not easy. It’s not an overnight process. This is not something that just you just wake up and I’m a fucking change, man. Right? This work again, back to the work, you need to make that decision be like, Hey, now what am I gonna do? Where am I gonna learn from? Who am I going to go see? Or, or? Or what path do I even want to be on, I don’t know what path I want to be on and you’re not, you’re not gonna know, it’s, you’ve your valise make the decision to start if you’re in a bad place, or if you’re not where you want to be. Or if you hate where the hell you are in your life, you need to acknowledge and make a decision to do something different. You might not know what that’s going to be that moment. But then you need to move into that direction. And, and you need to be willing to reach out for help from somebody that you know that is doing something that you want to do, or, or at least can point you in the right direction. And you need to be willing to, you know, put that ego and your pride behind you and go for that, Hey, man, I made a decision in my life, I’m changing this, this and this, whatever that situation is drugs, alcohol, hate my marriage, hate my job, whatever it is, right? You need to reach out to somebody that you know, trust or like, or at least someone you admire, you know, you never even know you could dm somebody on Instagram and don’t even know and that person might help you. You could talk to a family member if you don’t have family members, maybe a friend, maybe a friend of a friend. And then and then and seek a little bit of advice of a way to start moving down another path. Now, nobody said that this is any of those things are going to be easy. But I know from what I’ve seen, and what I’ve helped people do that this is the best way to at least start. Figure it out from there, no matter where you are. I started only I think maybe four years ago, up until then I was perfectly fine. Drinking, partying and working in the oil field, working on the hole foam party and whenever I would get off every 20 3060 days and then didn’t even care didn’t care, then then I have my my daughter was on the way. And then that’s when I made the change. So that was my why that was my reason why, and maybe you might need something that big. But I didn’t even think about it wasn’t even in my radar. Right? I didn’t even care. I was like, sure I’m making decent money. And I didn’t care. At that moment I needed. I know I even says to some people. I’m like, I don’t I didn’t even know the word empathy met until until I had a daughter. biggest blessing ever. For me. And so moving forward. Um, yeah, I would start there by committing and making that decision and understanding and recognize and being real with yourself of where you’re at, like, right, you can look in the mirror is is that where you want to be? If it’s not, and if you’re not on the way to where you want to be you need to take a step back. And

Tracy Brinkmann  28:21

yeah, I think I think that those those last two were really fire on the on a key topic of looking in the mirror, right? Looking at that man or woman in the mirror and going Damn, what’s up, right. And I really like your advice about picking a direction committed to that change, whatever it is, right? Hey, I’m gonna go this way and then just start going that way commit to whatever direction you want to go in. And I think one more thing, when you talked about reaching out for the help, you may have an idea that, hey, I want to do X, whatever x is, oh, I want to be a motivational speaker. Well, maybe you find someone who is a motivational speaker, and you start doing something for them, putting up fliers, helping them with their website, whatever it is, in exchange for some of their knowledge, right? Just kind of tap in get get your foot in the door and whatever you just start, you know, a work in an angle from there. Who cares if you’re getting $5 an hour or you know everything you seek your worst? Get, being able to get that door cracked open to get that insight information is key.

Billy Batt  29:30

Exactly. Yeah. And like, like I think the the commitment part is probably the hardest part. And yeah, it’s not easy.

Tracy Brinkmann  29:38

Yeah. I don’t know if it was easy. Everyone would be doing it. Right.

Billy Batt  29:41

Amen, brother. Yes. Oh, you know, commitment and commitment is a lot less. A lot less. I guess you could say it’s not around as much as

Tracy Brinkmann  29:51

Yeah, unfortunately.

Billy Batt  29:53

Yeah, it is and you know, but but you know, it is easy to spot the ones who can and can’t strew right makes it easier for us to make decisions because Gary Vaynerchuk was right. He’s like, we know what the internet does exposes everything. And lie and lie, people, right? People know, that’s it,

Tracy Brinkmann  30:14

they’ll find out really fast. You may fool them once, right? You can get anybody to buy something once. Yeah, it’s getting them to buy that second product is gonna be real. The real test.

Billy Batt  30:24

Yeah, so I actually had somebody I was on a call with was looking for investors for for a prototype of something that he’s building new. And he was like, he told me his idea before signing an NDA with me. Then on the second meeting, and we talked about us building marketing systems, and also connecting them to other people and stuff is like, you know, I was advised not to pay anything, because it’s a scam. And I was like, you know, that’s a fucking lie. You probably did your homework. You look me up, you and you don’t have the money. And it’s okay. You don’t have to call me a scam, because you don’t have money to invest in yourself for something that isn’t built. And he’s like, and he just sort of, he didn’t say anything. And I knew by looking at his eye, that that it wasn’t a scam. Because you know, people call people scams all the time. It’s just a it’s a little, it’s an easy scapegoat. Right? I think for some people, and those people actually, you know, anybody who has that mindset, or even towards just me or to anybody, like bikers only Oh, that person is a scam. But I know that they never did the research. That’s a big red flag for me.

Tracy Brinkmann  31:29

Yeah, I hear you. So. So I want to I want to tap your marketing brain. I want to be mindful of your time. I gotta tap your marketing brain. So I know you you’ve got the podcast was that new world order? podcast, marketing, world marketing order, new world marketing order. Okay, here we go. So I want to get your talk about that in a minute. So, but for the things are changing so fast nowadays, I know. No, heck, I’ve been around since computers were invented. I know, course, beer makes that obvious. But I just I watched things change at such a rapid pace and new tools and everything. What if you were some new entrepreneurs going out there saying, hey, got this cool product, I need to get it out to my audience, what would be your first bit of advice for them.

Billy Batt  32:18

So obviously, I talked about the what’s awesome, what’s sexy about my product, compared to my competition, I’d make little mini video clips and transcribe those clips and turn them into blogs, and add some keywords in there to get some SEO and post them on some other places. I get a one page at least landing page built. And then I’d also build out and I also started dming a lot and adding a lot of people on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I make so much money in the DMS it’s hard, it’s hard to describe. It’s one of my my profile pictures, my profile says professional dm slider. Night, it’s not a joke, I make more money, I make more money in my DMS from dming strangers than I do from actually posting content on my profiles. And you know, and and I probably could make more five, I’m actually worked on a nice little structure right now from a from a guy who wins with it, but I don’t just do it that I teach my my team how to do it. So if I do 100 DMS a day, let’s just say I don’t do that anymore, but let’s just say I do. And I teach my team how to do 100 DMS a day and then I should show them how to get more profile setups and other doing 200 DMS a day. And then I hire another couple appointment setters. Now we’re doing 700 DMS a day. And then of those DMS were converting around 20 to 30% to appointments so I’m converting a bunch of appointments. Right now my one sales guy he’s got. He’s had 18 meetings every single day this week. So for one of my sales guys, that’s just one and then we’re getting with our paid ads and our dm strategies. We’re getting appointments set for less than $8 a pop rating for marketing services that our packages sell from anywhere from 2500 up to $31,000. I could literally go through 200 appointments and I wouldn’t blink an eye if we didn’t close one deal. Do you think we’re going through 20 on 200 appointments and not closing a deal?

Tracy Brinkmann  34:14

Now I imagine I imagine you probably got a closed rate Let me guess in the 40s that’d be too high or be too high.

Billy Batt  34:22

It’s been a little bit of between 40 and 60 jumps depending on where my lead sources

Tracy Brinkmann  34:28

I kind of figured it would be in that range. Yeah, yeah.

Billy Batt  34:30

My my lead my closing ratios pretty good. My closers closing ratios anywhere from 20 to 35. And he just started this this is we’re just talking about the one guy this is just one guy. He started with us about three weeks ago on a second week he close to $5,000 deals 5000 collected and 30k and contract that’s on the marketing side that does not include our roofing or roof guys right now we just hired two months ago we hired for rock star sales reps. They just closed 21 deals in nine days. So that’s $80,000 in profits around $400,000. In revenue, nice. That’s fire. That’s one company with, that’s one of the ones on the 04. Then we have stuff in the real estate industry, we’re helping people get Google Ads grant like, that’s another thing. I’m getting $10,000 a month for your nonprofit, you funnel it to your for profit business to donate to your nonprofit take $10,000 a month on free money every single month for the rest of your life. Pretty good deal.

Tracy Brinkmann  35:30

I take that.

Billy Batt  35:32

course you would I got one going right now we’re certainly for more.

Tracy Brinkmann  35:35

Sweet, yeah, sweet, alright. It’s funny, as I asked that question on occasion of folks that are especially really those that are net focus into the marketing arena, like yourself, and I always anticipate and I think this may be one of the barriers that so many have. But I keep thinking that somebody is going to pop up this gym that nobody else has talked about. And I keep finding and correct me if I’m this is not the truth. You know, it’s it’s not magic. It’s doing like you were saying it’s the consistency. I do these same things consistently. I know how to do it. And it works, everybody.

Billy Batt  36:13

Yeah. So I’m going to say one thing that I noticed a lot of people do, and this is what I’ll end up taking someone will take a gold nugget in this everyone builds that first revenue stream, that first revenue stream when they start getting going, I’m making 2000 I’m making 5000 I’m making 10,000 I’m making 20,000 I’m making 30,000 you can 50 100 whatever it is right when they first start, what they can do is to get this bright I freakin dia. I need another revenue stream, huh? I need another one. And the issue is this is the issue. They want another revenue stream and it’s awesome, but they forget to systemize the first one yes, though, because they’re too far involved in their first revenue stream. When they pull off and go into the second revenue stream. The first revenue stream starts dropping the second one raises they almost lose their other business because they input the right people and processes in place. So before you go to that second stream, have somebody else managing the first one. And make sure it’s systemized and processed to the best of your ability without somebody hands on and then put someone hands on that you trust and pay him a salary or commission plus salary or whatever you want to do to manage it.

Tracy Brinkmann  37:25


Billy Batt  37:26

So you can scale that one while building another one and have this been in a couple hours a day on that one.

Tracy Brinkmann  37:32

And then rinse and repeat Ladies and gentlemen,

Billy Batt  37:35

repeat and that there is a thats how she goes so think that’s a Canadian saying we gotta say that I’m America? That’s how she goes.

Tracy Brinkmann  37:43

That’s how she goes though. This is how you do it. Nope. Anyway. Alright, Billy, I want to be mindful of your time I definitely appreciate you coming on and hanging out I know you got other things you got a grip keep grinding at but I want folks that they want to connect with you. And they want to check out your podcast where do we want to send them to

Billy Batt  38:07

a new world marketing order.com for the podcast. You can literally go on google google Billy bet leads or Billy bat marketing or you can go on Facebook search ability bet it says now hiring and my profile picture with my face on there. If you can go to LinkedIn Billy bat or Instagram Billy the bat because I can’t buy the handle. I’ve been trying to find him the guy for a long time. So Billy the bat, I might switch it to Billy bad ads ADS Billy bad ads. So if you can’t find Billy the bat, but Billy bad ads

Tracy Brinkmann  38:40

ba T. T T. All right. I want to make sure we get those links in the show notes so people can just click right over and check you out my friend. Billy, again. Thanks so much for coming on hanging out, man.

Billy Batt  38:51

Yes, You too, Tracy. Always Always Always a pleasure.

Tracy Brinkmann  38:55

All right. There you go. My Dark Horse friends and family Billy Batt dropping some energy packed bombs on us. What thoughts resonated with you? Well, here’s some that kind of clicked with me. Thought number one, your past does not have to define you. Right out of the gate, Billy began sharing his story as all my guests do his time in the gangs, his time in ofI in the oil fields, and like so many of my guests, Billy didn’t just become a success. Now. He had to earn it. He had to bust hump and work for it. He had experiences in his past that he used to motivate him to make a better life to create a better business to become a better man a better father, boss, etc. You see Billy like myself, and perhaps like you was not handed the world on a silver platter. Ah, no, no, he like me. And again, perhaps like you has had some dark times some very dark times, but we refuse to let those dark times define our future. times. Instead, we use those past events as reasons, motivators, and even launching points for what we truly desire to have in our lives. I’m going to share some more thoughts on this in Episode 229, your past does not have to define your future thought number two, find your tribe. Billy shared how after the bus of the oil fields, he knew he had to figure out his next path, a better path. This led him to crack an open book, write the 10x rule he mentioned then attending a seminar and a mastermind, even multiple masterminds, and so on until he finally was at a conference of entrepreneurs. And bam, he felt the energy that resonated within him. He had found his tribe he had no he found it. Well, let me say he only found it because one, he began openly, honestly and sincerely looking. And too, he pushed outside of his past and his comfort zone. In his search. This one actor actually these two things put together but this one act led to a series of acts that led him down the path that he truly desired. And I think he deserved he went from sitting four rows in the back to sitting four rows from the front amongst his tribe. So how can you find your tribe? Well, I want to spend a little bit of time sharing my thoughts on this in Episode 230, simple steps in finding your tribe thought number three, learn, do and teach. Billy shares some of the wisdom that I have, I’ve been pretty passionate about for some time, and that wisdom, I said, learn something, then do something, then teach that something to someone else. mariebilly said, live like you know, nothing, right? To this end, I’m gonna have to agree 100% to be a consistent learner of those things that move you that move your life and your business forward, then do them, don’t just learn them, you got to put them in action, in your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your spirituality, whatever it is, then the final step of this amazing success triad is to teach that what you have learned and done to others. I want to share a bit more about this. When I go live in the dark horse tribe Facebook group, right? I’ll probably do this one on Tuesday. And I think we’re gonna call it the success triad. Learn, do teach. Finally thought number four, tap into your energy. Billy went ahead and he went there with me right? We went off in a little bit of a tangent and he shared some his thoughts about people and their energy. Billy knows that there’s an energy around all of us, or at least he didn’t say those. But he was talking about energy in such a way. I felt he knows that right? It could be a good energy, or it could be a bad energy. Or it could be even be like a blah, energy like a you’re kind of weak, but it’s an energy that is there nonetheless, right? Perhaps you give it another name and maybe you call it Mojo, or gut feeling or a hunch. But since you’re listening to this podcast, leavin all the way to this point, I’m betting more than likely you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. You know what I’m talking about. You’re you were introduced to someone for the first time and bam, you got that feeling from them, like, Oh, yeah, I am totally gonna vibe with this person. Or bam, all hell no, get this person away from me. Right now. Have you done you anything? Right or wrong? Right, you know, I’m talking about? Yeah, yeah, you know what I’m talking about, right? All right, well, you have an energy yourself, my friend, right. And I want to dive a bit more into that energy. And we’ll do this in another live in the dark horse tribe Facebook group. On Thursday, we’re going to chat about signs that negative energy is a key factor to you as an entrepreneur, and then we’ll probably go in a little bit longer on this particular live as to how you can become more productive by managing that energy, and not just your time. Alright, so what inspiring ideas tips or thoughts that you know, Billy shared resonated with you? Yeah, think about whatever they were. Take a moment today and write them down, physically write them down onto a piece of paper into a journal, not just typing them into a notepad, you could do that too. There’s something really, I know there’s something special about taking that thought out of your head out of this podcast that’s now in your head and turning it into something real and tangible on a piece of paper. Anyway, put them down, write them down today, and then you know, I’m gonna go put them into action. Get out there, run your race, get your results that come back and let me hear about them. I’m serious about this. email me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling calm, share the tips or ideas that you came away with how you put them into action and what results you gain from them. Heck, maybe you can be sharing the microphone, like Billy and all the others I’ve been lucky enough to bring on here. Speaking of others I bring on here next week’s interview episode guest is Gina Susanna. Gina is one of the most sought after event strategists in the entrepreneur game, she is known for helping businesses double their income in mere days with strategic live events. Now I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and the inspirational stories from the guests. I’m lucky enough to be able to bring on here. So please go on down there, hit that subscribe button while you’re there. Leave us a five star rating write some kind words in the reviews, ask questions, leave suggestions, I read every single one of these reviews. And it’s also your way of telling those podcast platforms out there that you are getting the value. So they’ll lift us up a little bit in the rankings so that we can reach more entrepreneurs just like yourself and of course, do not keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD lt yourself, share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you as I always do, think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP 228 Billy Batt Lessons From Gangs Oilfields And Your Energy For Business
Are You Hanging Around The Right People With The Right Energy?

  • Your Past Does Not Have To Define You – Right out of the gate Billy began sharing his story. His time in gangs and in the oil fields.  Like so many of my guests, Billy didn’t just become a success.  He had to earn it, he had to work for it.  He had experiences in his past that he used to motivate him to make a better life, to create a better business to become a better man, father, boss etc.  You see Billy, like myself, and perhaps like you were not handed the world on a silver platter.  No rather, he, like me and again perhaps like you, has had dark times, VERY dark times.  But we refuse to let those dark times define our future times.  Instead use those past events as reasons, motivators and launching points for what we truly desire to have in our lives.  I want to share more thoughts on this In EP 229 You Past Does Not Have to Define Your Future.
  • Find Your Tribe – Billy shares how after the bust of the oil field he knew he had to figure out a new path…a better path.  This led him to pick up a book, the 10X rule, then attend a mastermind, even multiple mastermind and so on until he finally was at a conference of entrepreneurs and BAM – he felt the energy that resonated with him.  He had found his tribe, but he only found it because 1) he began openly, honestly and sincerely looking and 2) he pushed outside of his past and his comfort zone in his search.  This one act led to a series of acts that led him down the path he truly desired and deserved.  He went from sitting four rows in the back to sitting four rows from the front amongst his tribe.  So how can you find YOUR tribe?  Well I will spend some time sharing my thoughts on this in EP 230 Simple Steps To Finding Your Tribe.
  • Learn Do And Teach – Billy shared some wisdom that I have been passionate about for some time.  The wisdom?  Learn something, then do that something, then teach that something to someone else.  “Live like you know nothing” Billy said at one point.  To this end I have to agree, be a consistent learner of those things that move you, your life and your business forward.  Then, do them!!  Do not just learn them, put them into action in your life, and business.  Then the final step of this amazing success triade is to teach that which you have learned and done to others.   I will share a bit more on this in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook group on when I go live on Tuesday to discuss The Success Triade – Learn Do Teach
  • Tap Into Your Energy – Billy went there with me and shared some of his thoughts about people and their energy.  Billy knows that there is an energy around us all.  It could be a good energy or a bad energy or just a blah energy but it is an energy that is there nonetheless.  Perhaps you give it another name, mojo, gut-feeling or a hunch but since you are listening to this podcast you have more than likely experienced what I am talking about.  You are introduced to someone for the first time even and BAM you get a feeling from them, like oh yeah I totally vibe with the person or oh hell no get away from me now.  Right?  Yeah you know what I am talking about.  Well you have an energy to my friend and I want to dive a bit more into this in a live on the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook group and change about Signs That Negative Energy Is A Key Factor To You As An Entrepreneur and How You Can Become More Productive By Managing Your Energy Not Just Your Time.

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