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EP 216 Artie Hoffman Angels And Answers Be Firm But Fair
What Can A Psychic And Medium Teach Us About Entrepreneurship?

  • Are You Using Your Gift?  Arite talked about stumbling upon his amazing get later in life.  He had his own business, was married, everything on the outside seemed to be moving along swimmingly.  But he was unfulfilled on the inside.
  • Focus Your Offering On Your Gift With Confidence – Arite asked himself, what can I do to make some extra money?  I put out an ad in the newspaper focused on his gift.  His offering was even so bold as you say “If I don’t pull through, no charge” that my friend is focusing on your gift with confidence.
  • Create A Unique Offering – Artie started doing events he called “Arite Parties” where he could use his wonderful skills and abilities in a group setting and still offer some one-on-one time in the same setting.  Exposing him to a number of people at once who could not only see his skill first hand but also easily approach him to learn more about and how to hire him for themselves, either in a party or one-on-one setting.
  • Turn your biggest critics into your biggest fan – Arite tells the story of a woman who listened to him as he made his predictions and could/wouldn’t believe any of them.  Over a short period of time they began to come into her reality one after another.  As a result of Artie just doing what he does and standing by what he felt and believed was and would be true, she became one of his biggest fans.  I think we as entrepreneurs and often experts in whatever field we are in want to deliver results to our clients. I mean after all that is what they paid us to do, right?

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