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What do you believe in? And why the hell should you stand up for it? Stay tuned to find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us when we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is that? What is up? What the hell is up my dark horse friends and family. Welcome back to your ongoing dose of stand up for your values learning. I’m your dark horse hose Tracy Brinkmann and you will that my friend is infinitely more important to you or driven entrepreneur, or perhaps even one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. That’s why I’m here hitting you with yet another solo success episode coming to you straight from the Dark Horse HQ is we dive deep in success with actionable advice, tips and steps designed to help you level up your life, your game as well as your business. Because we already know there are no shortcuts to success except for taking those little steps towards goal every single day. Now, before we kick this off now like I usually do, I know you’re getting the value from these episodes and these amazing guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on so please be sure you go down there and click that subscribe button. Right while you’re down there. Yeah, go ahead and leave us a quick five star rating drop us some kind words in the reviews. Give me some words of encouragement. Give me some words of constructive criticism, some suggestions, ask a question. I read each and every one of the reviews. And it sees subscribes, ratings and reviews that you’re able to use to tell those podcast platforms out there that you are getting that value. So they’ll kick this up a little bit in the rankings so that we can reach more driven entrepreneurs, just like yourself. So please, take a moment. Yes, right now go ahead. Take a moment, Show the love and help spread the word. Now. I know what you’re thinking. It’s Monday, Tracy, aren’t we supposed to be having an interview episode? You know what? Normally you’re absolutely right. And I believe this week it was supposed to be rd Hoffman. But unfortunately, well actually checked that. Fortunately, I went to an amazing event over the weekend, up in the Wisconsin Dells, and I won’t divulge actual event. Who cares, right? This is one of those episodes, I’m going to forewarn you. I’m going to be getting on a soapbox. So yeah, get to listen to me rant. And I don’t read very often. And it’s just this isn’t a griping rant. This is a rant, of empowerment. From my point of view. In the event I went to it was a political event. And many of you know which side of the aisle I stand on. And, you know, I think if we look at the parties that are out there, is there a party that resonates with 100%? of the things I believe in? I think the answer is no. Is there a party out there that resonates with the bulk of what I believe in? I believe the answer is yes. All right. And no matter what side of the aisle, you on you, you are on you mister Miss listener, I want you to hear me out. Because even if you’re polar opposite to me, from a political standpoint, you can still resonate with the message I’m about to send you. And that message My friend is you damn well better stand up for what you believe in. Now, first off, you’re gonna have to take some time and understand what the hell you believe in. Right. And those are going to take some questions, a little internal reflection. And I’m not talking about armchair quarterback belief here. No, no, I don’t know. That’s no, no, right? Put down the beer. Put down to potato chips. Sit up, turn the volume up. Because I want your attention here. All right. No quarterbacks here. Right? I want you to be actively involved in your own damn life. Yeah, it’s your life. You need to take control of it. Not me. Not your sheriff. Not your governor, not your mayor. Not your your damn president. Okay, you my friend. And that starts with you understanding what do you stand for? What are those things? You’re like, Oh, hell no, you are not going there with me. Okay, you know, what are your What are your values, right? And then how do you prioritize those values? Do you know Internally, right? Do you know in your heart, what drives the actions you take, and the behaviors that you have? Right now, some of it might just be a betrayal behaviors. So take a moment, right? Even if you want to pause this podcast right now, take a moment and pause and think about all of yesterday’s behaviors. Just kind of run through from the moment you woke up yesterday morning, right? You got up? Would you first do what you then do? would have by the time you got to lunch? What were the things you did? By the time you got to dinner? What were the things you did? By the time you put your head back on that pillow? What were the things you did? Who were the people you hung out with? What were the messages you shared? Now, those messages you shared? Are they aligned with the actions that you’ve taken? Right? So if the messages you were sharing with whoever it was, you talked to whether it was via text, or Facebook message, or on the phone, or live face to face, with or without a mask, if your messages will all about, I want to be a healthy person, but your actions were all about chowing down, potato chips and junk food and nothing good of nutritional value for your body, maybe pounding too many alcoholic beverages, then your words, your messages, your your words and your actions, my friend, we’re not alone. So that comes to that consistency. Right? how consistent Do you How, how consistent? Are you in your operation of your words, to your actions to your beliefs? Look, I’m not trying to make you feel bad about yourself. That is not my mission here at all. I’m trying to wake you up just maybe smack you on the butt. pat you on the back, wipe you upside the back of the head to say, look, Dude, look, do that. You know, if you really believe really, in your heart of hearts, believe in X, whatever x is for you believe in, I don’t know, good education for your kids. Right? Believe in good morality, whatever it is, you believe in, believe in guns, right? Believe in the freedom of speech, whatever it is that you believe in, are your actions back are your behaviors and your beliefs aligned? Now you could have gotten into, especially with the year we just went through right? COVID the whole thing they locked us down, put mass on our faces. Some of us you know, some took their jobs away. Right? doors had to close business had to close the door. So maybe didn’t take your job away. But your job got taken away, right? So everything, your routines were just tossed up in the air, and you had to develop new ones. Well, in this new COVID Arena, maybe these new habits weren’t as alive as you would like them to be. This is your moment. This is your damn wake up call y’all. Right? This smack right? Right upside the head. There it is right there. Now, pause. Take a look. Like I said, and maybe yesterday was a bad example, go back to the day before and the day before that. Look at last Monday. Look at last Wednesday, what did you do is what you’re doing align with who you are, right? what you truly believe. And if you’re doing things just because the herd is and your real inner values are like, I really don’t believe in this. This is going to cause that churn inside of you. You’re going to be angry and you’re not going to know why. Right? You’re gonna come home, you’re gonna slam your briefcase down on the counter, the missus is gonna go high, and you’re gonna go look, right, you’re just gonna be a DAG, or an asshole to the people you love. And you might not even know why. So I’m asking you to pause, take a moment and realize, Damn, I’m not pissed off at my wife. I’m pissed off at other things. You might not even be pissed off at your job. Maybe you had a good day at work, but there’s this little thing nagging inside you. And for me a lot of times when I have that going on, it’s because my actions aren’t aligned with the damn ways I believe. So my friends, my dark horse, friends and family start standing up right this very minute. And if you don’t believe in what I’m saying, click me off. I’m cool with that. I know an episode like this is gonna lose me some listeners. You know what a demo don’t care because this is what I stand for. I stand for your ability to stand up and do what you believe in. Even if I me, Tracy Brinkmann doesn’t believe in what you believe in. I believe in your right to get out there and go do it anyway. As long as you’re not hurting anybody in the process. Go for it. Right. I served six years in the military for your ability to Do that my dad certs 23 years for your ability to do that. All right, and so many others did that for your rights, our founding fathers set this up. So many lay down their lives to keep it up, you deserve it don’t squander it. And if you’re listening from another country, well, I believe you have certain inalienable rights given to you by your Creator right now don’t quote kids the laws of your area, right? Let’s not, let’s not go there. All right. But I think we need to start standing up for what we believe in, get our voices heard. And we especially need to start standing up when we are the ones that can set an example, or your mother, or your father, or your grandmother or grandfather, you an aunt or an uncle, maybe you’re not even married, and but you don’t have any kids. But your brother’s sister does. And then they come over and visit you go over and you visit them. You My friend, especially for the younger ones, they’re looking up to you online, there’s uncle Tracy, he’s an amazing guy, he’s got this cool beard, right. But then you set an example for that. I remember back in my days, when I worked for the Coca Cola company, one of the things I used to dedicate some time to or donate some time to was some incarcerated youth over in Gwinnett. County, and I was allowed to go speak at the facilities there once or twice a month. And, you know, I started off by sharing him some things about the Coca Cola company and how the product is made. And then, you know, I tried to tell stories and stories I thought they could resonate with. And as many of you know, who’ve heard some of the earlier episodes and how I share some of the stories of my upbringing, I wasn’t always on the right side of the tracks, you know, I did some stupid things in my life, right. And I was just lucky enough to get out when I did. So, you know, I tried to link some of those stories, not in an a, you know, make it Hey, making myself look like a badass kind of way. But kind of, you know, I, I resonate with what you guys are going through, because I’ve been there. And I was lucky enough to get out kind of thing. And I found they wanted to hear 10 times more about that, how I got out. And how I was looked at after that. They cared about anything about the Coca Cola company. So they were connecting, right, I was able to set that example, still had long hair today, my beard beard back then, right? Had my long hair had tattoos wouldn’t go in there in a suit and go in there and just try to set an example I guys, I you know, you’re at a crossroads. Right? Let me tell you from my side of the story, here’s how it could go free, right? They hear all those people. Anyway, you get my point, right. And I think another thing, a good thing about standing up for your your beliefs. I mean, other than the obvious is that there’s going to be people out there that are on the fence on an issue that you believe strongly about, and maybe you can help them understand one side or the other. I’m not saying you pull them to your side of the fence. I’m saying you share your beliefs and your passions with them. So they can help make an informed decision. Right? Don’t say, hey, you need to believe my way, because but rather say, you know what, here’s the reasons, I believe, and maybe that can help make an impact on their decision. Right? Maybe they’re just like, I don’t know. And there’s so much ugly information out there for any position you want to take. You want to talk about portion, there’s abortion, there’s ugly information out there, you want to talk about adoption. There’s ugly information out there, as well as good information, you want to talk about marriage, there’s ugly information, as well as good information, you want to talk about force, there’s ugly information and good information out there. Right. So whatever you believe in help someone who’s on the fence. And I would also highly, highly recommend always speaking your piece in a respectful maybe not elevated tone, right? We don’t need to yell at each other, but always speak your T piece. If you know that if you don’t you’re going to feel guilty. Yeah, right. How many times have we been in a scenario or situation where you’re like, I really feel strongly about it. And you don’t say anything about it. You don’t share some guiding advice. You don’t share some of your your passion, your beliefs, and your information with another party and you walk away later on the next day that night, a month later a year later. 10 years later going I shoulda coulda, woulda, if only right that that stress will still pick away at you subconsciously, right? It’s gonna, it’s gonna eat away at you right there. And obviously, you certainly want to stand up for what you believe in when you reach that point. have enough is enough, I, all I can stands I can’t stands no more as Bob, I used to say, Well, I don’t think that’s the only time you should be standing up for what you believe, I think you should always be standing up for what you believe in in respectful ways. Again, like I said, we don’t need to go out there and start yelling at each other. There. There are great ways. It’s called talking, everybody, it’s easy to sit down and have dialogue with someone. And I know there are plenty of people out there that aren’t able to have a conversation in a civil conversation about certain topics, that somebody is just gonna go right there and there’s no get ugly, right? I get it, right. It doesn’t mean you have to do that you can still maintain your civil tone, keep your honor about you, as you share your opinions and your passion about what you believe in now. I think one of the big things that folks encounter when it comes to sharing what they believe in or acting is that there’s this little fear, hmm, because let’s be honest, part of standing up for what you believe in is learning to be just a little bit courageous. Here’s the cool thing about it. If you’ve looked around the event I was at this weekend there was this Pat F. little old, she was easily in her late 60s, early 70s. She was one of the delegates at this event. And they were putting for some resolutions. They were being nominated and seconded and passed, and what have you got to this one point, and she wanted to do a point of order. And she was sharing. And she shared her opinion, right? And then it was voted on and back and forth. And the very next resolution comes up and she, you know, she paused everything, again, is said and actually looked around the room said, am I the only one that reads these things. And what she was alluding to is there was always that was like 32 or 34 resolutions that were going on. And there were two or three in a row that she stopped the nominations for. Because she had questions and she had disagreements. She was sharing her she was standing up for what she believed in. And she actually looked around like, are you all just lemmings? Right? Am I the only one that reads this? You know, and she was getting her voice on record. She was standing up for what she believes in? That takes a an ounce of courage doesn’t mean she wasn’t afraid. I’m not saying she was I don’t know, I don’t Well, I don’t know her well enough. But I know there have been moments of I’m standing up for what I believe in, doesn’t mean I’m not scared doesn’t mean, you know, something could happen. Right? Here. Let me give you a perfect example. There was a young lady way back when I’m going to go back to my teen years, right. And her name is Tracy. She lived on the street behind my house. And I was infatuated with. And so during homecoming week, the homecoming gals were like, you know, if you’d like to have this rose sent to someone’s home room, you just put their name on it, they would find that person’s homeroom and send it to them. And so I sent Tracy a row now a couple of other things over homecoming week. Well, during that time, I found out she had a boyfriend. Oh, but her boyfriend was in juvenile juvenile detention Hall. It’s time and I said, You know what, I believe I’m better suited for Tracy than this fellow Edie? And so I kept courting her. And she never said no, you know, she was very polite. My things I didn’t get to the point of asking her out because I just don’t ask out on the first conversation. I like to get to know someone a little bit, engage in some dialogue, chit chat a little bit. She was very friendly, very cordial, never mentioned at one time, and then I’m walking home from school. And there’s Eddie standing on right across the street in school and Hey, come on over here. So I started chatting with him. And so I hear you like kiss and I was big kiss fan as everyone knows back in the day. And as he was talking to be a number of his friends were slowly surrounding me. It was fun about six other guys. You know, a couple would take up his vision behind me a couple to the left because the rides and everything and he takes a swing and he was standing up on the curb. I was standing down in the gutter. So this swing seemed like it was telegraph from New York City. And so it I remembered to this day was very slow motion. I ducked and dropped my schoolbooks and took off like a run. I was looking Gazelle running back towards the school. And unfortunately, one of the members of the the guys that were there was a little bit faster and caught up with me. And here’s the thing. All right. I believe I can fight. Right I stood up here and let me back up for the story here before he took the swing. He goes so you think you should be able to date my girlfriend? I said Well, first off, I didn’t know what she was your girlfriend when I first started sending Thanks to her, but when I did find out, I just kept talking to her. That’s it. You know, I never asked her out on a date or anything I just, you know, just was getting to know her and see what was what was all about. So there I was surrounded by these 678. Guys. My heart’s beating, trust me, I was very afraid. But I was standing up for what I believed in, I believed it was okay to talk to this young lady. I believe they have a right to talk to this young lady. And if she would didn’t want to talk to me, she would have said I wouldn’t boyfriend I can’t talk to you. He’s very whatever, right? Now, you know, obviously, I’m a little old. Now I have a slightly different opinion of the scenario. But I’m just telling you the beliefs from that standpoint. And needless to say, I took a pretty good weapon from those guys. I ended up getting knocked out. But anyway, it was just one of those things. Yeah. Was I scared? Hell, yeah. I was scared. We were like, six eight guys surrounded me. And even though I knew a lot of martial arts, and I felt very good about being able to protect myself, dude, I’m not a movie star. I don’t have a stat, cut, right? Double coming in, you know, and do the fighting. For me, though. This was real life stuff. So yes, I was very scared. But I still stood my ground until I had that moment. And that first fist came. And yeah, I ran for safety. And fortunately, 10 kids, that’s enough. Anyway, probably not a great example. But I think the thing is, when you’re standing up for what you believe in, you’re going to be a little afraid. It’s okay. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is taking the fear and doing the right thing. What do you feel is right? Anyway, it’s standing up for what you believe in crate. Courage means picking a side, right. And I think that’s very important for you to do. If you’re gonna stand up for what you believe in, you’re gonna have to pick side, I don’t care what the issue is. It could be tax spending, it could be animal welfare. It could be the presidential race, whatever it is, you need to pick the side. And then you need to speak up for you speak up your opinions in conversations. Don’t do me a wibbly wobbly on things. If you believe in it, say, Yeah, I believe in it. And here’s why. And if someone doesn’t believe in it, listen to why they don’t perhaps there’s something you missed. And you can share something famous at the same time. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. Right? get more information. Tracy, I want to I want to take the side. But I don’t have all the information with demo, get out there and get it right. especially nowadays, it’s really easy to get information, ask others for help. There’s lots of great resources in any topic that you would be passionate about great resources out there to get real information. I’m not talking about wishy washy information, okay? Don’t trust everything you read in a meme. Okay about that. All right. And then when it comes to whatever it is, you’re standing up for, let’s focus on who you’re helping, not who’s yelling at you, not who’s telling you your topic is stupid. focus in on who you’re helping. So if you’re standing up for old folks in the whatever treatment they’re giving, whatever it is, remember who it is that you’re passionate about, you’re passionate about those elderly folks that need your assistance, or that you believe they need your work, or the kids or the animals, what whoever it is that you’re standing up for, keep your focus on them. Because when it comes to topics like that, it’s not about you is it. It’s not about whether you’re right or wrong. It’s about giving them the assistance they need. That’s why you got into it in the first place. Right? Phil, you’re nodding your head. Here’s another cool thing about courage. Courage is like a muscle. And it can be built, do all the little things. And that will help build your courage and your bravery. Maybe tomorrow as you I’m recording this on a Sunday. So I say tomorrow, maybe as you’re listening to this to some phone call that you really don’t want to make or you’re dreading to help or there’s some email you or some report you have to write or some podcast episode, you have to record you just have that feeling, right. So when you muster up what it is you need to make that call to write that email to record that pod. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back. pat yourself on the butt. I don’t care. Right. Realize that you mustered up the courage to do something you kind of didn’t want to do. You were kind of uncomfortable doing right. And realize, wow, Tracy, Tracy Tracy is right. That took a little bit of courage to do that. I had that tough conference. With an employee, or I’ve sent that tough email to a vendor, or whatever the scenario is, acknowledge that small act of courage, those small acts of courage will inspire you to slowly get braver, and braver in those areas, as well as other areas of your life. And I think one of the big things that most people will find easiest is standing up for others, especially when they’re not able to, and that maybe it’s physically not able to, maybe they’re mentally, right, are they’re victims of abuse that you totally resonate with, you want to help help them, right, help them, speak up for themselves, speak up for them, when they’re unable to speak up for themselves, right, you can step in be their voice, take that, that moment of fear and rapid in all that compassion you have for them. But maybe it’s one of those scenarios of someone’s being bullied, right? I just told the story of me, you know, you’re taking a bit of a tanning. Back in my high school days, I call that bullying, right? I didn’t call it belief then. But anyway, if we take up the mantle of bullying well, and you see it happening, try to stop it right in his tracks a lot of time. And some of you will know exactly what I mean. There’s the signals, you know what’s about to happen, right? There’s all those red flags that get raised up the body language, maybe those first few words that are like, Okay, I know where this is going. I’m stepping in now. And you’re also setting that example for the others, you’re setting the example for the bully that you know what, we don’t do that shit around here, we don’t stand for that shit around here, you are not going to treat other people like that. And you’re showing the one that was about to be bullied, that it’s okay, to hold your head up high, put your shoulders back a little bit, and stand up for yourself, as well as other people. And also be sure in all scenarios, if your help. If you’re standing up for others, let them know and let them feel that it’s okay to ask for help. Maybe you do that by just sharing the story where you had to ask for help. You don’t always have to say the words, you don’t look at them and say, hey, it’s okay. Ask for help. No, no, maybe you do it through a story and through your action. Now all of this is really kind of pushing the conviction of your beliefs, right? conviction, feeling of certainty in something that you believing knowing that you are on the right side, whatever the issue is. But to do that, you got to pick a side first, right? You can’t be standing on the fence and go, Okay, I can really get behind that. No, you got to pick aside that’s when that conviction is going to step in, because here’s the thing, challenges are gonna come every day, they’re kind of gone. But if you have that conviction in your firm, and your belief you can withstand, and whether if we go on the example I just gave you you’re standing up for someone else could make you a target. If you stop a bully, the bully may turn their attention on you have the power in your convictions to stand up anyway. Because here’s what’s going to happen. If they challenge your belief, a bully turns their attention on you. They’re testing your belief that really think about it. In my opinion, in my experience, they’re testing your belief in your ability to stand up to them. And if you back down, they’re going to see that weakness in your position. And they’re going to use it against you or like, Oh, no, they’re going to bully you and the person they were bullying before. So Alright, I guess one of the big messages here I want you to walk obviously for stand when it comes to standing, say something. When you see behavior. You just don’t like say something. And here it’s here. Here. We’re going to go again, I’m not talking about this quarterback speak. The armchair quarterback speak specifically, I’m not talking about you’re sitting in your arm chair, you’re sitting on your couch on your rocking chair on the floor, in your bed watching TV. And you’re yelling at the TV with conviction. No, no, no, that doesn’t work. Okay, the TV’s not doing anything wrong. The people on it might be right, you need to get up off your lazy ass and go talk to someone that matter. And if you’re out and about and you see something that you just can’t stomach, step in. Part of putting your beliefs into action is speaking up when you see something that just goes against the core of who you are. You know who you are, don’t you? Right? We talked about that around here, right? Getting to know who you are and getting to know who you need to be. Come to, you know, be the successful person you want to be. And part of that I really honestly truly believe, which is why I sidestepped the interview episode today to have this episode was Episode 173. We talked about who you need to become to be successful, go check that one out. All right, it talks goes into bit more about who you are and who you need calm. But whenever you see something that is really goes against the core values of who you are, speak up, raise your hand, right step in the middle, whatever it is, this is the thing get involved. I can remember when I was a kid in the neighborhoods that we lived in growing up. And again, as you all many of you know, already, my father was a 23 year veteran of the United States Army, and we moved every two or three years. So I lived in a number of neighborhoods growing up, I spent six years the kid over in Germany, all of which we spent living off off off base. In my butt in the years, I could remember I know, there was one year we spent living on the base anyway. And then right out of high school, I joined the service and went back and lived on and off the base. And here’s the thing, I can count, I can’t count on one hand, the number of times that I remember seeing things that went against my father’s core values. And he stepped in, because he did every single, he lost his stripes one time because of it. We were at the NCO office, which is a noncommissioned officer club. And we were down there for dinner. And after dinner, my dad was employee was few tables away, yucking it up with some buddies for his and my mom had walked over to the bar to refill, give me a new soda and get a refill mom and dad, my, my mother and father’s drinks and, and while my mom was up at the bar, the NCO in charge. So in the military, there’s usually a commissioned officer that goes and rotates around, the establishments that are open in the later hours is going to make sure everything’s going okay, everything is kind of on the up and up are called the NCO in charge. And he was making the rounds, sued the NCO club, and walked over to my mom in started hitting on her, just vocally and I don’t believe it was physically I don’t remember it being physically. And my dad saw this, I believe one of his friends kept him on shoulder and pointed out in my dad while we’re in my dad’s six foot three, and just built like linebacker, you know, from a football team. And, you know, I told the officer, you know, sir, that’s my wife, you need to be leave her alone. Now. He do gruff, a little rough. He wasn’t very, he wasn’t super polite about it. But he didn’t disrespect the the rank of the gentleman he was speaking to, and this gentleman came back and you better shut your mouth, I will have your stripes under this kind of thing. And then proceeded to hit on my mom again. Well, that’s the point at which my dad hit this man. Anyway. So that was, this is not the kind of thing I’m talking about. But here we go. Here’s a man standing up for his beliefs to the point where he was willing to risk losing some rank as a result. Now, I don’t want you to go out there and be hitting people. I’m just telling you the story example, you see behavior that bothers you, you step in, and you take some action. I’m really hoping that action doesn’t lead to fisticuffs, or any kind of violence. But I believe that if we start stepping in when we see shit happening out there, it’ll start happening less and less, we think, right? kids used to be safe to walk all the way to school, I used to walk like two or three miles to and from school. As an elementary kid, I would never let my kids do that these days. Why? Because of the fears. No one’s willing to step in and do something. I want you the kind of people that listen to this show, to have that kind of heart to step in and say, I’m going to make sure that kid gets across at least my stretch of land safely. I’m going to make sure that lady I see walking from the store to her car is okay. And if someone starts harassing her, I’m walking over there. I’m going to help her. I’m going to get her to her car safely, and make sure she is able to drive away on encumbered. I believe if more of us start doing that kind of shit. Less shit that we don’t like will continue to happen when you great. Yeah, more naughty. I can I can feel it. Here’s a big example for me. And I told you this was gonna be a rant episode. You’re welcome just to click fast forward and go to the next episode, whatever, I get it. Here’s one for me. And I’m the father of three beautiful ladies of varying ages. And one of the things I find completely appalling. And I’ll admit, early in my teen years, I probably did it. Actually, I know I did it on a few occasions. But my latter teen years, I didn’t do it. I stopped doing it. I was I actually learned it was appalling back then. It’s catcalling. I just think it’s ugly, right? Because I have yet to meet a meet a woman I’ve met lots and lots of ladies over my 50 plus years on this planet, and not one single one of them has ever found that appealing. I have met a guy who has done some great a cat girl and the girl come running over going oh my god, you’re the perfect guy for me. Thank you for that kick. Right. Now. Which point I’m going with this is what in my later teen years and in your intimate in the 20s when I figured out you know what, that’s just kind of stupid. It’s insulting in the whole nine yards. That’d be hanging out with the guys in one of them would do that. I’d stop him. punch him in the shoulder. Look over and say, dude, really? You don’t have the balls to go over there and talk to her. You’re going to do that instead? What kind of, you know, what are you? You know, in so it was that kind of standing up that in my circle? My friends knew not to do that around me because I would stand up. I didn’t know that girl. I wasn’t gonna go hit on that girl. Pay me No, nevermind. Right. I just thought I don’t like that. Please don’t do that around me. I think it’s stupid. I think it’s insulting to the very person you’re trying to attract. Stop doing it. Right? Here’s the thing. If you ignore behavior, you’re almost kind of condoning it. Right? You’re right. And the more you ignore it, the more you’re telling your your subconscious that it’s okay, now sparked the conversation, accelerate the conversation do really you got to do that. Just go over and talk to her. It’s a whole lot more, you know, adult, a lot less insulting. And I bet you the lady, that your cat calling, it would appreciate a whole lot more. If you’d walked over into it. You know what, I think you’re very attractive. Whatever pickup line you want to use, go do that. Okay? Anyway, that’s about that one. But the key there is to stop ignoring the behaviors you disagree with? If someone is treating you like shit, tell them you don’t like it. Right? If they if they’re raising their voice, it’s like, could you please talk to me? Or I’m going to come back right? Or you can come back and talk to me with you can keep a civil tone otherwise, don’t. I’m not La la la, I’m not hearing you. Right? These are the kinds of things do not give permission with your silence. Don’t give your approval with your assignments for what’s happening with there’s a conflict around if you stay silent, people will think that you agree with that status quo. And I think I’ll wrap up this last one, or this with one last thing, and I’ve kind of alluded to it a couple of times here become be non confrontational. When you’re speaking up, it is not difficult to stand your ground politely. Right? Now, I’m not saying you you’ve got to, you know, turn the other cheek kind of thing. But what I am saying is stand your ground, and you don’t have to get all up in their face. You don’t have to go your day God, you don’t have to be like that is his nose. You don’t have to agitate it right? When you speak up. How you say things can make a huge difference. Let me get if you get angry, other people were tend to hear just the anger, not the word you’re saying. All they’re going to hear is the yelling. They’re not going to hear any of the logic, any of the facts, or any of the intelligence that you may be trying to articulate loudly, they’re just not going to hear it, right. Plus, when you do that, you’re giving them permission to reply in the same manner with anger. And usually it becomes an elevator, oh, well, you’re that angry, I’m angry and it goes up a level and then you go up alone, and it just spirals out of control. However, if you stay calm, and you can be impassionate you can imbue passion into your words without imbuing anger, right? But if you stay calm in a tone that makes sense that maybe goes up a little bit and down a little bit less like I’m doing here, right? I can go up a little bit without sound like I’m pissed off, right? I can be non confrontational and still share with you the passion that I have about a topic but when you do that, you might actually be able to convince people to hear what the hell it is you’re saying instead of them tuning you out. So I think To someone all up, you’re gonna have to figure out who your what it is you believe in? And what are your values, right? and be willing to? What’s the way to say this lose some cool points at times? Because if you’re standing up for what it is you believe in, what are the what your values are, there may be some times when someone’s thought, Oh, God, I really thought that I can’t get by that. Okay? It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends does it? Right. And if you lose some cool points, that’s all right. And you might even lose a couple of friends or some acquaintances, real friends won’t make a difference. I had a real friend, I mean, a brother from another mother friend. And we really resonated probably 98% of the time, and the 2% of the time that we deferred, we were still able to have a civil conversation looks like he was opened up and he was open minded enough to hear he just disagreed. He goes, I hear what you’re saying. I get it. But I still disagree. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I respect you. And that’s okay. It wasn’t a make or break scenario, right? It could even be a I like Harley davidsons. He liked Kawasaki, right night and day for most motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a motorcycle. But for the real hardcore guys that are all about their Harley davidsons. If you wrote a Kawasaki Yeah, you and vice versa, right. And I’m just using that to poke a little fun at it. But it was, it was not one of those things where it’s like, oh, god, I can’t get behind you just makes no sense, you, you’re going against a core value that I won’t bend to, right. And just because someone doesn’t totally agree with one of your values, doesn’t mean you need to discard them either. Okay, just remember that I’m not saying you’re going to get a lot of values, you’re probably not someone that’s gonna be around you very long. But again, this comes back to having that courage to lose cool points, to lose a friend or acquaintance or to be cause you believe the way you do? Again, you don’t have to go up in their face. Sometimes it’s just nunya. It’s none of your business. So how do you feel about that, and if you know their position, and you know that, they’re not going to be able to have a civil discussion about it, and you can say, it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, you shouldn’t beat anybody over the head with your values, and no one should beat you over the head with theirs, you know, you want to stand up for your values. And acquaintances may decide that they don’t share your values and they’re on down the road, it can be hard at times, putting your belief first, but it can certainly make you a lot happier if our cert searly a more moral person, right? And, and I mean that because if you go about your life, your business and your day, right and your years, not going against your beliefs, holding yourself to a higher standard match what that’s going to do for your self worth. And that’s going to raise it up. It’s going to make being brave and courageous. We talked about earlier, a whole lot easier. Now it’s flipped on its ear. Let’s say you’re going about your day, just Alright, chipping away at your beliefs. And that’s okay, I doesn’t matter as much as I could. Yeah, I don’t believe that. 100%. But I’ll hang out with him because he’s cool. Yeah, right. You go against your beliefs like that, eventually, your self worth is gonna suffer, it’s gonna deflate like a balloon with a BS hole in it. It’s going to suffer and you’re going to be there’ll be these sadness, and maybe even this anger inside you. Because your art being true to yourself. Remember talking about coming home, slamming that briefcase down, might not had nothing to do with the day that he had it worked. It might be something just going against his beliefs, you’ll have much higher self esteem, if you live in alignment to your beliefs. So stand up for them. Don’t let situations compromise your values in talking about jobs. You know, if you’re in a job, where you consistently have to chip away at your core beliefs and your core values, it’s time for you to find another damn job. All right. Like I said, I told you I warned you to come into this is going to be a bit of a rant episode, but I just had to get this off my chest because I hear so many people out there saying they need to do this. They need to do that. And they over here and they they they they they you know who they are. They are you. They are me. They’re the person listening to this podcast. They’re the person driving down the road next to you. They’re the person. If you’re at the gym, and they’re on that treadmill next to you, that’s they they as all of us, and if you aren’t willing to step and be a part of they to do something, don’t point To finger and say they, okay, so if you want to be a part of change, I mean, real change, you’re gonna have to get, you have to get involved in the process. Should Another cool thing about standing up for what you believe in, day in and day out is I think you get that that self esteem that self worth. And then you start getting these new cool ideas. And I’m going to spend some time over the next few solo episodes chatting more about it. I mean, we’re almost an hour into this episodes, I want to go in a whole nother barrage about that. I think on the next episode, we chat a bit about why I believe entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship as well as their ideas can save a lot of the world’s problems. And then Friday, we’re going to chat a bit about five traits of an amazing idea. So we can start identifying as I want to help you create new ideas, with this newfound self worth and courageous bravery that you have boiling up inside of you as you stand up for what you believe in. Okay, maybe you’re standing up with what you believe in, you’re going to start sharing that with the world, you want to share your voice out there with a podcast maybe right, if you want some help getting your podcast up off the ground, getting it launched, getting it launched well and right. Or maybe you already have one, and you’re looking about getting some help with the editing and a promotion. Maybe you’re looking to monetize it, right, make a little money coming in, reach out to me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling calm, or you can go to Dark Horse schooling.com forward slash coaching of your form right there, fill that form out there. Let’s chat. Let’s get together on a quick little power huddle meeting a little half hour chat, I’ll make sure you walk away with the success plan, no charge I again, that’s dark horse schooling.com forward slash coaching. Let’s see how I can be of service to you in helping you start, restart or kickstart your business and your podcast. Now I know to keep getting these daily success tips. And when I do bring them to you and don’t boot them so I can get in your ear and grant those amazing interview episodes. So please be sure to go out there hit that subscribe button, leave us a five star rating, drop us some kind words in the reviews, ask a question, make some constructive suggestions. I definitely read each and every one of those reviews. And it’s these subscribes rating his reviews that tell those podcast platforms on there that you do enjoy the value you’re getting from this podcast. And that kicked us up a little bit in the rankings so that we can reach more driven entrepreneurs just like you. So please, right now. Take a moment and show love and help spread the word I appreciate. All right, you get out there. You stand up for what you believe in. You run your race, you get your results. And you come Let me hear about them. I want to celebrate with you. Until next time, take successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann

EP 213 Tracy Brinkmann Stand Up For What You Believe In
What Do You Believe In, And Why Should You Stand Up For It?

  • Tracy Chats About Why We Should Stand Up For What We Believe In, In Life And Business

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