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Do you really know the problem that you’re solving for your clients? Stay tuned and find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann Bush, it was it was it was it was my dark horse, friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of client problem solving learning. I’m your Darkhorse host Tracy Brinkmann and you will that my friend is infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or one of them making either way you’re here because you’re ready to start restart kickstart just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be man, we got another big episode today. Today we got common ma Ziad, who’s going to be sharing why it’s not good enough to just be good at what you do. Why you need to stop focusing on just the product and why we need to be clear and what it is we’re doing the engine and so much more. You just dropped so many bombs here plus, I’m gonna let you in on next week’s interview episode, a guest who has over 190 credits under his belt from comedian to actor to writer to director and so much more. And as per usual, the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing g o l d spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates and go Alright my dark horse friends your family tonight. Well actually it’s today’s guest we were just talking about it’s morning. It’s evening here but it’s morning where he’s at. Today’s guest is Khalid Mei Ziad. Now common is not just another coach. Now, Khalid is a speaker that helps coaches clearly articulate their value and confidently craft a $3,000 plus no brainer offer using the psychology of the next step. Now, Khalid has been featured in Fox as being one of the 21 entrepreneurs that we need to know about in 2021 colored dog has been featured in a an LP, Fox, CBS, NBC, probably all the alphabets that we hear about all the time, Khalid is a professional member of the A NLP international CIC which is an NLP organization Ladies and gentlemen, he’s a certified master of NLP and holds a degree in civil engineering college. Thanks so much for joining us, and welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur, man. Thank you so much, Tracy for having me. Oh, absolutely. My pleasure. And I think you’re probably the third or fourth person from from Australia I’ve had on this show, it’s been a joy each and every time. So I’m setting the framework ahead of time and we haven’t even started the conversation it right. But I want to I want to shut up my babbling mouth for a minute and ask you to tell your story, the good, the bad, the ugly, that that brought you to where you are these days, and why you love doing what you do so much.

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Absolutely. So where should I start? So actually, I started actually, I’m originally from Egypt, by the way and then I moved to that I moved from Egypt this was like one of my early steps is moving to Qatar, like I worked there for about eight years before coming here to Australia. And I was a civil engineer my entire life like just working on sites and and helping people build the like hospitals and houses and amazing things. But my entire life I like you know, you have always have this feeling that you there is something more than that. It’s not just only about that, absolutely. And then I started trading back in 2013. And this was my first like thing about investment and it was like new new thing for me at that time. And when I started doing that, I started to see that there is more than just numbers in in buying and selling and doing this kind of stuff. It was weird and they started to see like I lost a lot of money when I started investing. And this is what I started realizing the importance of mindset and it’s funny because my mentor at that time told me a like you’re you’re a good trader was like you’re just just you need to calm down you need to make sure your mindset is right I said no, no, no Don’t worry about this mindset stuff I get to take care of right. Just show me the numbers that just means you were out to buy out yourself and was upside down then I start your life important have the mindset and they moved to become like a performance coach for traders after that having my experience and having my my struggle all the time. Then when I started become a pro For months coach, I realized that I felt like a like, everyone when you say like, you are a performance coach, and you’re helping them with the mindset like everyone can is it? Yeah, I eat mindset, this is exactly what I need. And people don’t really care. And when I started in it the funny thing that I was like, I wanted to give people my stuff for free, like just just take it for free and and just just come up with coaching for free. Sure, because I just want to validate the idea. I know it works for me, I know it’s working for me, I just want to see how it works for others. So we get to validate that thing, right? No one take my stuff for free. Like I give you a free say, okay, that thinks like, they’re gonna listen to me, they’re gonna do about nothing. And this is when I started to learn that it’s not just enough to be good at whatever you are, you need to convey the message in a way that people see it valuable. Because yes, you know, it is good, you know that it is very valuable for them, you know that people need it. But if you’re not able to communicate the message in a way that seems valuable to them, and this is when I started to understand that there is there is a value and there’s perceived value, right? I need to align my value or what they believe is valuable or the value is my product with their value. Okay? And this is when I started like to I want to learn about marketing because I wasn’t interested in marketing. I actually To be honest, I hate marketing and selling. Just interesting. I’m just interested in helping people and this is when I started Okay, like I have to learn how to sell like I have to learn how to market I have to learn this kind of stuff. And I remember and this was a weird story and several years ago I went to I had a bad toothache I woke up in the morning had very bad and I did what every man does when we have to take I completely ignored it I said okay just gonna have some panadol or something and everything will be okay it’s gonna take a couple of days and to be normal like toughen up and be a man and this guy. Yeah beer man I’m just like and then for a couple of days I just like taking panadol taking like painkillers and said it’s going to be okay it and it didn’t so one week later my my gums started to bleeding mine got swollen and I said I just just hanging there hanging there is gonna be okay. And then I reached the point that I had a meeting and I went to the meeting and couldn’t even talk like I couldn’t even talk so I said Hey guys, I have to go to the dentist now. This is my last defense and I went ahead and said the word to the guys hey like I just needed to see the dentist save there is no way you get to see him today like he is very busy you have to have an appointment I said there is no way I’m going to leave

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I’ll wait here for him


I will wait here for whatever and this is what actually happened I waited there and like I waited there I think for like four or five hours and then eventually went to the dentist and went inside is a Hey, I’m really struggling for the last week. I had a meeting I couldn’t talk and as you see my gums bleeding I see my face and I need I need a solution for that. I said my my thing I think it’s just an infection and all I need is just you know like the engineering what I’m I’m telling him what to do like

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I was saying here problem solving for him Yeah, so


yeah, like you know, it is just an infection and all I need is antibiotic and it’s gonna be okay so just let me go I can’t why antibiotic myself if you can just read me like gonna be great. Thank you so much. said okay, like that’s that’s great. And can I check it for? Like I said, Just do your work. He checked it out and then he looked at me said me like how long have you been having this is like it’s almost one week or two so it started like two weeks ago but like it started going really bad one week he said he and he said he you think it’s an infection and just need an antibiotic because it Yeah, I believe so. And then he said me, it’s actually not an antibiotic. And so just an infection. It’s actually something called root canal and at that time, I had no idea what you’re working on is and he started to tell me about like, what are the consequences of the root canal right it might affect your entire teeth and you might lose your teeth and he said like the biggest thing that he said it might he might eventually like you might have a heart attack because of that I say more like I just I’m just coming here to have like today but you can go and then now became a truce as a kid so how what are we going to do about that? He said like there’s something called routes cannot drag me down again those I can’t wait, can we start like or how long does it take? Is it Yeah, takes like two to three sessions. And it depends on what we get to find when we open and see I said okay, how like when How long does it take? And he said if we if we book an appointment today, we’re going to start like in the next three days, but because we need to you need actually to have an antibiotic and all get out.

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Before we get infection down first,


infection down first and because that I said, Okay, how much does it cost cost that much. I said, Okay, like, sign me up. And then if you see the sequence, if everything, like, this guy actually didn’t sell me anything. And this is when I started to think, in my head, like this guy actually make me interested. And this is when I started came up with a formula, they call it the N TBD, which is not this, but that which you when you go with a belief with something is instead of telling people are like, buy this and stuff. Now, this is stuff. He said, it’s not this thing. It is that thing. Mm hmm. Okay, and this is a win. This is when I search to understand that, but then it became like this, this was my starting point. Understand that there is a different way. And selling and messaging is not just about pushing or just trying to sell or just or just saying on having the best product. It’s more about changing the belief and presenting and you’ll get hobbling. Okay. So this is how it’s all sorts.

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That’s how it all started. So you got on this new path as the result of a toothache everybody. Okay? I’m gonna say that’s probably the only time someone’s ever told me that their current their new career path started as a result of a toothache. Usually, people stopped their career paths as a result of. Right, they’re like, I got to do this. No, that’s really cool, though. I mean, because and actually, I heard a couple of things I want to loop back around to one is, while you were trading, you started seeing patterns in the numbers, right? So obviously, it seems to me you have a mind that identifies patterns probably pretty easily, would that be a fair thing to say it is,


it is like some of my friends called me the pattern guy. Because I, it comes so natural. For me, it’s so natural to see this. And and this is even when when I was doing the performance coaching, it was really clear to me that we talked to someone I can see the pattern of what they are doing. So I’m doing these things and say, Hey, like, you are just your problem is there like the essence of what you’re doing wrong? So I, I could easily like spot the pattern on things. And this is what actually when I started trading, that that was the thing that like pulled me into toxic like, Oh, look at the charts, and especially the technical part of trading like and when it comes up when it goes down. And when this happened and like this, like the pattern is and then I took it to a new level two look at like behavioral pattern. So it wasn’t just about numbers. And this is like, this was the most amazing thing like it just to understand that behavior patterns, whether whether it’s like in trading and whether like the human behavior pattern in everything we do, and now it’s in the psychology of selling, especially in high ticket sales.

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Absolutely. I think there’s so yeah, I’m, I’m from a planning background. So I know all about the number patterns and been a number geek myself not at that same level, obviously. But certainly when you start seeing, watching the numbers, it’s like watching people, right? So if you watch with curiosity is probably how I’ll phrase it, you’ll see patterns emerge either patterns and body language patterns and breathing patterns, patterns, in the actions they take, or the actions they don’t take. Right. And those become really tell tale signs. And certainly, in the coaching arena become very, very helpful I would imagine, do you find Do you find I’m gonna I want to go into this mindset thing, but I know one of the big things of around mindset that I see a lot of people struggle with, into and I know I have fought it off in the past myself is this whole imposter syndrome, right? And whatever it is, hey, maybe you got a new job, you’re the boss, you’re leading, whatever the scenario happens to be for anyone that’s listening, is imposter syndrome, around mindset, or yes or no, it’s To be honest, for me, it’s not a yes or no answer. Okay, those are even better.


It’s gonna it’s gonna be deeper than that because there are different perspectives that I can look at imposter syndrome, okay, one of them is actually not being clear on what you’re doing okay? In some respects so because sometimes especially in coaching Some people think I need to know everything in order to help people do something so I need to like I need to know everything and being not clear make them say okay, like, what if, what if someone had this problem we had that problem and being being not being an articulate on what’s actually your role with them, and what actually are trying to what is actually the problem you’re solving. Because most of the time, people think I needed to know everything about everything in order to talk to anyone, all you need to do, just knowing the problem you’re solving. You’re not actually people don’t care about the product tell you that you you convey to them that you really understand the problem first, remember the dentist story? Yeah, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t care what he was talking about, unless he told me that actually, the problem that I’m having is something that I couldn’t understand. So going back about imposter syndrome is it’s there is there is part of it. Gray part of it might be mindset, but I believe that is a great part of it actually, is being not clear on the problem you’re solving on what you’re doing. The second part of imposter syndrome is, is like, you know, all the stories that we have when we were young. Like I had, I had a one of my amazing teachers in the school told me I told my mom, actually, she didn’t tell me. I was like, I was eight years old or something. And she told my mom that your son is a hopeless case. And there is no way on planet earth he can make it in any way. And I would suggest highly suggest that you stop investing your time and money on it, because there is no way you’re going to make it. Oh my gosh. And imagine like you’re saying that to a mother like pty limited. You know, and my mom listening that like them, my mom and my dad decided to do whatever it takes me making, but again, like growing up with those kinds of narratives in our head about Ah, okay, like, you can’t do that you can do these and we like we are all like crazy in our society that we don’t encourage people to say crazy. We don’t encourage people to do new things. We don’t encourage people to try something different. We are always doing exactly the opposite. The devil we know better than the devil you don’t know why you do now Who are you to do that? Who are Yeah, so dairies? Exactly. How do you like? What do you know about this to do that? Like, are you like, are you like, certified on this in order to do that? And yeah, like, what are your certificates? And like, what are your qualifications about these and that, and we make people think you’re gonna find most of the stories that are an imposter syndrome? Like, ah, who am I to say that it’s gonna be the same thing that people that we are just, we are just echoing what everyone’s saying, What am I to do that? Who am I to do that? I don’t know that much. I need to be certified. And then you’re gonna find people are getting certified, like having a 30 certificates or something. And they have no idea.

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Right, and they still feel like an imposter because they still have those, those people in their ear, either actively or inside their head, because they’re not, they’re not looking at their own value is probably, right.


I’m not no, great. Another thing that I when I look at it, like you know, when you are driving at night, and you can see the whole way, you might see the whole road, no, all you can see is just like 710 meters in front of you. And this is all you need. Yeah, this is already and this is where like when I call it the psychology of the second step, or the next step it just to do the next, the next smallest step in front of me, and this is all you need. Yes. Don’t get me wrong, have a plan on a planning guys have a plan for whatever you want. Absolutely. But be flexible, to be flexible, be open to that.

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That’s a that’s actually a great analogy sets in, you can actually use that for the whole coaching arena, right? Hey, I don’t have to be at seven miles in front of you. Actually, it may be harder if I’m at seven miles in front of you, because I almost forget where you’ve been. A lot of people do, right? I’m just a little bit ahead of you. And you can follow my lead. And I can see a little further than you but you just need to be able to see my tail lights, right? And then we’ll go down the road together. And if I stop all of a sudden, you’re probably going to want to stop too because there’s something in the way that we’ve got to traverse around or over. And as long as I’m driving, I’m getting more clear.


Yes, I’m getting I’m getting more information because as long as you’re driving, you’re seeing the new information, you’re getting the new information. This is why I tell people yes, have a plan, but be open to change the plan because the plan that you have right now is for the information and the knowledge that we have right now right now. I have no idea after tomorrow what what I might have new information that’s gonna change my entire plan. Yeah, it’s gonna change everything because I know what I know. Now. I know what I know. Now. Maybe after tomorrow I can learn something new that is going to completely shift my mind and say, You know what, I have been learning this and have been teaching. And it’s happened to me sometimes. And you get to say, you change it what you have been teaching. You have been saying that for so many years of why did you change it? I said, because I learned something new because I’m evolving. And as I’m evolving, you are evolving with me.

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And I think there’s there’s a great point right there. So I want to spend this minute to run this. So yes, I had a gentleman jet who I was following. I was, you know, kind of, he was mentoring me and I was watching going along. And he was saying, hey, this thing is awesome, right? Well, I won’t name names. But yeah, this This thing is awesome. And I’m like, okay, and I’m going to try and sing everything’s going great. And I’m like, okay, it’s kind of cool. And then also out of the blue, he says, this thing sucks. Wasn’t Bitcoin was a Bitcoin. It was a Bitcoin, luckily. But then there was no transition. And then there was no x, which I get it right, we get new, we get new knowledge, we get new experiences, and we change our minds. I’m not the same I was when I was 15. I made some stupid decisions when I was 15. Because I didn’t know. And I know now. But for me, the the incongruency that I felt was, there was no explanation, you know, all of a sudden, and I say all of a sudden, it was probably four weeks, it was probably four weeks later. So somewhere along the line in that four weeks, he experienced something that turned him off to this thing. But he never explained it openly in this in the same arena. Oh, go ahead.


This is I think the reason why because we are actually not open to change. Yet we feel this resistance because our now I change my mind. And now I need to explain to people why I changed my mind. And we have the idea that the changing your mind, like hold your grounds like Don’t, don’t change your mind. Don’t do this, don’t do that. So we actually have this story and narrative about if you change your mind, that means you’re not stubborn, let your knee that means you’re not good. That means that you are not really convincing. They are not really buying in what you’re doing. I and by the way i was i was that person myself, wherever, however, I learned that that’s actually a stupid thing to do. Because I’m saying that out of love and respect because, right, I got I decided whatever I have decided based on some information that I had at the time. And I made this decision at that time, or I made this plan at that time. And that was my best knowledge to my best knowledge at that time.

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Right now. It’s


my obligation if you if I told you something, and I gained new information about it, or I change my mind, it’s my obligation to tell you hey, Tracy, I was thinking that this thing is good thing, right? I don’t believe that anymore. But I also need to tell you an explanation. I said, Hey, agreed, I believe in that now. And the reason why I believe in that I saw like a statistics or I saw like a new information. I go to research that suggested that this thing is bogus and doesn’t work.

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Right. Right here. ABC 123. Here’s why I think that now I get it. And if it’s working for you, Tracy keep doing it. It’s all absolute, but it’s not working for me. So you’ll see me stepping away from it. I totally get that. But is that and that’s and that’s why I was engaging in this conversation piece was like, it was just that, that there was a there was a mind switch. It was a change of opinion. And that’s fine. But I think the the lack of explanation left. Absolutely. It left me kind of like, Okay, what was that about? And then what really scares me is like, Huh, if you’re like that about this, what are you like? You start questioning things, right? And you don’t want to do that if there’s no reason to. But certainly if you find that reason you’re like, Huh, okay, now I’ve got to question everything you’ve been telling me because you know what I mean? Absolutely.


explanation is important, at least even if it’s just an experience. Exactly. Like I say, I had this experience I had like, by the way, I had no clue and sometimes I say to say I had no clue like I’ll tell you something. I had some of my very What do you call it, whatever you call it, experience that I wasn’t I like at that time I wasn’t meditating or doing anything. And I was just doing some breathing exercise. I was in a cruise and doing exercise breathing. It was just laying down and breathing. And I had this weird experience that I couldn’t explain that until this point that I felt that I started to breathing with in tune with the sound of waves. That was the other time it makes another time something happened to me that I felt like the time collapse. It’s something something crazy how ability and understand Okay, you didn’t Feel my body for like few seconds. And I went into this experience, I had no explanation to it. I’m not trying to say like I had anything, or I’m having other connections with anyone or I’m talking to people that they can see or anything. Sure, I have no clue. But all I said to be as a Hey, I had this experience. I’m not sure what it is, I had no explanation for it. And I’m not looking for explanation. But I just had this experience. It looks like when you do this thing, there’s something happened, what it is, they might find out later. I can’t I can’t prove it to science. I can’t prove it with anything. Right? Well, I’m telling you is experience. And this is sometimes it just enough? Yeah. It’s tell people Hey, and this is why I’m changing my mind about this thing. In this consciousness meditation thing. There is something behind it. Maybe it’s not. I’m not sure. I’m just sharing my experience. Right. And I believe people are going to respect you more. Will you do that? Even if they don’t agree. And by the way, like, there are many, like so many of my mentors and my coaches that I don’t completely agree with every single thing they said, and that’s, that’s okay. That’s okay. We don’t need to agree with I think we still have this when we make someone like an idol and say, hey, look, put this guy on the pedestal. I have to follow every single thing he said. And if you take he changes his mind in this way, I believe there is an obligation to tell the reason, even if it doesn’t make

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you say, hey, like, I


just had this thing. I’m not sure I maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m bright? Sure. I don’t know. But for me, this is like, another thing about changing. is it changing your opinion is, I believe, also is the stage where you are right now. Like when I started, I might, I might use something that doesn’t make sense to us right now. But it makes sense to teach it to someone who is just starting right now. So when I started, I used to work like working for free for people first. So I told them, hey, like, are you gonna do this show? You’re gonna it’s not just people, people say now are you gonna work for free, so you can get testimonials? It’s not just about testimonials. It’s, it’s more about you validating the idea is what you are doing is working is actually or not? Are you are you able to teach or not? Because some people are very, like, maybe something worked really good for you. Because of some weird circumstances. If you don’t try it on others, you will not know if this thing is actually working for others, right? Second thing you don’t know if you have this talent or skill, which which you can which you can develop, of course, to teach others to convey ideas to show them how to do things just right to give them the, the why and what and how to do with it. So I believe it also stage is stage might be the thing. So I might tell you, hey, like I’m not actually doing these now. But actually, I believe that, as you said, his explanation is important sometimes need just to explain to you.

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And I think on the the teaching thing, too. I’ve seen folks that, of course, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve seen folks that could pull people into a small group, you know, five, six people, and then teach what it is they were teaching. But as time went on, and technology evolved, they tried to take the same teaching and put it into say, a digital format. And they’re like, no, why is nobody getting it? And I think it’s those little nuances about them, you know, being face to face standing next to someone, and they give their you know, they give their lesson. And then they get asked questions and they answer those questions. And someone else has a question and the answer those questions, but they didn’t necessarily put those extra answers because to them, it seems so Oh, everybody knows that. They didn’t put those into their lessons. So they’re missing that step. Does


that make sense? It does and that that will let me talk you remember when we were talking about the dentist the story? Yes, most of the coaches are experts in root canal problems. So we talk root canal language. However, people people don’t have don’t know what root canal is. They know that I have a pain in my teeth. I can’t sleep I can’t eat, I can talk. Right? And this is what I know, which we call the symptom level problems. And I believe this is the biggest thing this one of my biggest aha moments was we are all coaches. We are experts at root canal problem. We are experts at root canal language, we tell people Hey, because we fought for them. Let me give you an example. Imagine that remember that story. Imagine at that time I saw three ads and all of them are giving me the same offer is gonna be a free a free I just don’t get to make the same offer. So just to show how the language can change. So the same offer gonna be free, like free appointment with the dentist. Sure. The first one is telling me Hey, would you like the $1 million who you Smile, where you’re she, your teeth gonna be shining and you’re gonna smile and you’re going to show you all the bright teeth and all the amazing things. And if you’d like that book an appointment below, it’s a free the first day, Jean Allison

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has a dark horse entrepreneur podcast,


the second, the second ad going to show you say, Hey, I am the number one root canal expert and root canal expert is so important and here’s why you need to do Rekha it’s gonna affect your teeth are gonna affect your body, it’s gonna affect your heart and blah, blah, blah, or the vital organ. In order to solve this problem. You need to book an appointment. And by the way, it’s a free the first one, okay, here’s the third advantage, Hey, are you tossing around in bed, you can eat, you can sleep, you tried all the home remedies, you can imagine you’re treading water and sold. You tried mouthwash, and you tried everything. And you might be thinking it’s actually like an infection. It might be an infection, it might be not. But the only way to verify that is to book an appointment with us for free to check. And our lenders can tell you at that time, imagine which one would they have picked, and all of them are giving me the same offer. So it’s it’s at this stage is not about the offer free consultation, which one would I have picked? Yeah, you’re going after the one that solves your problem. Exactly. And this is when sometimes when we tell people say hey, you’re doing amazing, but I wanted a painter’s talk, and you’re telling me, I want you to like to have the dream of your life. I don’t need the dream of my life right now.


I need the pain. I need the pain to stop just as my pain. And this is like you can say this is like a simplistic way to talk about the market sophistication also, however, is think like, you need to understand where are the people you’re talking to. They have pain. Most people are, are having pain in the world of pain to start talking about, like I talk sometimes to relationship coaches, and, and mindset coaches. And we have the same problem that I had before I want people to fly and have the performance of their life and to have like the life of their dream and people like Cinderella, what the hell does it mean? Like, I don’t understand what you’re talking about? Yeah, like, you know, I have no problem. Um, but when I started to change the language from high promise thing is to pain. You want to stop these pain now. Now it just not this is not again, because I know some conscious people gonna say okay, but that is that’s means I’m eliciting fear. And that is not like, and this is why I hate marketing. Because I listen to you. And I say no, it is not. It’s actually raising awareness. Yes. If I get to see my son putting his hand on the fire, I’m not eliciting feared, in game, if I get if I get to tell them, hey, do you know that if you put your hand in the fire, you know, like, Alex, our neighbor, his son put his hand on the floor and they go burn. And then they went to the hospital and they have dravet and he couldn’t use your hand for three weeks. Right? Do you want to do like that? Now I’m not enlisting for your name. I’m just trying to raise awareness that if he’s doing that he gonna have a problem. So it’s it’s also more about your intention when you’re saying it. I realize he has become saved in a sleazy and slammed the way and doing Hey, like if you don’t do that, you know, this is no, it’s you’re trying to raise awareness. Hey, buddy, if you put your hand on the fire, this is going to happen. And it happened to Alex our neighbor, he put his hand on the fire and that hat and this is why we tell them and when you put it that way, in a way they can understand now that now they think okay, like these guys might be right. He’s getting me like, you know, he’s talking about actual my problem, right? That is a connection there. He’s not trying is not trying. And when you do that you don’t need you don’t need and this is another thing because people think like I need to put outlandish claims there and they need to get high. You want to make like nine figures Do you want to make like $3 million in three seconds without doing anything even if you just started? I had a funny pose. I said like I didn’t record any video and how to make a zillion dollars in three femtoseconds without doing anything even if you have never before, which is which is like most people think like, oh, if I don’t have like a beak claim that you actually if you have like something very specific and very clear about hey, if this dentist just said at that time, all I can help you with is just stopping the pain. And this is what I this is all I wanted, right? I just want the pain. Yes, I just this pain to stop. You got me. You got my attention. Yeah, I owe any. Now after that you need to do something that he did, which is I think the first time I heard it was from Todd Brown. It was the knowledge gap when you started presenting a new problem. Yes. When you said yeah, and this is what I came up with the formula. It’s not this. It was that it’s not actually It’s not actually like an infection that you just need to get it to go. It’s actually something that’s called root canal. Now he changes my misconception. Yes, about the problem. But guess what, also Tracy happened here, now you’re presenting a new problem. And once once you’re presenting a new problem, guess what they want to? Do? You want to just solution the solution? Yeah.

Tracy Brinkmann  35:21

And now it I think, I think really, and I’m sorry. I think what was really interesting there is right, I don’t think he presented you, if we’re speaking about your dentist, he didn’t present you with a new problem. He presented you with the real problem of you, you came to him with the symptoms, I’m in pain, my gums are bleeding, I can’t talk. Those are all symptoms of your real problem. So then he filled that knowledge gap, like you’re talking, Todd brown does, right? That knowledge gap of Okay, that’s not really the problem. Those are the symptoms of this problem called root canal. And here, let me educate you a little bit. And here’s how I can help you with that problem. But I think I even think you’re right with if you’re talking about those, we go back to those three offers that you were talking about that that third one, if they didn’t even mention root canal, if they would have just said something like, Are you in pain? You know, do you want to be here? Yeah, you don’t have to mention root cow just say your teeth hurt. Can you not talk, you can’t eat? You can’t sleep book a call. You book an appointment, whatever. You’d be like, Oh, that’s me. Right? And you’d be clicking that button. Right? I think what one of the things I heard inside of there, and I’ve seen a lot of people fall victim to this. I’m going to raise my hands. But I’ve been there too, is people want to have both hands, right? People want to solve all the problems. And it’s like, it’s like, um, I help people with podcasts. Right? And they’re saying, the first thing you ask them, or I asked them is, who do you want to target? Well, I want to talk to all the moms. Okay, well, that you can’t target all the moms. Right? Well, do you want to engage all the moms? Yeah, but you can’t target all the moms, because, you know, that’s the shotgun approach. If you had, if you had to use a sniper rifle to take one mom, tell me what that mom is all about. Right? You’ve got to get that laser focus. I’m going after your tooth pain that you can’t sleep. Right. So now I know the person is someone who’s in pain, rather than I’m going to give you a beautiful shiny smile. Right? Yes, that makes sense.


It does. And let me get back when we were when we’re talking. You are absolutely right. He’s presenting the root cause of the problem. However, it’s a new problem for me, because I have no clue. What’s the point?

Tracy Brinkmann  37:51



And this is and this is actually what you want to do is presenting them the root cause, which which, which fills the gap with that now talking about the second point, which is I want to target Mom. Yes, I was in in in a place that I was targeting traders, which which, which sounds like a very clear, specific niche, right, then I discovered that wasn’t even enough, just just targeting those people just even even like from the outside, it seems like I’m very clear and having a very clear market and very specific and then I realized there are 10 things that I need to know about my ideal clients, whatever they call it, or perfect client, whatever you would like to prefer to call it that if you if you have those same things about your market before you have an offer before you have an anything you can do anything before knowing that the thing that we need to know Yeah,

Tracy Brinkmann  38:46

you’re gonna share those 10 things right? You love me like Yeah, please


do I would love to. The first thing is we talk about the symptom level problems not so the pain points slash symptoms. Okay? Not the root canal problem. Yes. It’s that you can’t eat you can sleep you’re tossing around in bed, your gums bleeding, this is a problem. So see in your market, how do they describe it? Not don’t don’t jump into the root cause because we are all knowing the root cause. Now my secret word for everyone here when I say root canal that means the root cause of a problem. Yes. So the roots cannot problem is not their problem. Yes, it is for you it is because you’re an expert. Because you know, what is the root cause for them? They don’t they have no clue what it is. They think all I know that against either against the market is bleeding business while I grew. This is what I hear. And you need to know in the way they are explaining it. How do they explain it? How do they say it? This is the most important thing that you can do. They don’t say I have a root canal problem unless they that they know what root canal is, but most of the time they don’t right. They know that they So this is everything you need to know the second thing is we need to understand what they want from their perspective not from our perspective not want you not what you want to teach what they really want so talking about the dentist that story again I wanted the pain to stolen become normal human being just to eat to sleep to talk right this is all I needed maybe I can I think about them $1 million review the smile later however what I needed this moment it just this pain to stop just to treat these pain This is all they want. Right? And that tough time again if someone like because some people think okay if I don’t have like offer some people now offering like you know and you know that the trading on the six figures in six weeks and blah blah blah the seven figures in seven weeks that the multi now now they changed it by making the multi six figure not only six? Yes, the multi seven figure like a big so when you say multi is gonna be different like, and it’s amazing when you see like plse Are you serious? Like so what people actually want at the time is I want more clients for you if they want if in your podcast the people needs to be go out there and share the message with more people they want to they want to be here and for larger audience. If I can help you to do that. They want to know what actually began to say in the podcast. I have no clue what I can say. I have no clue like how how to really start a podcast, I’m overwhelmed which year again, apply which and like you can’t if you talk about that this is actually what people are thinking about. It’s not It’s not like how I get Gary Vee in my podcast like, right? This is gonna be like, yeah, like a very big problem in the future. I might think about it. But right now I just want to know, the tell me the first couple of things that I need to learn, right? Yes. And then there is going to be a stage when again to the Okay, like how to get peak corporate, given great people in your podcast, how to book how to do, how to automate it, how to scale it, how to do this, it’s just to start with where people are. And again, when you know what, where are your people, you’re going to know what they really want in their language. So when someone comes to you what they actually want, listen to them, and give them what they want. That doesn’t mean you’re gonna you will not give them what they need. And this is very, very pleased. I’m not trying to say hey, like just to give them the old they want or not. No, no, tell them what they want. Because this is what will get them. Yes. And then you as an expert, you as a as an expert, as a dentist, you get to do the root canal problem, but what actually they need, I need the pain to start with. Are you gonna do it like a root canal thing? He was gonna do a surgery, whatever, you’re gonna do it, we’ll do it.

Tracy Brinkmann  42:37

Don’t scare him away.


It’ll just scare them away. Tell them hey, if you want this pain to solve, yes, I won’t. Okay, let’s do it. You’re gonna do this, and then we educate them. Okay, the third thing that we need to understand what are the frustrations, what they are frustrated about? They might be frustrated about I I tried all these things and it didn’t work. I’m frustrated about those people who are putting outlandish claims out there. I’m frustrated about like, being like, the market is very like crowded and I don’t know which one to trust. I’m frustrated about all those gurus were showing like, what are they frustrated about? frustrated about that? I couldn’t I in the dentist Sorry. I’m frustrated about that i i really can’t eat and just leave like I’m so frustrated. Like, I can’t even talk I can’t like having like a real life like human being and I’m frustrated about that. Right? So you need to understand their language again in their language not in our language not not what we think the problem is not what we think they think. Ask them what are you frustrated? I’m frustrated about that. You don’t need to ask them by the way what you have received on the go, they’re gonna tell you if you just start the conversation with Yes, they’re gonna tell you yes, hey, Andy is going to be your job just okay, like fill the blanks. The fourth thing is racy and the most important thing that you need to understand about your market and the reason why because this thing gonna define what you’re going to include in your offer URL match any T’s what they have tried before engineering work. Why is this important? It’s important for two reasons. The first one to make sure you never include what they have in your offer. And if you are going to do that you need to explain to them why what they have tried didn’t work for them before and using your thing it’s gonna work got it didn’t work before because you actually did it like that. It’s actually you should do it a different way. So if let’s imagine that I agree with what your people going to misunderstand about ads and Facebook ads, if I’m having if I’m setting something about facebook, facebook ads, it’s not a new thing. Now I might have tried Facebook ads and didn’t work before so if I gotta teach someone about that I said, Hey, you try Facebook as the new work before the reason why didn’t work before because you if you actually haven’t validated your message before you go to and this is why didn’t work or you actually the reason why didn’t work because you wrote in You chose to target the wrong target or you chose the wrong people the wrong. Yeah, you’re too broad the message wasn’t trying to copy like, you need to tell me why it didn’t work. Got it. Otherwise, you need to tell me Hey, like it didn’t work. And here’s a new thing. Here’s why doing it my dentist story. I tried home remedies, I tried to solve the pain, I tried painkillers. I tried things, and it didn’t work. So imagine if the dentist gonna offer me at that time, hey, I’m going to give you a painkiller like man, I have been eating painkiller for the last two weeks. So tell me something different, right? So don’t be obvious and don’t give them what they have tried. So you need to understand what they have tried. Sure, even before you make your offer, yes, because this is going to define what you’re getting to the first thing we need to understand is the misconception. What are their misconceptions? What they’re the believes that they are wrong about think that? Yeah, for like the dentist story, they have a misconception that I just it’s just an infection is going to go as antibiotic, there might be in your market, the misconception that I need to be popular or well known before I do a podcast or I need to do like these or, or I need to be like a six figure seven figure before I do that, and then you’re gonna say, hey, that doesn’t make sense. You don’t need to actually do that. We need to start somewhere, we all start with, I need like, in coaching, I need to be like, for people are starting, I need to know like everything in in the way on the 100 miles before I start walking, like my first steps. And then you don’t need to do that. Absolutely. And this is very important. Because when you change this is the stage when you change the beliefs, you’re going to see. It make sense. Yeah. So now I understand now these guy understand me because you need to change their beliefs first, before you start presenting the offer, or you before you sell them anything. And by the way, I’m not I’m when I’m talking about selling, like it’s about anything, just anything you’re doing this, because ideas are selling of yours. You need to I need to sell my kids. I need to sell my guys on the food to eat like you

Tracy Brinkmann  47:07

had to sell yourself on your spouse or your girlfriend.


And the best to settle them or is going to be selling yourself when yourself just needs to sell yourself when you’re offered and what you’re doing and your mission. And whatever you’re doing this is the best sales of them are absolutely. Now another thing we need to understand in the stage where they are. And this is so crucial. And when I say the stage it I look at it from two points. One is the severity of the problem, how severe the problem is. And the easiest way I look at this is red, green and light. Sorry, red and yellow and the green, green. That means they know they remember when they had a death story. I had I woke up and they had a pain. I had a tooth ache but it’s okay. Like, you know, like I gonna I’m gonna die or something like that. Now, after one week, I start to become yellow. Because now I searched realized, like there is pain, it doesn’t stop and they started taking painkillers and started to swell. And there’s something wrong but I hanging there but yet, but trend when I went to the meeting, and according to that not okay, I have to do something about that. Now this is right. And the second thing is that urgency, how urgent and they are, they are both connected is the urgency and the severity of the problem. They are both connected, but you need to understand where they are because our job is to raise awareness from if they are green or yellow, we need to move them to red. Right? It’s gonna take some time for some people. So you need to understand also, this is going to be if someone is just starting out, they might not be for some people, not for everyone. For some people, they might not be your ideal client, right? Because they think they’re going to figure it out. They’re

Tracy Brinkmann  48:46

not ready yet.


Yeah, you’re not ready for you yet. And your job is not to elicit fear. You’re trying to raise their awareness head, here’s what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna heat it like that. And here’s the stage you are moving back.

Tracy Brinkmann  48:58

Yeah, absolutely


absurd that there are something called the consequences. What if they didn’t do anything about what if they didn’t solve the problem? You’re gonna tell them hey, buddy, if you don’t solve this root canal thing is gonna spread in your entire mouth and you might lose your teeth. And even worse, you might have like, it might go to you other vital organs like heart and you might have a heart attack. So now again, I’m not trying to elicit fear. I’m not trying to use any of this stuff. I’m trying just to raise awareness, hey, this is going to happen. Or this is what happens to people when they don’t do that. I’m

Tracy Brinkmann  49:33

right. I’m not trying to push you back. I’m just pointing the facts in some cases, and I’ve seen this done well, where they say, you know, well, what happens if you don’t do this? Well, maybe it’s nothing, but it’s gonna be the same thing. You’ll be in the same spot. 12 months from now, doing the same thing you’re doing today work, you whatever it is. And for some people, that’s a worst consequence than having a Tuesday. You’re like, oh god, I’m work in the same job, I’m going to be the same position. I may not, huh, that’s not a consequence I want to deal with, you know, and they certainly they start moving forward. So consequences aren’t necessarily always the word to me. They’re not always the worst case scenario. Sometimes it’s just saying exactly where you are. And if you’re not happy where you are, right? Absolutely. Why are you staying there? Yeah.


Wait, why don’t you take action now because again, all we are trying to do here is we are trying to raise awareness. And again, we are trying only to help them to make a decision, whether they going to say yes, or gets raised, are going to say, you know, it doesn’t really matter. And yet, we are just trying to help them make the decisions, right, whether you’re gonna do this. Yeah, absolutely. Number eight is the pressing problem. And this is like, what is this true, that’s gonna break the back of the camp, like for in my story in this a, I, in the dentist story, I went to the meeting, I couldn’t talk. And this is when I am out of function. I can’t, I can’t live like that. Now it starts affecting my personal life, which I was okay for that for a while, but now it’s affecting my professional life. And they can’t, I can’t do that. I have taken action in my previous story about like, when I was performance coach, and they moved from someone like who couldn’t give you stuff for free like to charge after that five or 10k my pressing problem that I told him, he will take my stuff for free, and he couldn’t take it and they said, like, like, Man, this is crazy. Like how you can give something so valuable and you know its value, right? People gonna say no to that. And I felt like so humiliated about I feel so many. Like I said, there is no way like how do you know that you’re giving something that’s so valuable that people need it and they don’t take it? And is when I started to learn about that I needed I need to sit I need to understand it. And that’s like when everything like it came about was the sleazy and cheesy and everything and they hated marketing. Sure. However, I found a way to make this authentic, how to make it authentic, how to do it without listening for your how to do it without trying how to do it like in a heart based way or Hartson right way to do it in a way that feels like you without without like all that sleazy sleaziness in it, yes. The last thing is what what are the fears like what they are afraid about? Like, what is the biggest fear that they might have? And we don’t need to spend so much time with that, like, I’m afraid that acknowledge their fear of failure, acknowledge their fear of failure, acknowledge the fear of success, acknowledge they feel like what if it didn’t acknowledge their fear? Also, the other side? If I’m really afraid that I’m going to stay firm in this place forever? Yeah. And I don’t want to I don’t want that like giving you the example that you mentioned. I don’t want to think this is a fear that one year from now I’m going to be in the same place in the same job. Yeah, with the same salary, doing things that I hate for one more year. Yes. I


don’t want to do that. I don’t want to do that. So I gotta tell you, hey, like, aren’t you afraid about that? So I’m, again, I’m raising awareness of this problem. am I listening them? Okay, now, now, now, now aware of that? The last one, I think this the most overlooked thing that people don’t understand. And if you solve this thing, it’s gonna change like everything you do, okay? And these objections, handle objections before they come, don’t wait till you’re on the phone call and storage handling objects. And that by no mean, I’m saying you will never have objections on the phone, right? I’m saying, by handling objections in advance, you can have a higher chance of having less people giving you the same exact objections every time. And how do you use that know in advance, what are objections? They are going to say to you, and if you are doing that, right now, what are the objection that coming all the time? If people say I want to think about it, and neither is that, okay, why they are saying that? Why am I saying that? Right? If people are thinking it’s too expensive, you want to you want to mention them, and you want to in your copy or your content, you need to handle those objections in advance, right? before they come. So people who when they come they say, Okay, now I’m aware of that, how do you do that? He talked about the objections and acknowledging, right, I know that you’re going to think about and you might be thinking this is expensive. And you might be thinking investing in a coach is not, it doesn’t make sense. Or again, you might be thinking I gotta figure it out myself. Right? You might be thinking that or you might be thinking that I will think about this for a while. I don’t need to do it right now. handle those objections in advance because now again, you’re educating them and this is this is by the way, our job because many people are trying to give how to content and and don’t get me wrong, you need to educate them. Yes. But if you educate how to only they are not going to take action because you haven’t changed their beliefs and their objections about The thing you’re teaching people, they never take action, which is my point, they didn’t take my stuff for free because I couldn’t speak the same language. I couldn’t change their beliefs about what I’m doing. I couldn’t handle the objections in advance. And once I started to do that, everything shifted, because now they became when they come to me. Now I know who needs my help, because I define those same points for them. I know exactly what they are thinking about. I know exactly, what what are their beliefs are. And guess what, the more you talk to people, the more this thing, this is like a live a live thing. This is not something like, Oh, I just got to do it. And these are the biggest mistake people make. They do the article avatar or whatever. I don’t know, yes, whatever they are doing it. And then they forget about, they just think it’s an exercise. It’s a worksheet that I need to finish in order to go there it is not, I have this thing written in front of me. And every time I get to write something, every time I’m going to be in an interview, every time I’m going to do something, I have to read them again. Read it again and update it.

Tracy Brinkmann  56:09

Yeah, 100%, it’s very important to know who it is you’re talking to. And these, these 10 points you gave here are completely fire. And this is going to be that this is what the I’m the whole I think the title of the show is going to be centered around this. So to get people to come in for this specific section of Acts, it’s fire. What are the things I like to do whenever in like I was mentioning earlier it was about the podcasting is no, obviously you need to know who it is you’re trying to talk to you. And I mentioned the mompreneurs before. And when I’m doing the entrepreneurial coaching, I call it my six C’s of entrepreneurship, in the very first c it’s that important is clarity. Inside that clarity is probably half of these points. But I can guarantee you now that I’ve chatted with you, all of these points are going to be in there. Because they’re I mean, you’re right. They’re that important if you can get to clarity around these things right here, man, everything else about what it is you’re doing in your business, in your copy in your content, in your coaching, whatever it is, will flow I think a lot easier. Right?


Actually, I was in two minds to share it with your trades, you know, but when I when I chatted with you before the podcast and said, Are you going to give me a practical thing that people might be we’re gonna use, right, somebody will think and said, Yeah, yeah, let’s let’s give him these because I was actually surprised that when I tell those two people, and the first time we took and they say, do I need to do all of this? I said if you do this, I said if you do this, now you don’t need to worry about content. Now we need because people can say what they can post to me. Let me let me just see what Tracy is posting what

Tracy Brinkmann  58:00

exactly right and then I get to see and


then I get Okay, like are they are writing so good. And man, I’ll tell you something, English is not my first language. Okay, and I’m not that the best writer ever. And I and I do that and you can say okay, and how do you do that? How do you write and use the metaphors and you the things and the stories you’re doing and those kinds of stuff? It’s nothing but understanding those points? Yes. Because I understand it’s only about understanding you don’t need to be a rocket scientist you don’t need even to need to know how to write because some people and this is another thing some people they like to talk in a podcast Hmm This is by the way if and this is my son que c’est la killer you right very well I don’t know how to say don’t try What do you like to do? I like to speak I do a podcast you guys climb dude yeah, why why don’t don’t don’t say because our because I see you’re writing this and the one right that is don’t try like me? Yeah Don’t worry about what I’m writing be you be you mean what what are the best things so sometimes when I tell people about their stories I like to write it Some people say but they don’t like to write is it Don’t try to go share it start the podcast go to Tracy and what can I do they come on board and it is that it is that simple. Like do don’t don’t get fixated on Am I gonna use those 10 points only in my in my writing. No, you’re going to use them if you’re going to Facebook Live. If you’re going for a podcast if you’re doing the writing even if you’re talking to your clients if you’re if you have a sales call if you have which by the way I know this is I don’t like to call it the sales call. I call it like it’s it’s more I go than even from tacking more he’s called the fifth call, or I like to call it even a qualification call because you are actually seeing like if this can I like I think you’re right. Is this gonna work? Is it Are we can I ask? help you because most of the people go to the cold and, and people teach you that and then going to call it out, you’re going to gonna have to close them on the first call and have to call if you don’t close them in the first call, that means he didn’t see the value on whatever you’re doing. That means you’re and that means you need to put like 10 millions bonuses in your offer. And this is why they didn’t buy your course because you didn’t say like, I have like 10 million bonuses, right? And people don’t actually care about the books. If I’m going to the dentist, I actually don’t care if you’re going to give me like a toothpaste or

Tracy Brinkmann  1:00:34

obtain a star.


To start with, I know that you’re gonna solve my problem in a different way. Yeah. And another way when one of the things about the the thing in the in the 10 points and understand what they have tried, this is so important. This is crucial, because most people again, they are teaching the obvious. So if you already I teach me the same thing that everyone is teaching, and just put the promise bigger guy doesn’t

Tracy Brinkmann  1:01:00

change anything to me, right? Yeah, no, I hear you there who, and I expected fire for you. But man, you’re you’re lighting up the microphone over here. And I want to be mindful of your time. And we’ve been just going at it here for God over an hour now. Now, in the you did mention that you’re going to have an offer for the folks. Is that still true?


Yeah, sure. Okay, I go ahead. Yeah. So we would we would like to do those 10 points that they just mentioned, if anyone from your audience would like to come in a workshop, that we get a war help them to actually identify those 10 points for their specific audience, because I know, many people are gonna say, Okay, can I do that and most things, because the people that they for I, the most coach they work with are transformational coaches with mindset performance. And they see that all the materials out there is about money making things and they see it, as I’m not sure like if this is actually going to work with me is this is like how I going to do that for for people who are not, if the offer is not about making money, it’s like an intangible thing. It’s like there’s not just tangible thing. So my over that if we, anyone interested, I would like them, then we’re going to have a train, haven’t defined where it’s going to be, we’re just to kind of see how people from your people gonna come from your audience. And then we get to make a workshop, like you even to be invited there. Okay, and we do it. It’s going to be practical, it’s going to be implementation that we’re going to go through the 10 points with examples was real life and tell them step by step here is here’s how to get the pain points. And they tell you like how actually to do it. Like, we’re actually to go and search and find if you like, if you don’t want to talk about now, don’t talk to someone specifically about

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that. That is awesome. All right. All right. So if folks want to learn more about Khalid and all his all the things you’re rocking and rolling with, where should we send them to?


So my Facebook, my personal Facebook, it’s callin is Callard Marzia. And my website also is cashmere dog.

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Okay, well just make sure we get those links in the show notes. So they just click right over there and connect with you if they wanted to. callate I definitely appreciate your time and hanging out and dropping all this amazing knowledge. I learned a lot tonight. And it’s my show is awesome. My pleasure, man. I appreciate your time. Thanks so much. My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. All right, there you have it my dark horse friends and family COVID. May, Ziad dropping some knowledge bombs on us today, what thoughts resonated with you? Let me give you four that kind of stuck out for me. And there were so many but I don’t know, I don’t want to do a whole nother hour worth a show just to share them with you. But here’s a few that stuck with me. Thought number one, it’s not just enough to be good at your craft color reminds us it’s not just be good. Not enough to be good at what it is you do. You need to be able to convey the value that you bring in what you do, and how you do it. What value does what you do deliver to your prospects to your customers to your clients? You see, because knowing this is key back here, knowing how awesome you are at what it is you do. Yeah, that’s not just going to cut it, you’re gonna have to be able to convey that to the market convey that value that they will get by working with you and using your product and using your service thought number two, stop focusing on the product and focus on the pain kind of give that create example when he shared his toothache story in ache that he had ignored and had gotten to the point where he wasn’t even able to speak right. And then you’re like a man right? Finally he goes into the dentist’s really was just the goal of ending the pain via some quick technique and maybe even just a medicine. But the dentist had to educate him on the cause of the pain in what the real solution was. And it wasn’t medicine, right? We right as entrepreneurs, we need to focus on that pain that our prospects feel to get them into our sphere of influence. Right? It is only then that we have to educate them on the real solution that they seek, which is likely your product or your service, I’m going to dive a bit deeper, a bit deeper into this in Episode 199, how to communicate value to your prospects and customers. Now thought number three, there are patterns you need to watch for Kelly, to me has this mind format for patterns. And I call this out after listening to his origin story. Really, if you think about it, getting into trading and being even mildly successful, like that is a big clue. Then he shifted his pattern identification skill to looking at people patterns. And this clearly helps him better serve his clients and his prospects. Here’s the thing, patterns are everywhere, be they simple patterns, like the Four Seasons we all see. Well, we see him here, Wisconsin, certain areas of the country don’t see all four seasons, right? Think about maybe the phases of the moon, right? Or the patterns that have to happen for you to feel loved the patterns that make you feel mad, or happy or sad, sad, right? In business big and small. There are there are a number of patterns that are out there that can help you and your business on your journey to success. Now I’m going to chat a bit about more, chat a bit more about those in Episode 200 common patterns that make your company successful. And finally, for me thought number four, be clear on what you’re doing. Kelud shared a great point, when he reminded us to be clear on what we are doing. You have heard me say this before, and I’m gonna say it again. And just in case you’re new to the Dark Horse entrepreneur, or maybe you’re not new to the Dark Horse entrepreneur, and you need a little reminding, here it is. You need to have a star aim. S t a r AIM. Yeah, that’s an acronym for subject drive, arrive. Whereas in reason, right, that’s the sta R, and we’ll get to the ame in a minute. But the s what subject Are you going to be a specialist at stop trying to be a jack of all trades? narrow your focus and be an expert in that area? I want you to be bomb ass. Great. Add it right, then T. Who do you serve? Who is your tribe? T is your tribe? Who is that core group of people that you want your message to reach? Not everybody, that core group of folks that want to hear everything you have to say reach them, and more will follow, then A is arrive? Where are you taking them? Where are they going to arrive at? As you take them on that journey? We’re all on a journey. What leg of the journey? Are you taking your tribe through? And to? And then finally, are that reason to resonate? Why the hell should they listen to you in the first place? Look, if you can’t figure out these four easily. And with conviction, stop, stop right now. Pause this right do not pass go do not collect $200. Until you do, you got to know your star. And then your aim. This is your alluring, inspiring message, that message that you share with your tribe to pump them up to get them fired up to figure it out just like you did, or just like you do and are doing. See you need to have this star aim. And when you have this star aim, I know you’ll be well on the path to success that you desire and deserve. All right, you got a little fired up there. Right? So here’s the thing, what inspiring ideas or thoughts resonated with you, whatever they were, whether they were mine or college or if you listen to other episodes, and this episode major think of that. I want you to take a minute today and write them down and then put them into action. Like you always hear me say, get out there, run your race, get your results, and come back here and let me hear about them seriously, email me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling.com share the tips or ideas that you came away with how you put into action and what results you gained from it are probably even bring you on the show and that you share with the audience. And that’s a win win scenario. Right. All right, so our next week’s interview episode guest is none other than man, Larry hanken himself the Larry there. He’s an actor, performer, director, comedian and producer. He’s known for his major film roles. As Charlie butts in escape from Alcatraz, he was Ace and running scared. He was Carlos Alphonse in Billy Madison. He also played Larry. I’m sorry, excuse me, he was doobie in Planes, Trains and Automobiles Sergeant Balzac at home alone Mr. heckles on this show friends. And he also played Joe in Breaking Bad all totaled. This man is a beast right? Larry has I think it’s like 195 credits under his belt covering 50 years right five oh, man shoe five decades a long time. And there’s a lot that we dark horses can learn from this long and ever evolving career in and out of the movie business. Now I know you want to keep getting these valuable tips and inspirational stories from these amazing guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on the show. So please go on down there. Hit that subscribe button while you’re there. Yeah, leave us a five star rating. Write us a quick review. Leave us some kind words. Give us some suggestions for folks. You think we should interview topics we should cover questions you want to ask? I read each and every one of those interviews and have interviews those reviews. And of course, do not keep all this entrepreneurial, g o l d all to yourself. Share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you like I always do think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com. All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP 198 Khaled Maziad What Is The Problem You Are Solving
Do You Really Know The Problem You Are Solving For Your Clients?

  • It is not just enough to be good at your craft – Kahled reminds us that it is not just enough to be good as what you do, you need to be able to convey the value you bring in what you do and how you do it.  
  • Stop Focusing On The Product Focus On The Pain – Kahled gave a great example when he shared his toothache story.  An ache he ignored until it got to the point where he couldn’t speak. We are doing to dive more into this in EP 199 How To Communicate Value To Your Prospects And Customers
  • There Are Patterns You Need To Watch For – Kahled has a mind for patterns.  He shifted his pattern skill into looking at people patterns and this clearly help him better service his prospect and clients.   I am going chat a bit more about that in EP 200 Common patterns that can make your company successful
  • Be Clear On What Your Are Doing – Kahled shared a great point here when he reminded us all to be clean on what we are doing.  You have heard me say it before but let me say it again for all those new to the dark horse entrepreneur.  You need a S.T.A.R. A.I.M.  S-T-A-R-A-I-M an acronym for: Subject Expert, Tribe, Arrive, Reason To Resonate.  Then A-I-M that is your alluring, inspiring message.

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