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EP 182 Vera-Lee Curnow Turning Your Adversity Into Your Movement
What Can You Learn From A Rock About Being In Business?

  • The Power Of Storytelling – Vera at the start of our conversation took you into a moment of time when she was having troubles breathing due to life saving treatment.  Could you feel the energy and the vibe of the show change as you took on this journey into her past.  This is the power of skillful storytelling.
  • Turning Why Me Into Opportunity – Vera was on her deathbed, not figuratively but literally.  Coming out the other side of that experience her “Why Me” movement was born.  
  • A Empowered Perspective – Vera came out of her coma and the sky never seems so blue, the colors around her were more vivid. But here is the thing.  The sky…was just as blue as it always had been, the colors in her world were still the same BUT it was her new empowered perspective that had changed – that is where some really powerful things can happen.  
  • Find A Way Or Group Where You Can Express – Vera has been through some challenges in her life that no one should have to face let alone endure.  That is my humble opinion but face them she did, endure them she had to.  Luckily they didn’t break her.  She learned to face who she was and look at who she wanted to become.  Luckily she found a supportive group as well as a medium, in her case art. Where she could channel and express those innermost feelings into the outer world.  
  • Why Reinvent Yourself – Vera shares the lesson of accept Your Experience for what they are and move forward in your life and business
  • This and so much more – Vera goes deep with me you do not want to miss this episode!

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