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How do you take weaknesses and adversity and build a weekend breakthrough camp? Stay tuned and find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us when we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up What is up my dark horse friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of fulfillment focused learning. I’m your dark horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you all that my friends is infinitely more important you are driven entrepreneur, or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart just start leveling up with Great marketing, personal or business results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. And that’s why I’m here hitting you with big episodes like we have today. And today Paul beam is going to his share his journey from poor choices to creating a place where men can come and learn from one another and grow it as men and as people. Plus, I’m gonna let you in on next week’s interview episode guest who has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. Now before we kick this off, I want to make sure you keep getting all these amazing interview episodes as well as the daily success tips that I drop on you. So be sure you go on down there and hit that subscribe button. While you’re down there. Go ahead and leave us a five star rating in some kind words in the review the subscribes, ratings reviews, tell those podcast platforms out there that you are getting some value from this show you’re getting value from the show, aren’t you and that gives us a little boot up in the rankings so that we can reach more driven entrepreneurs just like yourself. So again, if you’re getting that value, please take a moment show the love and help spread the word here. As per usual, the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing g o l d spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to starting gates and go What is up my dark horse friends and family. Today’s guest is Paul beam. Now Paul is a proud veteran who served the United States Marine Corps from 2000 to 2004. Paul is also a proud family man net fan. That family consists of three sons, two step daughters, and of course his lovely wife. Most of all his career has been in the management and human relations. Now Paul decided to make some changes and finished his studies about that about 2013 if I’m not mistaken during his courses steady Paul founded man camp net would later form True North organization. Now Paul graduated from Concordia University where he obtained get this BA in communications religious education and psychology. He’s also since obtained his credentials in life coaching creates and instructs courses for men host the true north man podcast I’m getting tired to saying this stuff. speaks on vision identity, purpose in life change is also an ordained minister. The Paul’s childhood and life choices have led him down a path where he now feels that it’s his call to duty to a call. It’s his duty to call men to a higher standard of living lives with purpose and intentionality, lives of service to others rather than service of self. Paul, welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur. How you doing, man? I am good. Tracy, thank you so much for having me on. I really do appreciate it. Dude, you just jammed a whole bunch of stuff into your life in the past few years, haven’t you?

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Well, certainly try. certainly try.

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Sounds like you’re It sounds like you’re accomplishing that by high standards. So I literally want to take a step back from the mic and shut my mouth and I can run my mouth forever, as you know. But I want you to kind of tell your story to the good, the bad, the ugly. The road traveled to bring you to where you are today in what you love doing what you do so much.

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Sure. Yeah, absolutely love to share that story. So I i’m sure as with anyone’s life, we all have a story right? First and foremost, right? I believe we all have a story we’ve all been we’ve all shared our we have our fair share of victories. We have our fair share of adversities. And all of those culminate together to make us who we are, if we allow that allow it to do so. It’s no different for me, you know, I was raised from from infancy to age nine by my mother loans provided very well for us took care of me. We were very close to our family. So the first nine years of my life, were really Good. And then my mother got married when I was nine, that the rug for lack of a better word was yanked out from underneath us. And so life took a turn when I was nine, didn’t have a good role model as far as a male figure to teach how to be a father, how to be a husband, how to be a friend How to Be a man in general. And so my life for the most part for the F until I was 33 years old, was was pretty tumultuous. And I was, I was just kind of living aimlessly and not really knowing who I truly was. I mean, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know how to be a man, I didn’t know what it looked like, to budget to work hard. You know, I mean, I worked hard, but I also spent a lot of money. Yeah, say did not take care of finance, didn’t know how to really be a husband and treat your spouse or a wife, I didn’t know how to really raise young men, I had three sons, three biological sons with my first wife. So I was very 14 years, first time around 2000 2011. So 10 years there, that I was married. And with three biological sons, and so, you know, my my selfish ways, my aim was ways, my lack of integrity, my lack of identity, all led to me, basically walking, walking out the door on my family. And so 2013 those 2011 2013 things just started to kind of shift for me, you know, I started to, to really feel convicted for my past behaviors really feel convicted for my past decisions. And I started looking back and seeing the just the trail of devastation that my decisions Head Head left. So from that point on, I decided I got to start being the person that I’ve always the finger, I always told myself that I was a certain man. But my actions didn’t line up with who I said I was sure. So I knew it was time. So it’s almost like I knew who I was, in my mind. But my mind and my heart didn’t connect because of wouldn’t put into action when put into motion. Sure, it never was that process of really figuring that out. And so 2013, I ended up going through a really intensive four month countdown program. And that that kind of helped me start taking a deeper look at the end. And from there, 2014, I went back to school decided to finish finishing my degree using my GI Bill. And so that’s where, you know, I started in what they call director of Christian education program, at Concordia University. And throughout that, throughout my course of studies, what I ended up figured out was well, that’s, that’s really not the route I wanted to take. And I was like, Okay, why don’t want to waste all of these credits. So how can I pin it and make the most of this degree in the credits that I’m getting right now. And so I’m saying, well, for what I want to do, I really want to help man, I really want to help people really want to serve, I really wanted to, you know, help guys tap into their identity and figure out who they are. And really wanting to also kind of have a deeper understanding of faith and you know, biblical truths and concepts, understand how that is. And then also wanted to understand how we function as human beings know, mentally and emotionally as well, in order to help people need to be able to communicate. So I finish out, I’ll keep studying communication skills, I also need to feel like I want to have a deeper understanding for my own faith of biblical principles. So I went ahead and kept the course of study with religious education studies. And then I said, Okay, well, I want a deeper understanding how we function as human beings, I mean, to, you know, continue diving in to psychology. And so that’s what I did. And so they call it a multi disciplinary degree, study all three of those fields. And here we have multiple business, multidisciplinary degree in religious education, communication, and psychology. And from there 2015 I started working well event that I called man camp. And basically, that was just a result of me having this desire to be around other men, so that I could learn from them. But at the same time, I also felt like I had some value to offer based on the life that I had things I had been through. And so I wanted to be around other people that I can also speak into then. So I’ll just host his event. I’ll just host my own event. Basically, I was going to a mega church. One thing I realized was they would have a women’s retreat every year without fail, but they never had a men’s retreat. I was like, This is weird. This is

Tracy Brinkmann  09:58

Whats up with that?

Paul Beam  09:59

church. Yeah. It runs, I don’t know, eight to 10,000 members, like, I don’t understand this. And so anyway, I said, Well, I’ll see, see, avoid here I see a gap. And I’m going to fill the gap. And so I just started hosting retreats. And then over the course of time, I was like, Alright, well, I’m gonna have an effective retreat that really makes an impact in a man’s life, what are the pillars of this type event that we host right? So I just really started thinking about myself as like, when I have needed back then, what do I need now. And so over time, I’ve just created this event that we host called Madcap, creative, the pillars that are involved that is used to kind of structure and also through that over, I would say, the first, you know, three, four events, we really started create, creating a process that we’ve been through, that kind of helps men identify their integrity gaps in life. And that’s been super valuable for the man who walked through the gates at each of our events. And so of course, we continue to refine, we continue to make little tweaks here and there, based on feedback that we get at every everyone, all of our events. So that’s kind of my my, my story, you know, summed up on the short.

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No, that’s pretty cool. I mean, I liked I want to go back to it, because you, you actually kind of pass through this as you start off telling your story. Our history makes us who we are. And I think a key point that you you you made from that was about halfway through your story. I guess we’ve played during that that 2013 counseling program, you started looking back at your history, right? We’re prior to that, that that counseling or whatever made you do that look back, you were just moving forward doing whatever it was you were doing. And I think that’s that’s a big pivot moment for a lot of folks that I’ve been lucky enough to talk to where and myself included where you, you take a look back? Yeah, you can almost say you look back into the abyss of some of the poor choices you made. And and you try to figure out a maybe what motivated them. Maybe it was just selfishness, who knows? And then what you can learn what what lessons can you glean so that you can go forward? You can start being the man that you were telling yourself, is that sound about right?

Paul Beam  12:22

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I believe that in order for us to come, a better version of ourselves. It absolutely without a doubt requires not just a certain degree of reflection, an internal reflection, self reflection, but a great degree of looking within and answering some really hard or really serious questions. Yeah, you got to get in there and route around, where it’s uncomfortable, where it hurts where it makes you cry, where pieces you right off where you’re like, god damn, why, you know, and it doesn’t happen all at once. I know, it didn’t for me, right? I had a number of breakthroughs. I mean, how was your breakthrough experience was like all like, Oh, this guy’s opened up? Or was it kind of like an evolution over weeks, months or whatever? Sure. Yeah, I believe there are certain things that I had immediate breakthroughs on. But the entire process has has been a process it has, you know, I like to tell man, we we didn’t matter what you believe doesn’t matter what your faith is, we are creatures that evolve over time. That is our beliefs. That is our wisdom, that is our knowledge, that is our faith, we evolve as human beings. And that being said, you can also equate it to, you know, maybe a better term for some of the refinements continue to be refined, we learn, we grow, we look back, we learn from whether it’s wins or losses, and then we look forward, we say, How am I going to change that? Or how am I going to do better, and we continue to be refined. And then there’s something else, you know, of course, it’s just my faith background, I am a Christian. And so I would say that at a young age, I was introduced Christianity. And I was introduced to the concepts of Jesus Christ, and Christ being my Savior. And I believe that as a team, I had an encounter that really captured my attention. And then I believe, because I didn’t have anyone to continue to, to mentor me to help develop that, that I kind of just lost that right. I lost that I didn’t know how to really fully mature into that. And so that didn’t happen.  Until what 2012 you know, so I was already in my 30s and that’s when I really started thinking around what does this look like if I surrender? And I just because my stuff ain’t working right the way I’m living life at work and the things I’m doing a work, the pursuits that I’m taking on. They’re not working, they’re just leaving me empty. They’re leaving me void. They leave me tired. They’re leaving that trail of devastation that I had mentioned. And so I knew that something had to change. And like, I felt like I had been running from my purpose for a long time. And then when I finally surrendered to that is when things started to shift, and I started to feel a void being, like, filled up, I started to feel this fulfillment coming.

Tracy Brinkmann  15:37

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Paul Beam  15:38

Now, I will say this to a lot of people. And I’m not sure about yourself or your listeners. But from a Christian standpoint, a lot of people look at Christians, and they say, Oh, well, you know, you believe what you believe, because it’s easy. That’s your crutch that makes you feel better about death and dying and your future. And this is what I’ll say is the minute that I surrendered and submitted in the minute that I said, I was going to be a different man and I started taking on a new identity as a follower of Christ is the minute my life got difficult is the minute I started fighting real battles. But it’s also when I started being more fulfilled. And so one thing I like to tell guys, too, is is don’t think that those two cannot coexist. Don’t think that you cannot face adversity and fulfillment at the same time, because you can’t because I’ve been experiencing the last multiple years, I’ve been facing tons of adversity, tons of stress. But at the same time, it’s like, I know, it’s right. I just know, I’m fulfilling my mission, my purpose, and that hole in my heart is gone. Like, I know that I’m here to serve others and not myself, I know that I’m a different man than I used to be in every facet. And so to me, that’s fulfilling. And I was trying to go somewhere else with that, and I lost track.

Tracy Brinkmann  17:05

That’s okay. You rolled with it really well, man, that’s good. I’m good with that. You know, it’s funny as well, as you were you were talking about the adversity in fulfillment, you know, living side by side or consecutively. For me, the, the times when I have felt the most fulfillment, is how many f words we can put into a sentence that aren’t before letter one, I know. But the times I’ve felt the fullest amount of fulfillment. And there’s three now is, is while I was either facing adversity, or just come through it, right. And I’m not talking about Iran from it in escape, I’m talking about I looked at sucker dead in the eyes and said, I’m coming after you, you know, and you start chasing that, whether it’s a dream, or you’ve you’ve got some obstacle in front of you that you’ve got to dig under, go around, go over or just bust right on through the fulfillments. Right on the other side. And for me, and I think you might echo this, and I’ll shut up. So you can you can chime in is, it’s not always on the other side. Sometimes it you start feeling it, the moment you start facing that guy right in the eye and say, I’m coming after you, all right, there’s a little bit of fulfillment, then you start taking those steps to go bust through that obstacle or that adversity, and you get more fulfilling which moves you. So it’s like this, you know, this cycle of motivation, that once you start busting after it, the fulfillment starts to get Yeah, right.

Paul Beam  18:38

Sure. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, no, I think part of part of being fulfilled is being able to embrace that journey.

Tracy Brinkmann  18:48

You’re now listen to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast,

Paul Beam  18:52

embrace the journey that you’re on? Knowing that you will, there are going to be ups and downs, but that’s okay. Because it is all for our good at the end of the day, everything we go through doesn’t happen to us, but it happens for us. But the caveat to that is what is our mindset and hearts set around that? If we choose to be the victim of it will be good. If we choose to use it for our good, it will absolutely catapult us into a whole new dimension.

Tracy Brinkmann  19:24

Yeah, no, that’s so true. And that’s, Oh, my gosh, she says, and I know we’ve been going down a pretty philosophical path in this discussion. But really, you can take these same messages. And with a minor couple of words, tweak, you know, it comes down to your education path, or to your business path or to your relationship path, right? Because I know if I look back at you know, I was married twice before as well. And both times, you know, I got married for the right in the wrong reasons. Now, you know, the first time I was seventeen and I signed up to on the deferred program, deferred entry program for the United States Army. And that was like, Hey, I signed up in July. And I didn’t have to leave till February. Okay. Well, in that time, I became 18. And when it was time to go, I wanted something to bring with me. So what else I’m going to do, I’m going to marry my, you know, my high school girlfriend, right? And that’s a worst reason to marry somebody. Right? And as soon as I got deployed over to Germany, where I wanted to be, I was like, Oh, my God, this is amazing. Why did I get married. But you know, what my father had instilled in me was family first. So you know, I honored the the commitment that I made, but when I got out of the service, it was just wasn’t working. So we went our separate ways. Shortly later, right? same mentality is going on? Oh, it’s time to get married again. I, you know, I get a young lady in the motherly way I do the right thing, we get married, raise the kids. And we just started going further and further apart as our lives progress. You know, you get married in your early, you know, mid 20s. By the time your your kids are about out of exit out of high school, unless you’re traveling the same path to gether intentionally, you’re going to just the get the chasm is going to grow. And, you know, hey, it got really big, and they got really bad there towards the end. And that was, you know, one of my opinions is, Oh, my God, I have to stand up and say, Look, this ain’t working. It ain’t working for you. It ain’t working for me. Right? So that was now I’m lucky enough to have this amazing woman. So it’s, it’s these journeys, we go on, through all the phases of relationships in business. That make sense?

Paul Beam  21:43

Yes, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

Tracy Brinkmann  21:46

So I want to I want to I want to root around in here. So you created this true north, and then you’ve got the man camp? Are they now like the same thing? They’re encompassing together?

Paul Beam  21:56

The truenorth. organization is the 501. c.

Tracy Brinkmann  22:00

Got it.

Paul Beam  22:00

That’s the actual organization. And then man camp is one of our events that we host underneath that relation.

Tracy Brinkmann  22:07

Now, you mentioned in the in the in the camp? It’s based on some pillars, you want to walk us through those?

Paul Beam  22:14

Sure. Okay. Well, I mean, as far as the the foundational components, you know, we we offer, you know, community aspect we offer, of course, music, and then we have food, we have competitive events, and then we have messages. So we have speakers who speak on certain topics, and then these guys break up into teams, they do a deep dive on these topics, they’re asked questions, they go through a series of questions, kind of open up, but from there, you know, those be in the five original pillars, we, you know, we now have so many other things like the guys are on their on teams, and they have small group breakouts, that they really do great work and, and opening up and, you know, because nowadays, you see so many men who feel like they just cannot be authentic or vulnerable, and they cannot express themselves, you know, and that’s just that macho mentality, which is fine. You know, sometimes that is beneficial for us. But other times, it’s a very, it’s a hindrance. And so we truly believe that if we can establish trust, the moment the man walked through the gate at our event, these men will be willing to open up, you know, and there’s different tactics we use, there’s different techniques or different strategies that we go through, even before the men walked into the game, you know, up to two weeks before they’re already you know, or are you making contact with these men?

Tracy Brinkmann  23:44


Paul Beam  23:45

And so that’s another thing. And then just that competitive competition out there, like knowing that men are coming to they’re coming to an event where they’re going to learn where they’re going to grow. But we also mix in the fun aspect of it, right? That way. It’s not just like, Oh, this heavy weekend. Sure. So we make it we mix in that fun, the fun component, the competitive component work, where guys get out there and beat the chest a little bit. Laugh and have a good time.

Tracy Brinkmann  24:17

Sure. That’s cool. I like that man camp. So let’s talk about where we want to go here for a minute. I’m really literally hooked. I’m envisioning as a man camp. And of course, I’ve got a military background too. Did any of your military experience kind of make its way into your man camp?

Paul Beam  24:39

Yeah, I would say I would say there’s definitely a militaristic vibe. Not that we intentionally did that. But I guess it’s just who we surround ourselves with. Sometimes, you know, like, a lot of the guys on my team are veterans.

Tracy Brinkmann  24:55


Paul Beam  24:56

I’ve got a few special forces guys on the team as well. Well, so there’s that military vibe for sure. Because that’s that’s who we were who we still are when you’re in the military, they kind of instill these core disciplines in this mindset. Matter of fact, this is one of our shirts, as it says, This is war with brain grenade.

Tracy Brinkmann  25:22

Yeah, I see that. That’s cool.

Paul Beam  25:24

And so that was one of our themes of the one of our events was was This is war. So we had a three part series on this war. The first one was a heart grenade and the second was a brain grenade. So the first one we’re talking about the battles we fight in our heart. The second was the battles we fight in our mind. And then the third one was the battles the boat that are going back.

Tracy Brinkmann  25:49

Yeah, yep, sure.

Paul Beam  25:53

And so yeah, they’re definitely a military vibe. You know, we always try to keep things succeed on on track, although, you know, with events and unforeseen things arises, sometimes you have to pivot on on command and just make the best of what you have. Right? adapt and overcome. Yeah, so we definitely try to bring a certain certain component you know, a certain degree of that in

Tracy Brinkmann  26:18

sweet the as you can tell him probably I’m kind of really hooked on these this man camp calm guy you up?

Paul Beam  26:25

Come join us,

Tracy Brinkmann  26:26

I definitely would have to check it out. Is it it? I’m going to give it an either or but you can answer however you want to, is it kind of a break it down and rebuild or break through?

Paul Beam  26:36

I would say it’s more of a breakthrough.

Tracy Brinkmann  26:39

Okay. They break it down and rebuild go might take a little longer than a weekend?

Paul Beam  26:43

Sure. Yeah. Yeah, there’s a degree of that, I guess. But it would be more self guide in respect, right. I mean, yes, I would say it’s more breakthrough breakdown room.

Tracy Brinkmann  26:57

And on the on the other side, the guys that are coming out of this I mean, what what’s probably the most often words of praise you get out of this you that you hear from them, obviously, it’s got to be a phenomenal in fulfilling to hear their, their their praise, but I’m interested, what you hear most often from these men as they go in there and and have these breakthroughs. Sure, yeah. I think a couple things stand number one is

Paul Beam  27:20

Sure, yeah. I think a couple things stand number one is the community like these guys, they spend the weekend with a team of men. So they’re together all weekend, they’re having discussions all weekend, they’re competing together and building camaraderie all weekend. So they walk away with new friends that really they would not have expected because we have a certain process we use for placing these men on teams. It’s not like a big sign up together, we just put them on a team, when they walk through the gate, they don’t know where they’re going, well they do when they walk through the gate. But when they register, they don’t know whose team and then we formulate those teams, we form those teams before they walk away. So they do know before they walk through the gate, but when they’re registering, they have no idea. But by the end of the weekend, because of everything that we take these men through because of all the the content that we use, and because of the structure that we put in place these men walk away with with a new group of friends did they know that they can share both wins and losses with without judged, and then they know that they’re, you know, that there’s going to be times when they’ll be encouraged by this group, there’s gonna be times when you’ll be challenged about it right now, if they try to, you know, slip into their old habits and patterns, or if they’re, you know, trying to be the victim. They may be called out very well by their team. Sure. So they walk away with with new friends, definitely, that is a little bit different than you may find in the workplace. Sure, you know, maybe you met you’re going to interact with these get this group of guys differently than you would your your boys back home, just because it was back home. You know, the reality is it takes it takes structure. It takes effort and intentionality to form the kind of relationships that help these guys form over the course of one night. And then the other thing is, yeah, I would just say that breakthrough component. I mean, we’ve had guys, we’ve got a testimonial. On one of our videos, a guy said, Man, I’m taking more away from this event than I received in two years of counseling.

Tracy Brinkmann  27:52

Wow, that’s, that’s huge.

Paul Beam  29:36

That’s huge. Yeah, so these guys truly are walking the walk through the gate. They’re identifying their integrity gaps. They’re they’re being real with themselves and with everyone around them. And then they’re walking away with a new identity and a plan on how they’re going to truly live out that be the man that they’re meant to be and make the impact that they’re they’re supposed to make in the world.

Tracy Brinkmann  29:58

Sweet and how could you not get fulfilled giving that to men or anybody for that matter?

Paul Beam  30:04

Yeah, absolutely.

Tracy Brinkmann  30:05

So I have to ask just because I frankly don’t give a darn, I think it’s kind of cool that you have a man camp, why just men is because I know the kind of man I grew up with. And I learned how awesome he was, as well as his foibles. Of course, like you, I didn’t learn a lot of those foibles until late into my 20s early into my 30s. Like, okay, well, that’s not working anymore. We’re not in the 60s, you can’t be like that and still be able to move forward in life effectively. So why men?

Paul Beam  30:41

Yeah, okay. This is this is fairly easy for me. Number one, I’m caught, I feel compelled to help men. Number one, avoid the mistakes that I made as a young are number two, right on help them out of those trenches if they are in them. Because I believe that when men can truly latch on to their identity and their purpose, and they start walking in those with intentionality, and when it’s not just about them, that is where the world really begin to experience true impact. That is where if we can change a man’s life, if we can call him to life and call him to lead in a selfless manner, the world is going to feel that, yeah, not a bad way, but in a good way. But this is the other. This is the other thing, one of my weaknesses in the past has been women. So I mean, I was not faithful to my first wife, I had many affairs, and I’ve always had this theme for women. And so while I can connect with women and relate to them, to me, that is not where I’m meant to be, simply because they have been one of my weaknesses.

Tracy Brinkmann  31:57

Gotcha right.

Paul Beam  31:59

And so it’s not that I’m trying to completely avoid them.

Tracy Brinkmann  32:02


Paul Beam  32:02

But how can I as a man, I believe that I speak a man’s language better?

Tracy Brinkmann  32:07


Paul Beam  32:08

person. So the other thing I have to say is because I was raised by my mother until I was nine, I believe that’s probably why I relate to women,

Tracy Brinkmann  32:16


Paul Beam  32:17

Well, no. But the other thing is, that’s also why, you know, for the longest, I was so uncomfortable around men, just because always try, you know, you just feel like you’re trying to measure up you don’t want to look a man in his eyes, because you’re you just feel insecure.

Tracy Brinkmann  32:35


Paul Beam  32:35

And that’s me, right? And so what a better way to challenge myself mentally force myself to be on the stage in front of men, to force myself to be looking men in the eyes and really speaking life into them and calling him out calling him up. You know, so I think there’s a couple different,

Tracy Brinkmann  32:55


Paul Beam  32:55

there’s a couple different variables to that. But ultimately, this is what I have to say is, I know that men, if they’re called up and out a given life, they have the potential to make a huge impact in their their spouse’s life, and their children’s lives and communities life in the world. You know, I mean, it’s, it’s a compound, you know, I mean, I just truly feel that that’s, that’s where my call is. That’s where my call is. Plus, you know, I have my wife here. You know, we’ve been married now for going on seven years. My second marriage. And I believe at some point, she’ll probably be speaking to women, you know, so, so we can tackle that together, right as a couple. Because she’s got a great story as well as she’s very wide, super intelligent. She’s like, probably on a IQ scale. I would say she she’s definitely right up there around genius level.

Tracy Brinkmann  33:54

I menza coming,

Paul Beam  33:56

what’s that?  I hear menza coming menza society.

Tracy Brinkmann  34:01

You did? You definitely did better than me. It took me three tries to find the right woman that that works well with me. And I have an amazing woman and she completes me. So I feel you on that one. And I get it. Do you know the man thing? There’s a certain I totally believe that. A lot of men don’t get good lessons. Right. Because of some of the facades that, let’s call it society. I’ll say it, society puts them there. You have to be like this. You can’t cry, you know, all these different things that are just BS. And you know, a I remember my dad who was my dad, my father obviously mentioned he was a 23 year lifer in the United States Army. So there that kind of tells you you can encapsulate him because he was the cliche sergeant in the military, but he was six foot three and looked like he should have been a linebacker for football on NFL, right, just just a big jolly man. And so when you see that in very friendly, it was a great networker, but showing any kind of weakness in emotion and crying, forget about it not gonna happen, right? Although he felt emotion and I saw some of that and, and I’m not talking about anger, right? When it wasn’t until his mother passed away, I saw him cry, and I was probably in my early 20s when that happened. And I saw my dad fall out and bawl like a baby. And, you know, it was a it was like really weird for me to you. And I, as as when I was when I was older, reflecting and thinking back of that moment of how uncomfortable I felt being around him as he did that, that was wrong, I should have been there been comforting, you know, Hey, Dad, you know, and just let him be him. It’s so those are some of the lessons I learned later on. But you’re, I think, having that environment where we can where you can crack through some of those things and help guys just be themselves in and support one another in all the ways that that are needed is awesome.

Paul Beam  36:15

Yeah, thank you.

Tracy Brinkmann  36:16

Alright, so I want to be mindful of your time we’ve been hanging out here this is this has been awesome. I want to if anyone wants to learn more about Paul beam and man camp or anything, where should we send them to?

Paul Beam  36:29

Yeah, yeah. So we have a website, it’s true hyphen, north, hyphen, ministries.com. Okay, that will be changing soon. But we don’t have to worry about that right now. Because we’ll just redirect that to the new URL. And then people can follow us on Facebook, we have our page, which is true north man. And then we have the private group, which is only for men, which is true north man, private group, right on. And then on Instagram, to the north, man. We have a true north man page. And we have a matt camp page tonight. I’m more I’m much more active on Facebook. And I will also be in the private group. I’m going to be doing a lot more interactive stuff over there this year. So I’ll be doing some Facebook Lives. We’ll be doing some interviews, we’ll be doing some lessons and courses, stuff like that. Just to add value into that group.

Tracy Brinkmann  37:25


Paul Beam  37:26

So we’re trying to build that up right now. And then of course, Paul beam 81. On Facebook, I’m very active on my personal page, and then on Instagram, as Paul beam official. Okay.

Tracy Brinkmann  37:36

And then we have the podcast, the truenorth podcast, we can’t forget about that.

Paul Beam  37:40

We have the truenorth man podcast. Yes, we released our 15th episode this week. So very excited about that. I’ve got some, some really great guests lined up, you will be on that lineup as well. So

Tracy Brinkmann  37:54

I won’t be one of the great guests. But I’ll be on the on the podcast

Paul Beam  37:58

we had. We had a great conversation.

Tracy Brinkmann  38:00

Now it was it was a lot of fun. It really was Alright, we’ll be sure to get all those links in the show notes. So people can just click through and check you out. Paul, any final words before we say goodbye?

Paul Beam  38:11

No, I just it’s been an honor to be with you on your show. I really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to, to interview and to let me be a part of your audience we have going on the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast.

Tracy Brinkmann  38:27

Absolutely. It’s been my pleasure. And thanks so much for coming on, Paul. I appreciate you, man.

Paul Beam  38:31

Yes, sir. Thanks,

Tracy Brinkmann  40:03

There you go, Hey, you have it my man Paul beam dropping some man packed fulfillment knowledge john is just bomb after bomb. Here’s some of the thoughts I came away with thought number one lack of integrity and identity and those are issues. Paul mentioned that early in his life, he didn’t know who he was, you know? Or how to be a man or how to treat a spouse or how to run his life or his finances and etc, etc. As a result of this lack of integrity and identity. He made choices that were not the best for himself or at the time his family. Do you know who you are? I mean, do you really know who you are? Or you just or hate? Or do you know who you want to be when you grow up? I don’t care if you’re 15 or 50, when it comes to this question, because here’s the deal, my friend, if you do not know who you are, I mean, at the core, you’re going to continue to make choices that will in the long run really not lead you to happiness, not lead you to fulfillment, and not lead you to the things that empower you to be all you can be as my military experience coming out right here. And here’s the thing. Yeah, sure. You can blame things on your past you can blame your mom for not loving you. Now, you can blame your dad for not spanking you or for spanking you right? Or for not being there when you needed him. Or for that significant other that treated you like shit for all that time. Or for the kids that never call or they’re listened to you or they don’t clean the room or whatever bed that bed that whatever excuses or blame inflamed reason you have sure you could go on laying with that dog within that bed of dog and blame, right. Yeah, good. But you know what happens when you lay with dogs? Right? Yeah, that’s right. You can wake up with fleas. Right? And remember that devastation. Paul mentioned he left in his previous week? Yeah, you’re there’s gonna be a little of that happening with at the same time. So here’s the thing. Look here. I’m not preaching from this holier than thou point of view here. Hell no, right. I’ve done my fair share of stupid things, dirty deeds, scandalous deals, and taking actions that today, I would never ever make. But my friends, that’s because I finally sat down and worked through who I am, what I stand for, what the hell, I won’t stand for what I want out of life. And what I know I’m going to have to give in order to earn it. You hear that? earn it? Have you? Yeah, no, I’m willing to bet you have at some level. But have you reviewed that recently? You heard me I said recently, if not, I’m really going to urge you to do so. Right. It works wonders on keeping you on track towards who you are, towards what you want, towards what you know, you’re going to have to give. In order to earn it. Thought number two, Paul found a gap in gather his tribe into an event. You’ll see after after Paul finished his education, he pulled his core audience together into an event. He pulled him together, turn learn from them. But he also felt that he had value to offer given the things he had been through Paul knew that he had value that he could bring to the table of those like him. Perhaps they weren’t as far along in their journey. And he could, you know, help them springboard forward right? Perhaps they were alongside him in their journey. And they could benefit from a reminder or a different perspective. As could he right, he could learn from their stories as well. And, and obviously, perhaps they were further along, and he could learn from them not to make some future path choices that he was yet aware of. Think about this for a moment. Paul was putting himself out there saying, hey, let’s all come together and share experiences and learn from each other, or learn from one another. And yeah, they were looking to him as the quote unquote leader, given the fact he was hosting event, but being vulnerable in sharing his experiences, his flaws, his foibles, and his journey to where he is now could help those wanting to be where he is and help them get there faster. Right? And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we want to do with our prospects? our customers and our clients? Yeah, you want to serve them in the best way you can. You want to get them that end result in the most effective and efficient means possible. But to do that, you have to come from a place of service, not just profit. Yeah, I get it right. You you got you got a roof over your head. You have to pay for your part, our payments and water bills and a spouse and kids whatever, right? I’m not saying that’s not a priority, but what I’m saying is when you come to serve to truly give of yourself to those willing to step into your sphere of influence and pay for that service, you damn well have to give it all right, you have to leave it all on the mat. As my daughter and her cheerleading, Timmy teammates would have said back in the day, you don’t. If you don’t write and you lose, you’re going to regret it, you’re gonna regret not giving that 110% if you do leave it on the mat, and they bail on you, and they being the customers and the prospects, right? Well, then you know that they weren’t the right fit for you, and you weren’t right for them, right. But when you do, and you win, right, which in a lot of the time, you are going to win, you’re going to feel that reward, that motivation. And that genuine drive to push forward to get more to give more to give my friend will result in you getting more. That’s just how the world the universe, and business works. Thought number three, we are creatures that evolve and be it in your wisdom, your beliefs, your knowledge, your faith, or any of the air other areas of your life. We grow. And we evolve. And I like how Paul said, We refined who we are versus who we are yesterday, or yesterday year or yesterday decade. Think about this for a moment, right? Let’s go back to let’s say your 15 year old self. Yep, you’re in high school, you’re starting to stretch your adult wings and the wishes of beard, right? You’re pushing the boundaries of the rules that your family or perhaps even society have set upon you. Is that the person you are today, right? Unless you’re 16 years old, right now listening to this podcast, I’m going to assume you said no. Or you at least thought it right. Okay. If you go back, well, weird. Where did you let me go back to when I was 15 years old, right? I was all about fast cars. And if I’m honest, faster girls, right? I wasn’t looking for anything long term, I wanted to get from point A to point B in the quickest way possible. Hence, fast cars. Did I have dreams and aspirations. While Yeah, I had dreams and aspirations. I wanted to be a movie star. Or had there was a time where I wanted to be a stunt man. And I even took that to the point where I took to teaching the local kids on my blog martial arts for free, so that I could get them to do stunt scenes with me, but who I am today looks at what I could turn that into back then. And I think to myself down, I left so much on the table. I didn’t push them, or myself to be more to do more to have more because I had not evolved to that point yet. So this is where you hear me often asking Have you reviewed what you want, and who you need to be GM to get it because if you aren’t reviewing it frequently, odds are you’re not evolving towards it, hell, quite probably, you’re getting further and further and further with away from it each passing day look, you’re going to evolve, you’re going to refine who you are, either actively or passively, it is just going to happen. The question is, are you going to be active in that evolution towards empowering your dreams, or you’re going to let others do it for you in to empower their dreams. And thought number four, establish trust, Paul is tackling a very specific audience, in this case, men, and he knows that in order for them to come to his events and really get the most out of it. They’re going to have to open up and communicate. Not exactly something that a man are really known for. Now, can this serve men in some ways? Well, yeah, this you know, being held closed and being macho can serve them you know, but I think in the long run, if you do not open up and communicate, then you lose more than you win. Let’s not to get get it twisted here right? straight. I’m not talking about talking crap over a few drinks at the bar. While you know be essing. During while the ballgame, the ballgame is on. I’m talking about sitting down with someone you trust and let it out whatever it might be. It might be your heartbreak, your dreams, your plans, your desires, your frustrations, that air most shit that boils inside of you that you keep putting a lid on. If you keep compressing it, you run the risk of it exploding, and quite probably negatively impacting your life or one could say even worse. It let’s say it never explodes. Instead, it just keeps seeping out. And as it seeps out, it keeps picking away day by day, Chip by chip, inch by inch, pushing you off track off course off the path to your dream. But the key here is that word trust Paul starts off even before their meetings begin that weekend event begins through different methods, building that trust so that when those participants are wrong They get in there and they get involved, and they get the most out of the event. What can you do to build trust with your audience? Long before you ask them for that first email? Or that first phone number? Or even that first dollar? How can you let them know that you are truly here to serve them, your audience and bring them as much value as you possibly can? To your tribe? Man, we went deep, a little bit deeper than usual today, right into some different areas. And I think that’s good to do. Right? You know, cuz I think often, it’s not just about grinding away and making a buck. It’s about doing something that feels right. So here’s my question, what ideas or inspiring tips or thoughts resonated with you today? Whenever they were, take some time, write them down, and put them into action? Get out there, run your race, get your results. Get your results, excuse me, I’m gonna leave that in. Oh my gosh, that’s real life, right? There is happening. Get out there. Run your race, get your results. And let me hear about them. Seriously. email me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling calm and share the tips or ideas that you came up with how you put the action, in what results you gain from them. Heck, I bring you on here, you can share your story. We’ll give you some shout outs one or the other or both, whatever, right. All right. Next week’s episode interview episode guest is Lisa bronzo. And she’s going to be sharing her 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, working with clients to rehab them from a variety of injuries from spinal cord injuries and brain injuries record recovering from childbirth to sports related injuries, as well as joint joint replacements. And all of these, this business that she’s in now was inspired from an event in her life that kept her from walking for an entire year. Whoa. Now, like I mentioned earlier, I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and the inspirational stories from this podcast. So please go on down there, hit that subscribe button. While you’re there, drop us a five star rating and leave us some kind words in the reviews. And of course, do not keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD all to yourself. Share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you as I always do things successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP 157 Paul Beam Creating A Camp For The Man Looking For Fulfillment
How Do You Take Weaknesses And Adversity And Build A Weekend Breakthrough Camp?

  • Lack of Integrity and Identity – Paul mentioned that early in life didn’t know who he was, how to be a man, treat a spouse, run his life and finances etc.  As a result of this lack of integrity and identity has made choices that were not the best for himself or his then family.  Do you know who you are?
  • Found A Gap & Gathered His Tribe Into An Event – Paul after finishing his education, pulled his core audience together into an event.  He pulled them together to learn from them, but also felt that he had value to offer.  
  • We Are Creatures That Evolve – Be it in your wisdom, your beliefs, your knowledge, your faith or in so many other areas of life.  We grow, we evolve and we refine who we are vs. who we were yesterday or yester-year or yester-decade.  
  • Establish Trust – Paul is tackling a very specific audience, in this case men.  He knows that in order for them to come to his events and really get the most out of it, they will have to open up and communicate.  

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