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How can you go from serving five years in prison to building a top shelf celebrity brand? Stay tuned and find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us when we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up my dark horse friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of some real underdog shit learning. I’m the Dark Horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you as you know, that’s infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be alright, got a big episode today. Today, the underdog himself Zack Babcock shares his story of five years in prison to creating a six figure business while on the way to seven and beyond. Plus rubbing elbows with some of the top leaders in the entrepreneurship space, as well as why you should embrace your dark side. Luke, I am not your father. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Plus, I want to let you in a next week’s interview episodes guests, who reminds us that our dreams are not figments of our imagination, but rather glimpses into our potential reality. Now, before we get started, I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and inspirational stories from the amazing guests have been lucky enough to bring on here. So please go on down there and smash that subscribe button. While you’re there. Leave us a five star rating in some kind words in the review these subscribes, ratings and reviews tell the podcast platforms to lift us up a little bit to get us exposed to more entrepreneurs just like yourself. Hey, plus, I know you don’t want to keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD alt yourself. So share the podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. Alright, as you know as per usual, the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing g o LD spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates and go Alright my dark horse friends and family. I have been waiting for a couple of months to do this interview. Today’s guest is my man, Zachary Babcock. Now Zach Zach runs the underdog empowerment. Now this is a resource designed for those alpha entrepreneurs like so many of you out there to help them win by building a celebrity brand and an explosive business. Zach has gone from doing over five years in prisons to building this six figure business and he’s learned a few things about branding and passive income along the way. But more importantly, Zach is a true Dark Horse entrepreneur. That underdog that knows what it’s like to beat the odds. Zack, welcome to the dark horse on true brother.

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Whoa, what’s up, Tracy? Man? I mean, I don’t know if I could follow up at least at this.

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Oh, yeah, I’ve done it a couple of times. Right. But I literally like I said, I’m trying not to fanboy too much here right? I know you mean been jamming for a few months now just you know chatting and me learning some things from you. But I want to step back from the mic and let you tell your story. You know the good the bad, the ugly. That got you to where you are today. And why the hell you love doing what you do so much?

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Oh, yeah, man. Absolutely. Dude, I’ll give the Cliff’s notes version manager when you want to go deeper. We can but uh, I don’t know about you. Do you ever have a guess? Where? Yes. And one question. And then they start talking for like 20 minutes and you’re like, yeah,

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you’re taking notes. Okay. Well, I want to ask more there. But let me get to that. Right.

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You got it. By the time they’re done. You get a long list, right? I promise I will do that. But we can always go deeper. Yeah, man. Um, you know, I grew up without a father figure. He passed away. When I was seven. I was raised by strong woman like, man, my mom was everything to me. She never gave up and never quit on me even when I quit on myself. Leaving me before I believed in myself, Well, I didn’t have any chief aim in life and just was doing things that were outside of my character to try and fit in with other other people. And long story short, and I grew up throughout school never going none of this stuff just wasn’t for me. Well, by the time I was 17, I caught some cases and I went away for five years of my life while I had a seven year sentence went away for four years flat on that seven year sentence. Got out for about two years still wasn’t ready yet and then I went back to prison just 20 days when my twin sons were born and that right there was the best thing that ever happened to me because that missing out on their birth by 20 days woke me up and I and ever since then I’ve just been moving in a completely different direction.

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Right on I can see on that one I was I was playing on the wrong side of the tracks for a number of years and you know some of my story and I had five oh, kick open the front door to my condo right I’ve been playing in the in the drug game for a while there and I I often look back and wonder, you know, what I have continued on that path have been just been me. But I had a three month old daughter at the time and it was like it was that Wait, like you said that wake up call. You’re like shit, this is not just me anymore. I’m now in fact being impacting multiple lives. With the choices I’m making. So good on you for for heading down a a brighter path, so to speak.

Zach Babcock  05:54

Amen, bro. Amen. It’s many of us that go through that. Don’t get out of that. Yeah. And it’s it’s our own doing. But the ones that do though. I mean, it’s just there’s a lot to it, man. That’s a whole nother rabbit hole. Well,

Tracy Brinkmann  06:06

yeah, no, that’s that’s one of those rather, I think for me, I think one of the biggest things of anyone, and I’ve known a number of folks that, unfortunately stayed in or got out, it’s a matter of what they want, right? Do you want to get out? Obviously, you had reasons I had reasons. We’ve known probably, I’m going to speak for you, you’ve probably known folks that don’t have the reasons yet. So they’re still in the game doing whatever it is they do. And okay, well, that’s your thing over there, right? Yeah,

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we’ll do you know, this, this hits up, this really strikes a nerve with me, because it’s something I’m super passionate. It’s literally what all of our companies are built and designed to do to achieve this goal of a five 9% recidivism rate or lower nationwide. Because it’s just, it’s crazy. But here’s the thing, man, like you just said, if you go to prison, that’s your fault. It’s not by else’s fault. You know, I say, right. I’m where I get caught up in is like, I’m not making excuses for anybody. But what I do want to see is the people coming out of prison that were, you know, that are like you and like myself that people that you know, have learned from their mistakes, and that truly want to change their life around and become productive members of society, like be a part of their families lives and all this stuff, I want to be able to offer the resources that aren’t currently available, because like the system is designed to keep you dependent on the system. I mean, it’s they give you a fish, they don’t teach you to fish welfare system living food stamps, that’s not teaching you how to fish. And then on top of that, the classes they had to go to our complete utter bullshit, they don’t help at all you can relate to them. I went through it myself. So there you got to strike the balance of Will you know, because I beat that system. It doesn’t matter system designed to get you to literally beat that motherfucker over the head. Can you custom show, by the way?

Tracy Brinkmann  07:42

Yeah, go ahead. Do your thing, man. Oh, no.

Zach Babcock  07:48

No, you’re good. But literally beat it over the head. And so there’s no excuse, why can’t do it where thing is I try to balance this part out. It’s like, I want to give them the resources. So people can actually have jobs coming out and also be a have a fast track to entrepreneurship coming out stuff that’s not offered for the guys and gals that are serious about changing life around but then I also think about, but what about the guys and gals, and I hate it. I hate saying this because I’m a firm believer and no excuses at all. But there literally is some mentally fucked up people. You know what I’m saying that are in that system. Like I’ve seen plenty of them that were truly deep down to the core, probably good people, but they’re so fucked up. They’re literally going to be in prison for the rest of their life, because they are fucking institutionalized share, there is literally no point of return. There’s a point where you hit where there’s no point of return to say it, but it’s the truth, man. And so like, I don’t know if that’s a problem I really want to solve.

Tracy Brinkmann  08:40

I think getting getting in early and on situations like that is probably a big factor in that right. So I think for me, my missus is in the education system, right? She’s a special ed teacher. And so I know probably a little bit too much about the damn scholastic system that we have. And for me, the challenge I see is starting for even further back is what we’re teaching the youth right in any scenario, right? white, black, pink, purple, who cares? You’re teaching them how to be a lemming, right? Just follow, follow, follow. There’s really nothing in there that’s teaching them to think for themselves. Go beyond that whole entrepreneur route when we’re all saying, hey, this entrepreneurial journey entrepreneurs are thinking for themselves. I’ve heard you say it on one of probably more than one of your episodes. You’re like, I know I’m just gonna fucking jump off the cliff on my grow wings on the way down, you know, but that’s takes thinking for yourself. Otherwise, it’s splat at the bottom. Right. But so I think what, to me, that’s one of the biggest challenges and I was lucky enough to have a dad who even though he was military, so in the military, they, you know, you there’s a structure right, you’re not supposed to be thinking for yourself, but you are at the same time, right. So I had a father like that, that said, Dude, right. You follow? The rules but when the rules don’t make sense fuck them.

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Tracy Brinkmann  10:04

yeah and it’s he 23 years and he’s like he was always his own man, but he knew how to work the system I guess is probably a better way to say it right and we were gonna have to get in and I knew about your your 9% recidivism goal and good Anya and like however we can get out there and get ahead to further ahead we can get on these types of goals

Zach Babcock  10:26

I think is even better. Amen. Do 100%

Tracy Brinkmann  10:29

All right, so all right, so you did you did your time you came out and I think you went into what the network marketing arena and did some learnings there right? Trying to cut your teeth and what brought you to where you are your your underdog empowerment journey?

Zach Babcock  10:47

Yeah, dude. super grateful for the network marketing industry, even though it’s no longer my thing and hasn’t been for many years. You know, it’s got a bad rap. A lot of people talk shit on it. Just like every industry, there’s good and bad companies. Um, you know, and yet there predominantly is, you know, bad companies out network, there’s a lot of bad ones out there. But Dude, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. If it wasn’t for network marketing, it was like it. I mean, I probably would have figured out one way or another but dude, it helped accelerate the I came out and it gave me an opportunity right out the gate to start getting my feet wet in entrepreneurship. Now, network marketing isn’t total entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship is taken on greater or more risks than the average financial risks and the average person to make something come to life parking, it’s all the things of entrepreneurship except for taking on the risk you can pay hundreds of dollars a month, you know, I’m saying but um, but it taught it got my feet wet and to see him like structuring an organization building a team going out and getting told no selling your products over and over again. Like, you know, again, it was like a, like an entrepreneurship. It was like a school, college for entrepreneurship. For me, in a sense, I did it for two years. Long story short, I got out there was only thing that I that I could get into Tracy Dude, I couldn’t get a job anywhere because of my felony conviction record, which I did to myself and that make an excuse. But hey, man, once you get that it’s there for life and you can get a job anywhere. Um, and so you know, I’m sitting here trying to fucking feed my kids, man, I got it. Right, I came home to an eight month old twin boys and you know, sign up, make some stuff happen. So I got into network marketing was able to make almost $2,000 a month residual income within my first six months. not crazy cool, but it was it was like a game changer for someone like myself coming out of prison. But it ended up not being my thing. So after two years, I just said fuck, it jumped off a cliff grew wings on the way down and started doing what I’m doing now. And I struggled for like the next year and a half before I even got any type of success, literally anytime. It wasn’t until I launched the podcast until I actually started to taste success. That’s a whole nother story of it. So

Tracy Brinkmann  12:52

that’s that’s actually where I stumbled across you a few months ago. In in your podcast arena. You were doing some things and I think one of the cool things about everything you do is your you end of story right? When you step into the underdog empowerment world or Zachary’s space, you get Zach right you don’t get Zach 2.0 or the polished Apple version. It’s you plain and simple. And even when I went behind the scenes and got to hang out on some zoom calls with you, same person that was on the podcast that was in the in the YouTube videos the whole nine yards and I think that’s a To me, it’s a it’s a breath of fresh air, right so often we see all the posers as it’s a phrase I just put out there that are pretending to be this and you’re like oh, okay, well let me go learn from you. You’re like, Oh shit, you haven’t even done it yet. Right?

Zach Babcock  13:48

Bro, I’m so glad you brought that up man. Dude that’s there’s two things that all of our companies are doing one isn’t the ultimate legacy goals the 9% recidivism rate or lower nationwide and two are making it cool again to be you. You don’t have to pretend to be something that you’re not you see that in the internet marketing space all the time. Dude, you see the dudes in front of the renting Lamborghinis, taking photos when it’s not theirs and promising new shit that they can deliver on and and it’s two types of people that do that one is a legit scam artists scum of the earth douchebag that I have absolutely zero respect for. And then two is the person that truly wants to make an impact and wants to be successful, so bad and feels like they have to do this in order to be accepted by other people. Because that plays right into our psychology of fitting in with the tribe. And so they think that they have to be something that they’re not, and they have to act further along than what they really are. But at the end of the day, even if you are that second person, if you promise something that you can not deliver on you’re scamming people, so it’s not okay. And so I just want to show people do like what I did. over two years ago when I first started underdog empowerment, I started underdog power. I was broke as fuck. And throughout this whole entire journey I’ve been able to document come up and now now we’re a multi six figure business scaling to seven and I’m just gonna continue to document into 789 to 10 figures you know, I’m saying like, you don’t have to pretend to be something that you’re not you could just say hey guys, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have any answers. I don’t know how to do this at all. But this is what I want to do. Yeah, this is going after come along. I’m gonna share everything I know. We’re gonna make that cool again.

Tracy Brinkmann  15:28

And I think I think one of the awesome things about that is a it’s so much easier just to be you write it you can just like Alright, I’m gonna I’m gonna take off all the the suit and tie and trust me I’ve worn I’ve worn the suit and tie right I’ve been there right 12 years a Coca Cola I know all about the suit and tie environment. Yeah, and it’s kind of crushing. Whereas like you’re like No, dude, this is me here’s here’s what I have to offer if you don’t like it well there’s that guy over there or that guy over there if not come on in Let’s hang out let’s do our thing. All right, so grab it

Zach Babcock  16:00

does good say Yeah, dude like it’s funny. I there’s nothing wrong with wearing a suit and tie if that’s you like it but guys like you and me. I mean shit we got beards and tattoos you know long hair all that like at the five years of prison you like that’s not the suit and tie is not me. It’s just it’s not me. There’s nothing wrong If that’s you, but it’s not me and the whole point I thought that I had to wear a suit and tie in order to be successful because I thought that like like makeup my mindset literally coming out of prison getting an entrepreneurship and network marketing was I was like, I can’t share that I used to be a drug addict and then I did prison and I have to dude I literally This is so cool that you say because I literally just last week did this. I have branded myself as Zachary Babcock Zach like I don’t go by fucking Zachary. And I thought that I had to do it all proper else people wouldn’t accept me and like I had to beat the super polished person and I didn’t and so I literally finally got over that mine but I mean, I’ve been over all that except for the name change. I was like, You know what, fuck it I wouldn’t found real Zach babchuk as a handle for Instagram. Tick tock, I want to make sure that I can have it across all platforms. I was like real zag bad guy. Boom, got that changed on all the platforms. And then I changed my name officially from Zachary Babcock and all the platforms to Zack Babcock. And so you don’t have to know Yeah,

Tracy Brinkmann  17:26

just and do you? Did you find now I’ve seen it because you shared some of the the pictures of you in a suit. And having met you afterwards already in gotten to know you the the current real you? I was like, okay, what’s the what’s all that about? And obviously you were sharing the the juxtaposition so to speak. But do you feel that when you were able to shed all that shit and just be Zack, that things? LSA came easier, but flowed better for you,

Zach Babcock  17:56

bro. Tracy when I started and I’m going to share what helped me break through that it’s a little bit long winded. Is it? Okay, if

Tracy Brinkmann  18:04

I should go for it, man.

Zach Babcock  18:06

All right, this is powerful. If you’re, if you’re currently feel like you have imposter syndrome, like you’re pretending to be something that you’re not on social media, because you think you have to which you don’t, this is going to be golden for you. So when I was able to unlock that, and stop holding back punches, and just say the shit what I truly believe, to my brand, I’m gonna share how I did that in just a moment. But my brand literally, it was already the podcast, I was already there. And I was like going but I just was it was like that final thing that I had to unlock. And there’s more shit that I’m gonna have to unlock as time goes on. You know, we’re always working. None of us are perfect. We’re always improving stuff. But when I learned like that, dude, it was gained the fuck over. It was like exponential growth after that, like literally I was like I was, you know, going up. But then when I got past that it was the charges when it started skyrocketing after that, and what it was for me, man, like I mentioned you, I thought I had to be these things that I was in order to be accepted as an entrepreneur to be successful in order to feed my family in the first place. Here’s the deal. We all and this is going to fit perfectly with this pie, at least I feel like it is. We all have a dark side, right? We all have a dark, evil humanistic side to ourselves. It’s literally impossible not to have that. And if you’re thinking like, Oh, no, I’m positive. And number one, there’s Yeah, we all have a positive side to but you have to you have to recognize both here because it’s like if you think about it, man, have you ever cut off somebody in traffic in order to get where you’re trying to go? Or, or jump somebody in the line somewhere with like, you have these dark humanistic thoughts like there’s been times where somebody has said some disrespectful to you and you wanted to punch them right in the throat. Yeah, you might maybe even acted on it. I have a bunch of times and I also got my ass whooped afterwards. But uh, but you had those thoughts. And they’re not just like, you know, especially like, you know, when people say something out of anger like, Oh, I don’t know where that came from and it mean that, yes, you did that was deep within you, that was truly how you felt. That’s your dark side. So here’s the deal. And and if you guys want to go really deep on this studying the works of Carl Jung, he’s the guy that brought this whole shadow concept of play, you can be a great person and you can be the best version of yourself when you understand that you have this dark side. And you use it as a force to do good with and what I mean by that when I played football as a kid, dude, when I put it like we came together as a team as a brotherhood, a camaraderie to end with a common goal to win a championship, right? It’s positive stuff, right? Right. But when I put on that helmet in those pads, dude, I wasn’t positive Dude, I went into another I went to my dark side, now Shannon knock your fucking head off if you’re away, cuz I’m trying to win, we’re trying to win as a team. And, and so I took that dark anger and aggression and I channeled it to do good stuff with

Tracy Brinkmann  21:00

you now listen to the Dark Horse entrepreneur, podcast.

Zach Babcock  21:03

And same thing, people. It’s a dark horse entrepreneur and underdog entrepreneur, when people count me out. And they laugh at me. For dreaming so big. I take that anger and those feelings of like, Man, I’m going to prove this motherfucker wrong. And I channel it to give me more in my in my go and make shit happen. And so understanding that knowing that at the end of the day, you’re scared to say something because you’re afraid of how you’re going to be perceived by other people. And that goes back. we’re hardwired that way. As humans, you know, back before we can even talk when we were cavemen and shit, we literally were, we are empathetic creatures. And we relied on reading other people’s, you know, emotions to know like, oh, there’s fear on its face. That means there’s a fucking saber toothed Tiger getting ready to kill us all, or whatever, you know. And if you got exiled from the tribe back then that meant death back. Now, and so that’s literally wired in us as humans. And so you’re afraid to say certain things even though you know what you’re about to say what truly help improve the quality of life of another human being, but you’re scared of what if some people don’t accept me for it or whatever? Right? If you know deep down inside, that it’s going to truly impact the quality of life of another human being. It’s your, your responsibility to say, and when you start being yourself. Yeah, half the people no matter what you do, whether you’re, if you’re a fake bitch, or you’re just being real, half the people are always going to hate you and half the people are going to love you. And it’s just 100 times easier just being yourself in the process.

Tracy Brinkmann  22:30

And you know what, there it is at the core right there. That whole thing is magic. But I think the bottom piece is that last couple of sentences, like there’s going to be half of them that like and half of them that don’t whether you say it or whether you don’t say it or whether you do it or whether you don’t do it, same percentages. Okay, maybe it’s 4951 but who cares, right? There’s still half of them are gonna go like Who the hell’s this guy? The other guy? Oh, they’re gonna be like, Oh, yeah. bowing down to you and ship so you know, as funny as you were talking about your football, it reminded me back to my, my martial arts days, and actually went out for competitions. And you know, when you’re in the, the dojo and you’re practicing your martial arts, and it’s like, it’s all good and everything, but when you step on the mat, right, and you put the gear on, and it’s time to score some points. Right? You’re just, you’re, you’re the Mad Dog. You’re in my way I want to when I’m going through you, around you over you whatever it takes. And I think a lot of things, especially an entrepreneur world, right, you got to do it. You got to attack life in business the same way. If you want to come along for the ride, hop on board. Let’s go otherwise, get the fuck out of my way. Right.

Zach Babcock  23:43


Tracy Brinkmann  23:45

All right. So you’re doing big things. All right. So you’re you’re at the the six figure Mark heading towards seven. Right. I know you just you’re building out the new digs. You got going on there? What what other big things are on the horizon for the underdog? And in all their goodness white? paint? podcast penthouse too, as well? Yeah. All right, bro.

Zach Babcock  24:07

I’m gonna, this is a I just learned this concept a month ago when I was out in Utah. Speaking at this event, and it was from a guy named Jeff Fenster. he’s a he’s a beast man. I got him flying out here to St. Louis Come on the podcast. This light changed the game for me bro. Um, so this whole time I’ve been an intrapreneur and what I mean by that is you know, I’ve still been the visionary that’s the type of person I am I’m the visionary I had that I had the vision and I sell the vision right that’s that’s my thing. I have the vision so I’m not an operator. I cannot operate a business like I’ve tried it’s not my I just got I need to find out my literally zoned in on my strengths. Like Dude, you can create the vision had the ideas and sell it and boom, but you can’t you got to find the operator. So anyways, long story short, I’ve been an intrapreneur up to this point. Yeah, I’ve been the Rainmaker. I’ve been bringing in clients. I’ve been building up the steam stuff, but a true entrepreneur not an intrapreneur doesn’t work inside the business. They create entities, businesses, organizations that run themselves, they have the ideas and they create the vision and they guide and lead the team that culture the vision of where they’re going, but they don’t do that they find the operators and so as at all and so this guy broke down this concept to me called vertical integration and the way he broke it down is he has this company called ever bowl and right now it’s one of the fastest growing franchises in the US and it’s um it’s a site but I can never say that but si evil like a fast food for help healthy fast food pretty much Okay, in this the superfruit assignable is what they sell. And you know, you have different toppings so But anyways, long story short, he has these these franchises he’s like anytime I go to build one though, it and I don’t know these exact numbers, these aren’t I’m just making up numbers, but you’re giving concept. He said, anytime I go and build one, it was costing me 180 grand to go and build it Plus, it took like a year long to build it. He’s like so I don’t know shit about construction. But I went found an operator that does and now we can build them for 50 grand. I know he said 50 grand. I said now we can build them for 50 grand, and half the amount of time, he said so now I’m able to follow my competitors, I’m able to move 100 times faster and all them and he said we don’t even make any money on we build the company we said we don’t make any money. It’s all geared towards evitable making the money and being able to build that fast. It’s but he’s vertically integrated. So So part of the manufacturing process, he owns it then he’s like, he’s like so we got to import, you know, a Skyy fruit from Brazil. He said so I don’t know enough about importing but I went down to Brazil. And I literally watched the whole manufacturing process importing how it worked. I said then I went found an operator and now we have our own importing businesses. So now I’m getting it for 100 times cheaper and I’m able to get that my product every part of the business he owns it and none of its geared towards making a profit except for the main thing and I was like holy shit dude. And then I looked at it one of my great mentors one of the three people I look up to very much at for Scylla so that’s my dude man. He’s here in St. Louis here to me but I’ve been able to interview him twice like I really just was drawn to him because of his core values represent you know, just like you and I share the same thing Yeah, um, you look at an ad on six different companies. He owns the company the cows that make first form protein, he owns the farms that do it he owns supplement superstores the physical brick and mortar buildings that sell it he owns first form he owns all these different companies every piece of the manufacturing process and he’s not trying to make no profit barely any at all. He might even take a hit on some of them but he makes a killing with first form and supplement superstore. So those are things that makes money so I’m like dude, so is it okay if I finish this up said no please do now this is awesome. So with that that’s been on my mind since I’ve learned about this concept a little bit over a month ago and I haven’t been able to sleep at night because of it but i’m i’m vertically integrating all these different pieces because when I first started Dude, I didn’t want to be the podcast guy I would have never thought I’d be the podcast guy and to be honest with you I love doing what I’m doing but it’s not big enough for who I am I got to do something huge you know I’m saying like I had a dream big go big and and you know as long as long as I give it my all I’m okay if we don’t actually do it as long as I just give it my all and we go we go after our potential so um so so what I’m doing now still still had the podcast power train, which is the agency where we do the coaching and the in the in the done for you services as far as podcasting goes, still got that I’m gonna phase myself out of the coaching train other people to be able to coach the intellectual property and also have courses. But now we’ve already began building it and depending on when you actually listen this episode, it might already be live. But we’re launching a podcast hosting company just like Lipson or buzzsprout it’s called pod effect calm. on here though, this thing is going to dominate the industry because it’s going to be a one stop shop for a podcaster meaning it’s not just going to be a hosting company. Literally everything that you need to do as a podcast you’re going to be able to do right inside the software you need to record an episode it’s going to have recording software in there you need to edit it it’s going to happen right there. You need to bring in multiple team members maybe an agency that produces your podcast, you can add unlimited team members it’s gonna have the most beautiful looking podcast player that you can even think of all this is the tip of the iceberg every single thing need to create audio Gramps, you no longer have to go here to this third party software, everything is all in one and it’s going to be right there for podcasts or to produce or show so we got that going on. And then there’s a whole bunch of other shit but a big one bro, the big one and if you hear this, you’re gonna have to beat me to it. But we’ve already began building it but here’s the billionaire billion multi billion dollar idea is the platform business. Think about it, man. You go and listen to a podcast on Apple or Spotify, right? And you can subscribe you can download and you can leave a review View but that’s about it. And so us podcasters I know you can relate our frustration is we can build communities but it’s there’s a lot of more friction to actually building our community. You can’t go and actually like that podcast episode, you can’t leave a comment on that podcast. It share. You can’t share a little science soundbite like this right here, like a little 32nd clip on your timeline. And all your friends are commented on there too, huh? There’s no community aspect. So our goal, this is our mission, connecting creators with fans to build stronger communities. That’s just if we just focus on that we’re launching our platform business that does all that plus much, much, much more. It’s gonna change the fucking game for the podcast industry. And I can’t really wait to get to that.

Tracy Brinkmann  30:43

Oh, you know, we have to keep you. I’ve been watching you already know. I definitely had to keep my ear to ground. I knew you had that tease that you had some new things in the making. This is magic.

Zach Babcock  30:56

No, never. I never thought I’d been like the podcast guy and like this is big enough for me now like those things are huge. Like because the odds of us pulling off that social media idea is slim to none. Sure. That’s require me to do it because some underdog shit,

Tracy Brinkmann  31:09

right? Yeah, there you go. Right.

Zach Babcock  31:12

But uh, but I never would have thought I’ve been the podcast guy. And now that I am and I embrace it, the reason why I have such a, how it all vertically integrates together also with my mission in life of making it cool again, to be yourself and a 9% recidivism rate of lower how it all integrates. Because because I have a story with all that with both of like podcasting literally helped me go from a struggling entrepreneur that didn’t have shit going on. Nobody would have given me even the time of day before the podcast because I was just sex contra an entrepreneur episode. But so podcasts put me on the map. And so I know how powerful it is. And so I’m going deep on the space and we’re going to achieve that you know, make it cool to be yourself again, get your message out there and just share Who the fuck you are. And we’re also going to be helping a lot of people coming out of prison doing it same time. So yeah,

Tracy Brinkmann  31:58

money, my head Zach singing songs to you right, Dario? Alright, so I want to give I want to tap your brain a little bit for folks, as we started out, wind this down. So I want to be mindful of your time especially if you’re working all that kind of magic. I’m sure you have a you have a full docket in front of you. But a couple of tips this year number one or number two tip you want to share for any of those underdog entrepreneurs, Dark Horse entrepreneurs out there trying to start restart a kickstart their game?

Zach Babcock  32:26

Yeah, man. Here’s what I would tell myself I if I was starting over today, knowing what I know now. But without all the resources like start from ground up. And it would be this man don’t get blinded by the flashy shit. Don’t feel like you need to be something that you’re not, don’t try and skip steps that can’t be skipped. Look, this is not the sexy answer. But this is the real shit. There’s no way around this, you have to focus on two things. And you have to be you have to master these two things. Always, you’re never going to make it in business, you might be a little, you might be a little gimmick, a little flash in the pan, you will you’ll be gone. The next day, you have to develop good character. And in tangible, valuable skills that the marketplace wants and needs, you got to do those two things, character and skills, character and skills, find a skill set and master it. And so if you don’t, and that that doesn’t happen overnight, you have to start doing it. Usually typically you become a true expert, not one of these DIC funnel, click funnel experts. True. If you want to become a true expert, you usually takes about 10,000 hours of deliberately practicing being a practitioner of your skills. And then by you know, as you’re mastering these things, just like that’s how everything happens. Like when you tried walking, you suck shit at it at first, you didn’t master it overnight, you fell a bunch of different times. But over time of all those 10,000 hours over that time you became a true master of walking. And now you no longer have to think about it. You could chew bubble gum and walk at the same time without even consciously thinking about it. Right? It’s embedded so deep in you, you can perform it unconsciously. That’s what you have to do with your skills, you have to literally get that type of level if you want to do something great legendary. And so do it. start developing that and make it and how you find that. This is how you find it right here. Find something that number one that you’re passionate about something that excites you that you could talk about, like I’m talking about podcasts or not, I’m like bouncing off the walls, right, right. Find something that you’re passionate about, right, number one, but everybody says it and they stop there. And that’s bullshit because follow your passion. What if you’re fucking passionate about licking drywall. Really make a lot of money unless you like it goes viral on YouTube, or Tic Tac but it’s only gonna be viral for a little anyways, find something you’re passionate about. Then also find something that you feel called upon doing, you know that it has a purpose that you that you just feel it like it makes you cry thinking about. You’re able to achieve it and stuff like literally it’s something so deep that moves you third, find something that matches your skill sets, which means we’re talking about building skills here. So for an example, you got to find something that matches your strengths, not your weaknesses in business. If I Where to go? And sorry for the long winded answer to this No, you’re good. So in mental and fitness and physical stuff, I doubled down on my weaknesses. Like in the gym, I have chicken legs. So I’m trying to hit those squat rack and I’m trying to build my weaknesses up. But when it comes to business, it would be foolish for me to try and double down on my weakness in businesses the opposite you got to double down on your strengths and find the complement your weakness. So if I were to try and master a skill, because we’re talking about building character skill if I’m trying to master a skill and systems, because that would be stupid for me, because I’m not a systems guy. I’m a visionary. I’m not an integrator. Oh my god, I suck at building an SRP or building system that that shit will break every time and it’s horrible. Like, I that is not my strong suit. So I need to find people that are so I found this out. And I was like, Man, I’m really good at building audiences and connecting with people and selling the vision. And you know, like, that’s my, that’s my jam. So find something that matches your skill set. And then the fourth piece fourth and final pieces, find something has an opportunity. It’s monetizable. You know, you can’t lick drywall, monetize it for forever, not for long. Yeah, find something that you match those four together and you marry them together. Passion, purpose, skills, and monetize opportunity. match those four together, man, if you just go deep on that and really truly master that skill, you’ll be unstoppable. It’s not gonna happen overnight. It’s gonna take years but you can start getting some quick wins along the process and do it right away.

Tracy Brinkmann  36:25

Right You can you can bang and get a little spikes in there. Now that’s that’s money right there. And I know you’re, you’re aligned with me on this one final point. And I think you kind of wove it in there. It all of that needs to be aligned with your who, right, because I’ve heard you mentioned this, and I’ve talked about this a number of times on on this show, and etc. is like, it’s all great to know your why. Right? Hey, here’s why I’m doing it. Well, I need to feed my fucking family. That’s why I’m doing it right. But there’s this who factor and if you don’t, a if you don’t know who you are, right? And I’m I know, I’m echoing some of what I’ve heard you say before, but if you if you’re, if you’re who is all about? Okay, I need to be secure in my financial future. All right, and then you’re going out and you’re doing shit that’s making you insecure about your financial future, you’re going to keep hitting a brick wall. Ladies, Gentlemen, and it’s gonna it’s gonna make your travel along this entrepreneurial journey twice as hard. You’ve got to step back. And honestly ask yourself some hard questions. Who the fuck am I? Right? You know, what am I values? Do I value family? First? Do I value freedom first? You know, do I value money over this? Or money under that? And you got to answer those questions, honestly. And now start seeing how that aligns with your why. And then when they start to feather together, then the magic will start to happen a little bit faster. So gonna take 10,000 hours like like Zachary was talking about, but it will certainly you won’t be fighting against yourself. Amen. Dude,

Zach Babcock  37:55

I love that you brought that up and they share the same value man cuz if you think about it, man, the whole start with why shit like that book was amazing. But that at the end of the day, though, it was great information because your why is important. You know, it’ll help you. It’ll help you push past some some hard shit, you know, because you’re gonna face hardship, no matter what. It’s gonna be hard. And it’ll help you get through that. But you can’t start there. You can’t start with Why do I always go back to when I tried quit smoking cigarettes. I started smoking when I was nine years old and smoked for over 20 plus years of my life. I got over six months of not smoking now and I’ll never smoke again, because it’s not who I am anymore. But before every time I tried quit smoking, I had strong reasons why I wanted to be in my kid’s life. I want to see my grandkids get married I all these reasons why I needed to, to quit smoking to to be the to show the best version of myself in my business so I can make the impact of the 9% lower recidivism rate all these reasons why their strongest shit, but every time I would go back to smoking, and I tried quit smoking for years, over a decade of trying to quit smoking. And every time I tried to quit smoking, somebody would say Hey, man, you want a cigarette? And I’d be like, Nah, man, I’m trying to quit. Well, that that was my identity, right? There was who I was was I’m trying to quit, but I’m still a smoker. Right? And that’s why it never worked. And then when I got clear on this step of you got to start with who first you got to identify, then you got to behave and then you’d become and what I mean by that, I’ll go into a bit but now when people ask, Hey, Zack, you want a cigarette? I’m like, Nah, I’m not a smoker, you know, right? The clear difference there’s an identity shift you got to start with who with your identity, then the Y comes into play and the Y is important but man you can’t start with y Yeah, most important is Who the fuck are you? Yeah, identify that person. Like if you’re trying to the process if you’re trying to lose weight and and become a healthy fit person and look amazing. I have a six pack abs all this shit that that’s who you are. You know somebody’s a disciplined person, a man of the word that takes care of the business. Healthy, looks amazing six pack abs 10% by Federal that you’ve identified, right? So but right now you’re overweight so that doesn’t happen overnight. So you identify number one, number two, you behave, what does that person do? They work out five, six times a week. They eat a nutritionally balanced diet, they need to address all this stuff. And then in the process of behaving over time, then you finally become that person gets a process. It’s simple. It’s not easy. It’s a simple process, but it’s not easy. There it is. Alright, Zack, man, I

Tracy Brinkmann  40:25

I just I could hang out with you for a couple more hours easily. But if folks want to find out more about Zachary Babcock or Zack Babcock right, the real Zack Babcock underdog empowerment or alpha podcasting where do we want to send them to Yeah, man

Zach Babcock  40:42

dude appreciate that if you need podcasting help go to alpha book a call we’ll see if it’s a good fit if you just want to jam with me dude, I’m the podcast is obviously shit that I’m super passionate about underdog empowerment. You can go to underdog right there on the homepage. You might have to scroll down a little bit, but there’s a podcast section that says a red Subscribe button click on it has iTunes Spotify, Google Play Stitcher, all that shit. I hope to see you guys on the show. And also right there on the website as well as all my social media is real Zach babchuk all right there on underdog empowerment calm, Tracy. Thanks for having me on the show. Man. I had a blast today.

Tracy Brinkmann  41:18

Now it’s my pleasure, brother. Thanks so much for coming on. And we’ll be sure to get all those links up on the show notes. Alright, there you have it my dark horse friends and family Zach babchuk. Though real Zack Babcock the underdog himself dropping some real underdog shit in Dark Horse bombs here today. Alright, what shots Did you walk away with me? Let me share a couple I got out of this. Number one, it’s your fault. Look, if if if you’re having a very successful life in everything is going along swimmingly. Guess what? It’s your fault. If your life sucks, and you’re drowning in debt, and you’re in a dead end relationship, you have a business that’s taking more from you than it’s giving to you. Yeah, that’s your fault, too. Now, look, don’t get it twisted. I know that sometimes life is gonna throw you a curveball or a slider. It’s gonna throw you off balance. Perhaps it even tripped you up to the point where you do a full on faceplant. But it comes down to what you do with that experience that alters the direction that you had in the right you heard it. Zach did five years in prison and owns it. It was his choices that he made that landed him in that situation. There it is. It’s my fault. I get it. But it was also the choices that he made afterwards, that have landed him where he is today. rubbing elbows with the likes of Andy Priscilla Grant Cardone, Billie Jean Bradley, Ryan stoom and Neil Patel and the list goes on and on. It’s his fault that he is where he is today, just as much as it’s my fault that I am where I am. And you are, where you are right now. And where you are headed. So the question becomes, will you own it and take it to where you want to go? Right, Ben? Hey, here’s the thing, if you’re already owning it, by learning to fish, like a true Dark Horse entrepreneur, or that underdog that empowered underdog then right on brother or sister soldier on dude, right? Zach and I are back behind you in your corner. 150% thought number two, the College of entrepreneurship. Zach called his experience with network marketing, he has College of entrepreneurship, which is you think about it, that’s a really awesome way to look at it. He stepped in and learn many things about building a business and a team to drive towards his given goal. But let’s take that one step further. Think about it here in the US according to the SBA, right, the Small Business Association, nearly 27 million million with an M right. Small businesses in the US generate 50% of the GDP, the gross domestic product 5% all these small businesses contribute to the growth in the vitality of our economy by creating jobs, sparking innovation, and providing people from all walks of life all the dark horses all the the underdogs out there a way to create and achieve the financial independence. They didn’t only desire but deserve. And oh, by the way, of those 27 million small businesses. 89% of them are made up by little companies with fewer than 20 workers. So get out there, engage with your own College of entrepreneurship create the life you desire and ultimately deserve. Just like Zach, make sure you’re pushing towards more than just a financial goal. Right? Have that higher purpose driving you and your team forward. Like Zach’s ultimate legacy goal to drive down the recidivism rate in the US What is your higher purpose That my friend is truly going to keep you grinding away when you stumble Bumble trip, fall in faceplant on your road to success thought number three. Let’s make it cool to be you, right? You’ve heard me talk about this. If you’ve listened to any one of my podcasts or been hanging out with me on Facebook or Instagram, you know, I’m a huge fan of being you, period. Mike drop. This is what drew me to Zach. Oh, gosh, must have been almost a year ago. Now, at the time of this recording. He was not trying to present himself as someone that he wasn’t, you know, nor was he trying to present himself as to someone he wanted to be. He was just he was he wasn’t there yet. Right? He knew who you wanted to be. But he wasn’t there yet. And he stated that he’s like, Hey, dude, this is where I was. This is where I am. And this brother is where I’m going. I’m willing to help you along your journey as I share my journey with you. Right? How awesome is that? Look, people will be drawn to who you present yourself to be. So present yourself as who you truly are, is the best way to keep them being a part of your tribe. Why? Because if you present yourself as someone you’re not right, maybe if it’s someone you want to be eventually, but you’re not right now. It won’t take them long to figure out. That’s not who you are. It’ll take them even less time for them to leave not only just leave, but spread the word about how fake you are. And Zack put it that you’re a scam artist, right? So just bloody well be yourself that document and take them along on your journey, right. And not only will they appreciate that transparency, they’ll be drawn to it, and they’ll learn from it, which in the end is really your ultimate goal, isn’t it thought number four. Embrace your dark side Luke, as a dark horse entrepreneur, in Zach’s case, as an underdog, we all have to embrace our dark side, right? Not just to admit that we have these wicked or nasty thoughts, but rather to take that same energy in channel it to do great things that we have in mind that we want to do that we want to accomplish. When someone tells you you can’t, or you won’t achieve your dream or your goal. Yet, there’s going to be those feelings that well up inside you. Right. They could be you know, feelings of anger, feelings of dismay, whatever they are, take the power that those feelings engage in, turn it towards reaching that goal of yours, like Zach himself said, the dark, use that dark side and use it to prove those motherfuckers wrong. Also in the same breath, if you know that what you’re doing, or what you need to say, is going to truly have a positive impact on the quality of someone’s life. And they have engaged you for that input. I think it’s your responsibility to say it. Yeah, it’s your moral imperative. Share that info, that knowledge or that wisdom, wisdom, so that they can grow. Now mind you, please note, I didn’t say you could make them grow. They have to hear your words and take action in order to embrace and improve their own life. All you can do is be you embrace your light and your dark side and share your insight or the advice the rest of my friend. Yeah, that’s for them to do. Whether they love you or hate you doesn’t matter. You can’t change their life for them as much as they can’t change your life for you. And that brings us to step number five, develop character and skills. I could not let this one go unmentioned Zack dropped this big time Dark Horse underdog bomb here and look, anyone can grab some contents, they can repurpose it and then sell it as their own or even presented as their own. But it takes someone with real character to hunker down and to grow a skill or skills, right and bring those to the marketplace help. You probably have to have a lot of character just to open yourself up and be vulnerable in the marketplace. The marketplace can be a little rough and tumble arena right loaded with gladiators who are ready to stick you but by being yourself in honing your skill or skills, you can step into your level of the arena in stand strong against your fellow gladiators growing your character and your skills along the way to that next level arena and so on. Look, it’s 100% okay to say I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to find them and bring them to you shoot. Heck, back on July 27 of 2020. I said those very words as I kicked off this podcast journey. Here we are six months later at the time of this recording. I mean, I have learned so damn much already and I Still no, I’ve got many more gladiators to fight in skills to learn in order to fight alongside those gladiators like Zack who have gone before me. Alright, my dark horse, friends and family what inspiring ideas tips or thoughts resonated with you today? I’m not sure at least one right, whatever they were. Take some time today and put them into action. Seriously, take some time write them down and put one in action today, tomorrow with the latest thing get out there. Run your race, get your results, and let me hear about them. Seriously, email me at Tracy at Dark Horse Share the tips or ideas you came away with, how you put them into action and what results you gained from them. And let’s celebrate together heck might even bring you on the show and let you celebrate with the entire Dark Horse audience. All right, next week. Our next interview episode guests is going to be Rory Douglas. Now Rory Douglas is 20 plus years experience in the entertainment and the investment industry empowering entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose and you feeling a trend here right? he transitioned from entertainment into financial services industry as a financial educator and a high performance life coach, where he leads and mentors, countless people, including CEOs, CPAs attorneys, and quite a few six figure earners who run their own organizations, you are not going to want to miss this high energy episode. Now as I said before, I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and awesome stories from these amazing guests. I’ve been lucky enough to bring aboard the Dark Horse entrepreneurs please go down there, smash that subscribe button while you’re there. Drop us a five star rating leave us some kind words in the reviews. These subscribes, ratings and reviews help us raise a little bit in the entrepreneurship rankings on on the different podcast platforms exposing us to other fellow entrepreneurs Hey, anon, same time. Don’t keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD all to yourself. Share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you as I always do, think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse My name is Tracy Brinkmann

EP 122 Zach Babcock 5 Years In Prison To 6 Figures In Business
How Can You Go From Serving 5 Years In Prison To Building A Top Shelf Celebrity Brand?

  • It Is Your Fault! – look if you are having a very successful life and everything is going along swimmingly… it is your fault.  If you life sucks and your drowning in debt, in a dead end relationship, have a business that is taking more from you then it is giving to you… it is YOUR FAULT
  • College Of Entrepreneurship – Zach called his experience with network marketing his college of entrepreneurship.  Which is an awesome way to look at it.  He stepped in and learned many things about building a business and a team to drive towards a given goal. 
  • Let’s Make It Cool Again To Be You! – If you have listened to any one of my podcasts or been hanging out with me on facebook or instagram you know I am a huge fan of just being…YOU!  Period!  That is what drew me to Zach almost a year ago.  He was not trying to present himself as someone he wasn’t  or even as was someone he wanted to be.
  • Embrace Your Dark Side – As a dark horse entrepreneur, or an underdog, we all have to embrace our dark side.  Not to admit we have these wicked or nasty thoughts but rather to take that same energy and channel to do the great things we have in mind.  When someone tells you that you CAN’T or WON’T reach that dream goal… there are feelings within you that well up.  Take the power that those feelings engage and turn it towards reaching that goal of yours. 
  • Develop Character & Skills – I could NOT let this one go unmentioned!  Zach dropped a big time dark horse underdog BOMB with this one.  Look, anyone can grab some content, repurpose it and sell it as their own.  But it takes someone with character to hunker down and grow a skill or skills to bring to the marketplace.  Hell you have to have character to be yourself to open up and be vulnerable to the marketplace.

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