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EP 112 Nick Sotelo Transitioning To Your Entrepreneurial Dream
How Can You Transition Into Your Entrepreneurial Dream, From Where Your Now?

  • Nick talks about transitioning to your entrepreneurial dream?  Nick mentioned the mortality rate of those in his field and sat down with his wife to plan their exit from their current field into their purposefully chosen entrepreneurial path.  
  • Nick & I chat from different perspectives gleaned from our grandparents – Nick didn’t call this one out specifically but during our great conversation, I shared a perspective I learned from my great grandmother who raised my mother.  Nick, who was racked by his grandmother, shared a different perspective that she gleaned from his grandmother.  Is either one wrong?  For me the answer is no.
  • Having a coach can make a huge difference – Nick shares his experience of personally trying to get his fitness under control.  After being an athlete in high school and into college, he found in his later years that his fitness was not near where he wanted it to be.  After trying a number of different self paced techniques he took on the aid of a coach.

Start with the end in mind! – Nick reminded us that starting with the mentality of “I am going to start and see where it goes…” is usually a prescription for not ending up anywhere you want to be.  Instead, start with the end in mind!  For me this is much like the Vista Vision I have my coaching clients use.

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