Ari Gonich Best Entrepreneur Podcast Motivation And Action

EP 102 Ari Gronich From Deathbed To Healer Motivation Means Nothing Without Action
How can it get any better than now?  What would happen if.. Have you asked yourself these questions?  Should You? Have you thought the answer all the way through?  What impact would it have if…?

  • Whether it’s a tough road or an easy one it is still up to you – Ari like so many of my other guests, faced so many obstacles in his life. The question then really becomes what are you going to do now that you have faced that adversity?
  • Learn whatever you can from wherever you can and go deep – Ari shares how he learned such a wide variety of tactics and techniques with his areas of expertise that it opened doors and  opportunities that enabled him to work on bigger industries names.  
  • Stand up and fight for what you believe in – Ladies and gentleman STAND THE HELL up for yourself and all those other little guys out there that can not or will not stand up for themselves, through your product, your services and your damn voice!
  • Motivation means nothing without action – and action means nothing without a plan. A plan means nothing without knowing who you are!

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