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EP 097 Sarah St. John Starting Running And Monetizing Your Business On A Budget
How many different ways can you start, run & monetize your business on a budget?

  • Sara the path she has taken like so many others going from working for other so working for herself trying multiple industries until she found what really resonated with her, teaching others how to start, run and monetize on a budget.
  • Sarahs shared a number of great tips and resources on how to get your business up off the ground and running for a minimal amount of month initially and keep it running on a very small budget.  
  • Sarah and I discuss some of the many ways to monetize – Affiliate marketing, course creation, coaching one-on-one or to a group.  Going from your first $1 online to creating an ongoing revenue stream.  
  • I repeat the importance of my mantra – Learn Do Teach – I have mentioned this one a few times here but it is that important to call out again.  

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