EP 018 Tracy B Goal Setting 101

  • What are the two key mindsets I have encountered around goal setting
  • What does the goal setting process start with?
  • What a good goal setting process for me to go through?
  • Why should I involve others in my journey?
  • Do I need a deadline?
  • What final two things do I need to help insure my success?
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  1. […] Goals Setting & Feedback Loop – Jackson shares an excellent process that he uses with his team and his clients to build not only their goal setting plans but creating a feedback loop process that keeps the engine firing on all 8 cylinders pushing everone involved forward. If you have listened to me for any length of time you know I am a HUGE fan of goal setting and feedback loops. You check out EP176 the iChart Method Of Goal Setting, or EP 168 & 169 Parts 1 and 2 of the Goal Achieving milieu check, EP 171 Reach Your Goals Quicker With The Productivity Shift and finally way back in EP 18 Goal Setting 101 […]

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