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Wait, did he just say the police kicked in his door and raided his place? Who is this guy? Tracy Brinkmann, and why should I listen to him? Well, you’re gonna have to listen to find out. Welcome. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? While that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. Welcome, fellow dark horses to the launch of what I think you’re going to find is a very motivational I hope it’s motivational, and educational podcast on the amazing journey of being becoming or retaking that entrepreneur that burns inside you. They have been a hustler. And I use that in the best term since I was a youngster. And you know, we’re all talking about doing things from trading drawings for goodies in grade school to painting and pinstriping and doing lettering on cars in high school installing stereo systems in high school, as well as more you’ll find out more as I share my journey. And along with that all the roller coasters have ups and downs that came with it. Now I say roller coaster, because your roller coasters are great pastime of mine. And in many ways, a great analogy from my life. And perhaps you can relate to this as well. I mean, how often do you spend lots and lots of time for perhaps hours more than you’d like waiting for that moment just to get on the ride? And then finally comes you get on that bar? Thanks down on your lap that slow climb to the top of you you’re looking down? Will you feel that? That journey your tummy the excitement builds and then wash it all begins right at the first fall was right turns those left turns the screams to climbs up again, in perhaps a few dramatic pauses in the action. You know, just long enough for you to get your breath in and wash. It starts all again. Right? more light turns of dark tunnel, right what’s going on? I can’t see anything. And it’s great. Bam. It’s over. For a little raw, your heart keeps racing done. Right. Your legs are a little shaky. You want to get off the ride home and no one none. Right? You turn to your friend, your loved one, whoever you may with, and you’re excitedly sharing what you just experienced, whether it’s good or bad. And then you leave. Perhaps you’re wanting more. Perhaps you never want to do that ever again. Yeah, well, my life’s been a lot like that. Yours. Yeah, I’m sure it has Well, welcome to what via that rollercoaster that they call life. And trust me as I as I shared this with you. I’m far from complaining because at the end of the day, I love my life now. And there have been many times when I could not say that. Even after all the the climbs and the falls and the dips and the turns and dark tunnels and the wave causing splashes. In the end. It’s made me who I am today. And who am I? Well, I’m Tracy Brinkmann, a fellow Dark Horse. And let me start off by saying I’m not going to try to spin some sob story of being the product of an underprivileged household or abusive parents, because really, I was neither. Now while I did experience some abuse in my early years, it was not at the hands of the people I grew up calling mom and dad. And while we were not rich by any means, you know what? I didn’t live in squalor. If I needed something, it was there. If I wanted something new, I didn’t always get it. Right. Well, that’s cool. I didn’t grow up with too many brothers and sisters. Actually, I was an only child. I’ll take that one step further. I was adopted. So I grew up knowing I was wanted or knowing I was wanted as good speaking, right. Because my parents, they picked me. Now, my father, he served in the United States Army, the bulk of my childhood, so I grew up all over the United States, and even spent a number of years in my youth in Germany. So I can’t say I grew up with a narrow focus of the types of people or cultures in our world. I came to know and respect many races and religions and even personality types. See, do they have any scars growing up? Hell yeah, I had scars. But I can’t honestly say that those scars were so deep, that they weren’t me calling them out as the cause of my later issues. Now, I’m not a psychologist, so perhaps I’m wrong here but only time and perhaps some additional self reflection will reveal that one. You see to me, Well, maybe so many others. Perhaps even you, I gained a pretty damn well rounded and diverse set of experiences growing up yet, I still made some flippin poor choices, and late childhood going into my early adulthood back, I’ll even admit I’ve made some bad choices going into later adulthood, causing more roller coasters dips, turns dark tunnels. See these choices at one point put me in a place I never imagined I’d be. I truly experienced some dark times in my life. Now, my perception of a dark time may be different than yours. But for me, these were times where I thought I wasn’t going to see too many more years. I didn’t think I was going to see too many more weeks. times when I thought the whole world was set out against me, you know that? That Dark Horse feeling where the odds are stacked against you right? times when I felt like nothing I was doing was gonna pull me out of the seemingly bottomless pit that dark tunnel on that rollercoaster ride that I was falling into. Until finally it came to. It came to me getting focused on who I was and what I wanted, right? I was so busy to be what everyone else want me to be. I had to stop letting the tracks of someone else’s rollercoaster design. Take me down yet another dark filled tunnel. You know, that dark hole filled the screams of fear versus the screams of joy? We’d all prefer you with me so far. Okay, so let me give you an example. So here’s I want you to do I want you to have vision, if you will, returning home from a night’s worth of partying. Now. I’m really being honest. It was a couple of days worth And anyway, imagine getting home, opening the front door of your condo and finding it ransacked. Let that sink in for a moment. Now, let me let me take it one step further. Then you’ve come to a realization that it wasn’t thieves that ransack your place it was the police. Yeah, that’s right. Five Oh, literary came in and raided my place. Si. Se rated I mean, it was much like you see in all those movies where they toss, everything’s on the floor that couches, upside down. boxes of cereal been dumped on the counter the whole nine yards. Now, welcome to that very dark tunnel of my roller coaster of life. Yeah, now Don’t get it twisted. I’m not sitting here on this mic and trying to blame anyone else. But me. Because it was it was the choices that I made the choices in friends, the choices in lifestyles, the choices in mates, right? That were really coming to a head at this moment, I was about to lose everything I add, perhaps even my first child. And if I didn’t make unless I made new choices. So here’s the question I’m have to ask you. Have you ever been faced with that? Yeah, I think we’ve all had that. Right? If you’ve ever been faced with losing anything, or losing everything you’ve built or loved, you know, when I say when I mean it was time to make a bloody radical change in my life. So it was after a day like that, that I literally made a mental go gold to to clean up my clean up my land, my act, cleaned up my life and really clean up my body, right? Because obviously, I was doing a lot of things, toss them a lot of poison in there that I need to get fixed. I was determined not to fall any further into that. That bottomless pit I’ve had enough of this dark tunnel that was traveling it really you get me. Alright, so it was time to start, say searching for a better way. Right? Because really, I was battered, but not broken. Alright, I needed to pull on one to pull myself up out of that pit and literally sailed to new heights write a song pops in my mind, but I won’t. I won’t hurt your ears by singing. All right. So thanks for the help of my parents and some very close friends. Thank you, Cheryl and Robbie. Right. I literally began a new life literally one of the ones that was gonna set me upon a path of discovery. And self improvement I come to learn was the tag name for it later. This point, I was just like, I needed better ideas. So over the course of the next couple of years, I started to literally I went back and worked in retail and in a warehouse, and I did temporary jobs just to pay the bills. And I think the bigger thing here was to build my self esteem back to where it should be. You see, at this point, I didn’t believe I was worthy of a job that fit the real skills I had at that time. And because and I say that because only a couple years prior, I was doing computer programming and consulting my own little business. And I was doing this consulting for peos of insurance companies in Southern California. And ladies gentlemen, this was before the.com boom.  Anyway I digress, we’ll, we’ll share more as we go along. So then I set another mental goal that was going to land a good paying job. So I can get back out on my own and raise that beautiful girl in a healthy and happy home of our own. You know, sometimes I pause. And I wonder if it wasn’t for her would have I made different choices. And I bow my head and really take a moment, I think the heavens, that I had that little girl Telia in my life. Because, you know, this is the who, this is the who I mentioned earlier, right? Who I was identified as her father, and that who helped me make those choices, right? See. You can see I had tough choices. There are tough choices that had to be made, that I want to keep the fun and the thrills of the dark side. I know. Sorry, little Darth Vader there for you. Where did I want to become truly successful and happy? I mean, getting things. You know, fast, money is easy, but I wanted the things that money can’t buy, right. I had to break away from the places the habits and yeah, even the people that it aided in some ways, urged Well, I’ll call my downfall again. Here’s what I’m saying. Let’s be honest, nobody made me do any of those things. I drank that booze myself, right. I took those drugs myself, I sold them myself, I got others to do the same. I partied too hard myself. And those were my choices. Right now. I was making a new improved choice. And again, I succeeded, right, I began working for a fortune 10 company climbed the ranks in that organization. In addition, I was blessed with a second child. And here comes yet another more exciting roller coaster. Yeah, she she was born with a distended abdomen. And in need of a liver and small bowel transplant. Krista underwent six different surgeries but at times, she was three months old. I don’t even know how they can operate on bodies that are that small, six times in three and before she’s three months old. And they were doing this all in an effort to give her enough intestinal tract to absorb life, the life saving the life sustaining nutrients that you and I just take for granted by simply eating. Right she just she I if I remember correctly, she had like 23 centimeters of abdomen when usually were born with like 230. So she wasn’t able to sustain life. So they actually had to surgically implant implant this TPN line that went in right above her heart and was feeding her the nutrients that were keeping her alive. Because she wasn’t processing nutrients naturally her liver was shutting down. Alright, so this was just this ongoing, snowballing downward spiral for this poor beautiful blue eyed blonde baby girl. Well, finally, the doctors got her stabilize in place, draw on that waiting list for those much needed organs. Right? In this point, all you can do is wait and watch and hope. And during this time, I really love I learned about my passion for public speaking. because let me tell you, anyone who’s willing to listen to my pitch about people becoming an organ donor, yet they heard from Tracy Brinkmann breakfast meetings, clubs, rotaries, radio, TV, every one Ladies and gentlemen, I was talking to them. I would go to church groups and speak on the topic. Now, I’ve had a number of people come in and out of my life, I have yet to dislike anyone enough to wish the pain out of them that was about to smack me right in the heart. No parent should ever have to watch their child suffer, let alone die in their arms. It’s a memory that burns deep into your heart and soul. Some may or may not understand this. But I feel lucky to have known Kristen in the first place. You see, she taught me so much about pre shooting the things in life, the little things, the big things, and the important things. lucky enough to have been able there to hold her and rock her to sleep and tell her how much I love her and share all the things she had taught me is I rocked her to sleep one last time. So here comes another dark tunnel right and upside down twist in that roller coaster of life. Even with this pain, a pain again I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy still searing in my heart. I still had another little girl to look up to. And a little girl that was looking up to me with those big beautiful highs. What was she Looking for hope. Nan, again, I was blessed for without her would have I made different choices. And perhaps, at this point do myself back into work and into personal development. And as a result of really applying both of those, I saw about four promotions within five years. And next year, I was managing a team and control of millions and dollars of marketing inventory for the, for Coca Cola North America. See, the way I was able to accomplish this was through an ongoing process of goal setting, self improvement, mind state management, learning my business, having mentors, and on and on. See that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we’re going to be driving here at the Dark Horse entrepreneur. Because here’s the deal. That wasn’t the last deep, dark tunnel that came screaming into my life. Yeah, not quite, they kept coming until, until I owned it. All right, see, until I took responsibility for everything, and started making better choices that brought me to where I am today, sitting at this microphone, talking to you, sharing with you, hopefully teaching you with you, or teaching to you, right. And finally learning with you. See, I’m still on my journey. I may be years behind you. And I’m looking to you for renewed inspiration. Cool, let’s jam together, we could run our races. Right? I may be just a few days ahead of you. Cool. I’m happy to share with you what I know. And what I’ve learned. years ago, what I learned last year, what I learned last month, what I learned yesterday on a call with my mentor, right? Hopefully I can help you avoid even one of your dark tunnels. And then look, here’s the other thing. I’m not so arrogant to think that I know at all. I don’t I’m not that arrogant. I’ve learned so much from former mentors, and current mentors over the years of my life that I continue to do just that I keep learning. Because what I don’t know, I will get thought leaders on this show. And I’ll let them speak their experience to you. I’m here to learn with you. All right. So please reach out. Let anyone know what tips. Let me let me back up, reach out and let me know what tips what tricks, what tactics are you looking for. And if I don’t have that expertise, Ops, I’ll sit down here and bang out some research. I’ll find someone who does. And guess what, we both win in the process. So look, I could babble on here for a couple hours about the roller coasters and everything that’s gone on my life. And just about the fun of the roller coasters as well and, and how I get to share them with a woman in my life. It makes me proud to be the man I am today. I love you, Diane. But I will say some of these other stories for other episodes. Speaking in speaking of other episodes, and the next episode, I’m gonna be speaking to the author of the side hustle millionaire and asking the questions. Why the hell did you leave that job? Dude, you’re earning over six figures. You want to learn why? You got to check that on the next on on the next episode of The Dark Horse entrepreneur. Till then think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP – 001 Who Is Tracy Brinkmann?
And Why Should I Listen To Him?

  • Tracy shares some of his story.  Telling about the rollercoasters in his life and those dark tunnels we all travel now and again and what he had to own to get on the right track.  He also shares what this podcast is going to be all about.




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