EP 045 David Meltzer 3 Values And 5 Daily Steps To Improve Your Life And Business

  • David Meltzer shares the 5 things we need to do to completely change our life or business for the positive
  • David discusses his relationship with money and how it has impacted him over the course of his life.
  • David tells us why we all need to vote for what you want, to follow your dreams and passions.
  • David reminds us what three values we should live in daily.  Also, tells us why pain is an indicator that we should be paying attention to.

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EP 039 Joey Yak What Are You Fantastic At That Has Become Familiar

  • Joey shares about putting music to your message and the power behind it
  • Joey talks about the pitfalls of acting like the manager when you are still the janitor
  • Joey share why you should open your mind and act without permission

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EP 033 Tanya Stegman How You React To Tragedy And Change Matters

  • Tanya shares the varied path that brought her to the point of creating her very successful multi location business.
  • Tanya shares the importance of learning when to stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.
  • Tanya shares the story of how her business faces a tragedy that her entire industry had never faced before, and how her reaction to that was watched by everyone including the media.
  • Tanya shares how she took all her learning and is not leveraging that expertise to others outside her industry and helping them grow their business as well.
  • Tanya reminds us how and why is important to embrace the changes that happen, especially in 2020 with the impact of COVID
  • Tanya drops so many other tips and ideas in this episode as well!

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EP 027 Ray Lane What Do You Need In Your Video Marketing

  • Ray shares his vast history in the video business world, the changes he has seen and even been a part of.
  • Ray shares a number of innovative uses for video in business and marketing, past, present and on the horizon.
  • Ray shares some great tips on using video in our business and marketing, even a new tool that all of us can use.

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